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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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...Well. He can't say he expected this, on return to his hometown.

...Perhaps it was simply the attire he still chose to wear. Though the culture had changed, the pitch-black flowing garments of nobility had always been the trademark of his Nobody.

And, really, he couldn't blame the citizens of Radiant Garden for their fear. He remembered what it had been like, when Roxas still ruled here, and when the Empire of Oblivion ruled most all creation with a grip like unto Death. As he walked along the streets, the people running into their houses before him, he noted the architecture of the city. It was far grander than he remembered. Good. A sign of prosperity. This place deserved it, after what he and his fellow Oblivion Kings did to it. Of course, he could still see signs of that, as well. A distant cliff-face with a crater in it. The Bellicose Nobleman (or, rather, what he had become) still remembered how it'd got there. A timely Reflect spell had sent a casting of Ultima there, shot by a Behemoth Heartless the world's defenders had summoned in desperation. He remembered, as well, with no small amount of humor, how Jet Enduro had then jammed his Keyblades into the neck of the beast, and used them like reins to rampage through the city.

For all that the Radiant Garden had recovered, and become a greater world than it had been in his long-since-passed youth, it still bore the scars of war. Wounds inflicted by the Oblivion Kings. Wounds he had inflicted. Walking through the square, he recalled bits of wood beam and stone that had been flung into the crystal walls of the canyon by his Sanguine Whirlwind technique. Of course, as he entered the square, it emptied faster than a bar with the lights flicked on. No doubt someone had already gone, as fast as they could fly, to notify the... ...The...

...What, exactly, was the ruler of Radiant Garden called? In his youth, he'd always called Ansem the Groundskeeper.

At any rate, he'd heard the ruler's name shouted, in his ceaseless, nonagressive walk to the square. Yima. ...Although his memory badly failed him, he could recall this man. A supremely-talented young Keyblade Warrior, and one of Roxas' generals in the  Oblivion War. ...How had the boy changed, since he'd been gone? ...And, with what amount of murderous rage would the Lord of War be met with?

...The former Oblivion King simply waited, sitting on a bench in the square. Whatever fate had in store, he would meet it.

...Although, knowing who had Fate's ear, in this universe, he half-expected to be killed on-sight.

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After saying how stealth is a viable component of assassinations...
[04:49:40] Serenae Spate : Fuck stealth. Shoot bitches.

Drakar wrote:We are blades of grass basking in light, our melody of justice shining hard on the darkness. Any shadow we cast we will overwhelm. Any darkness we fuel we will blind. We shall set our path with blood and honor, but not in evil, in justice. Our keys unlock the way of justice.

Zihark wrote:Shriou's Korean? I thought he was Asian.

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