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Post by Kenos on July 23rd 2013, 7:59 pm

I probably shouldn't be typing this right now, but meh, mind as well get it out of my head.

I was thinking, to help future assignments and what-not, that we have a topic where we post how we would be able to best benefit the Organization, and why.

For example, my character would do better for recon and other behind-the scene stuff because of his high speed and agility, his ability to fly, his spell that allows him to disappear in an instant, his hoodie Blank, etc etc. I would take nice to make this sound all professional and academic and stuff, but I really need to get back to homework >.>

Oh, and for missions we could make teams based off of our abilities and our strengths. The Deep Space topic made me realize how much we need a healer of sorts.

Anyways, thoughts, questions, suggestions?

Suggestion Kenoss11

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Suggestion Empty Re: Suggestion

Post by Yima on July 23rd 2013, 8:24 pm

I wouldn't mind everyone throwing down heir specialties but I'd rather not break members into smaller groups beyond titles reflecting what they excel at.

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Feel free to send me any feedback you have about site and or ideas.  ^_^

If you have a topic that you want to discus at length to improve the site please do so in the suggestion section so we can all be a part and move forward from there together.

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Post by Balendin8 on July 23rd 2013, 8:57 pm

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Post by Thelennx on July 24th 2013, 1:53 am

I'm guess a team building exercise would be a nice topic. I think one big differences between us and the cannon org was that they never really fought with each other, always struggling alone. We have team work as shown with deep space, lets build on that.

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Suggestion Empty Re: Suggestion

Post by Adrian King on July 24th 2013, 9:38 pm


I already made a suggestion via PMS similar to this. The ideas could blend and make something better. Didn't know if I could post it because I'm not no. I. Also, I need to know who's numbers are who's.

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Post by Sponsored content

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