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A Novel Project | BAD enDing

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A Novel Project | BAD enDing - Page 2 Empty YOUR PROTAGONIST

Post by Kenos on August 19th 2013, 4:26 pm

Character Name: Kenos Lege, change it if you wish. I sometimes RP under Antoine Strivelyn, but use whatever fits your story best.

Character Age: Currently 17, was 15 around Hope's death, I believe. Or was it 16? I'm bad with time >.> (This is changeable, if you wish)

Character Personality:

  • Originally, Kenos started out as a stoic introvert with an emotionless facade. Rarely did he make facial expressions, and rarely did he ever talk to another. He kept to himself, always walking with his shoulders slumped and with eyes downcast. That changed when he met a man named Fabrum (change the name if you wish, if you include him). The man opened up the boy, but only to him. Fabrum disappeared before the Flood occured, but a girl named Selene (who turned out to be the man's niece) replaced him and opened Kenos up even further.
  • The Flood changed Kenos the most drastically. After the traumatizing events that had occurred, Kenos became broken. His emotions became uncontrollable and he would often find himself crying. However, it was not only his heart but his shell that was broken, too, and he found that he was able to talk to others easily.
  • Presently, Kenos is able to more or less control his emotions. Since his Dive to Heart (I don't know how you would describe that--a dream? Philosophical retreat?) the boy has come to terms with his Heart and Mind (which he decided made up his soul, his personality, him) and has found a balance between his thoughts and feelings.

Character Motivations:

  • Become stronger mentally, emotionally, physically
  • Kill Etz. Or at least come to terms with him.
  • Help the worlds, via the Organization and the Coalition
  • Unite various leaders of Neverland (you could make this a tribal thing on an island or something)
  • Make connections with other world leaders.

Character Events/History: (Too lazy to link)

  • Born in Twilight Town
  • Raising himself; parents too busy to take care of him
  • Abandoning by parents, kept quiet and lived by himself. Part-time job as delivery boy (for Post Office) to earn a living
  • Shunned by others for his quiet, stoic, introverted nature
  • Meeting Fabrum, his first friend
  • Abandoning by Fabrum, who suddenly disappeared
  • Meeting Selene, eventually developing a relationship with her
  • Leaving Twilight Town to search for Fabrum, taking Selene along with her
  • Fight with Selene, wanted to travel alone
  • Finding Fabrum--rather, Fabrum finding him.
  • Discovering he's meant to be a 'successor' for something
  • Making up with Selene, realizing they both have feelings for each other.
  • Interactions with others across worlds, gradually opening up
  • The Flood, losing his town, vowing to become stronger, leaving Selene behind
  • Becoming ruler of Neverland, succeeding Fabrum
  • Meeting Trixie, his adviser
  • Meeting Pirate Captain (turned out to be a Princess of a lost country), Mermaid Queen, Fairy Queen and Princess (turned out to be Trixie), Piccanniny Chief
  • Diplomatic Meetings
  • Dive to Heart, balancing
  • The Organization
  • The Coalition
  • DARMA-Coalition war, facing Etzolix (the white-haired man) once again

Character Alterations: Nah, I want to stay true to my character, who I feel is both a reflection of and a foil to myself. But if you need anything altered, go for it. Also, if you want any specifics on anything mentioned, just PM me and I'll tell you or link you to a post.

A Novel Project | BAD enDing - Page 2 Kenoss11

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A Novel Project | BAD enDing - Page 2 Empty Re: A Novel Project | BAD enDing

Post by Harumi/Blossom on September 21st 2013, 6:37 pm

Character Name: Ella
Character Age: 14 a year ago, now 15.
Character Personality: A year ago, Ella was a very cheerful gal, somewhat happy and somewhat always social. A big crybaby but very talkative and got easily excited over things.. She is completely selfless, caring about others more than herself, She is also known to be somewhat hyper not wanting to stay in one place all the time. She was also easily attached to people, not very brave but very adventurous...
Now, After Hope's death her friendly persona has slowly faded away, more quiet and mostly keeps to herself. She can open up to a person but it won't be easy. She is still selfless but not as friendly and cheerful as she use to be, It is a bit hard for her to become attached to a person. Now, she is very brave and is willing to sacrifice herself in a life or death situation.
Character Motivations: Finding her own place in the world.
Character Events: N/A
Brief Character History: Ella was born in Destiny Islands to an extended family of three brothers and one sister. She had a very boring life going to school, going home, She didn't really have any friends and she was sick of her noisy household so she decides to run away so taking the staff she was given on her eleventh birthday, a school bag filled with clothes and other things, she skipped school and ran away...
Character Alterations: You can do anything you want, I don't mind :3

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A Novel Project | BAD enDing - Page 2 Empty Re: A Novel Project | BAD enDing

Post by Alexander on November 1st 2013, 5:34 pm

Character Name: Alexander Edamows

Character Age: 23

Character Personality: Afraid, scared, and amnesiac, Alexander was thrust into the world with no true idea what was really happening. Lord of a Castle with a girl he loved by his side, Alexander was mostly pacifistic until moments called for him to fight in protection of those he loved. Soft spoken, intelligent, and extremely stern at times, Alexander's kind heart and nature often make him appear weak.

