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The Haunting Tune of The Black Rabbit, Played by Star-Light. WIP [Self Plot]

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The Haunting Tune of The Black Rabbit, Played by Star-Light. WIP [Self Plot] Empty The Haunting Tune of The Black Rabbit, Played by Star-Light. WIP [Self