In reality, Alexander is absolutely tortured. Haunted by visions of bodies and a man with glowing, orange eyes laughing at him in his nightmares, Alexander is still uncertain of the road he has walked. Tarsi has kept him mostly in the dark about his past, and insists that it is for his own good. He attempted to stop the Mayor Hope, who had visited him once in his castle, from being murdered by Shirou Velox and Etzolix in their invasion. Unfortunately, they were too swift and Alexander ultimately failed.

This was only the start of a long series of losses.

Character Motivations: Tarsi was the main driver behind Alexander's actions, providing him clues to his identity based on his actions. Pursuit of his former life was his goal, so that he may have completion. This ultimately destroys him.

Character Events: Death of Hope
We are Our Own Reapers I & II, where Tarsi vanished.
The split in the Keyblade Graveyard where Alexander and Red split into two entities after gathering his memories.
Alexander's fight with Jericho, and Tarsi's death.
Alexander's remerging with Red, and gaining Dee.
Alexander's sealing of the castle of dreams, and infecting both Cool and Storm Sky with his curse.
Alexander gaining control of the Organization, and subsequent founding of the Keyblade Coalition.
The several plans he made before his abduction.
His abduction aboard deep space.
Defeating Jericho
His rescue from Tartarus, and the unspecified memories lost.
His personality change seen in the Castle of Dreams when he encountered Psychosis and Onyx.

Brief Character History: Alexander's struggle with Jericho has been the defining factor of his life, dominating every action he took. Guilty for all the lives he took (over seven thousand slain by hand) and the others he could not save, Alexander's greatest failure was the loss of Yudi (whom he saw as a little sister) when he was forced to kill her to save her soul.

At this point, his personality has been utterly destroyed from what we learned from Jericho, and without his memories or his friends to hold him together, his broken mind shattered completely.

The future is not fair to the past because by definition it has already surpassed it.
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A Novel Project | BAD enDing - Page 2 Empty Cats are AWESOME

Post by Kasturi on November 1st 2013, 7:52 pm

Shirou, you can use my character for your novel or change him as you prefer. Really hope the best for you and the outcome of your project ^^

Character Name: Kasturi Firaz

Character Age: 20 now 22

Character Personality:  Started as an adventurous young adult with a rather laid back view of the world, Kast loves to travel, and sees borders and world rules as non-existent to him as he considers his actions does no harm. This however occasionally gets him on the bad side of some of the world leaders. Though he loves each world he visited, he also sees the troubles or events in them as irrelevant and none of his concern, opting to stay out.

This changes after a disaster took place in Radiant Garden. Given he knew of the plot beforehand and did nothing to stop it, Kast felt remorse for those that lost their lives due to his ignorance. This motivated him to step in and help Twilight Town when it was under attack during the Flood, under the guise Zephyr of Twilight Order.

Reckless, inexperienced, and slow, he failed to prevent the death of Hope. After parting from his comrades, Kast stubbornly continues to search the killers, to no avail. Unfortunately, during this time he grew a more vengeful personality which remained beneath the surface. The debacle at Hope's funeral did little to lighten his negative emotions, and Kast grew more power hungry and insidious. Believing results acquit methods, he began to use unlawful ways in approaching things, leading the creation of the criminal alter-ego Irtuxska.

Things died down a little, and Kast began travelling again. His personality matured and took a more positive outlook, yet his repressed vengeance still remains.

Character Motivations: Adventuring spirit to travel the world. Unpredictable conscience. Remorse of previous failures. Vengeance to Hope's killers.

Character Events:
Radiant Garden Recon with Kenos sent by Zihark
Festival of Hearts where people died and Kast gets into depression and orange juice abuse
Cavern of Remembrance adventure with Cool
The Flood where Shirou stisfies Etzolix's fetish for heads
The Mages Ball where he almost got a girl
Hopes Funeral where Kast didn't get to do much
Kidnapping of Pan the first time he held a girl
Traverse Town Hostile Takeover where Kast fights his previous superior

Brief Character History:
Kasturi grew up in Destiny Island, before he ran away when he was 17 as aboard a merchant gummi ship as a stowaway. Caught and interrogated, he then was left stranded in Traverse Town, where he starts anew and his life adventure continues...
Pretty much everything else in character personality.

Character Alterations: Whatever you prefer,if it helps you with the novel. Just book me a copy when its completed : )

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A Novel Project | BAD enDing - Page 2 Empty Re: A Novel Project | BAD enDing

Post by Shirou on November 5th 2013, 1:47 pm

I've been thinking about it, and I've decided that I won't be doing NaNoWriMo this year. This is because I have too much going in in my life, such as exams, papers, my job, and etc...

However, all this will not be for naught. I will still write the story, albeit at a slower pace. In addition, I'll be posting up links to the chapters as I finish them. They will be first drafts, therefore you shouldn't expect anything close to perfection. I may also change some things in already finished chapters as I further write, so there may be some inconsistencies.

It will be on Google Docs and I enabled comments, so feel free to voice your opinion or critique about anything you want.

Here's the prologue:


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A Novel Project | BAD enDing - Page 2 Empty Re: A Novel Project | BAD enDing

Post by Etzolix on November 5th 2013, 1:49 pm

That chapter has a BAD EnDing.



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A Novel Project | BAD enDing - Page 2 Empty Re: A Novel Project | BAD enDing

Post by Sponsored content

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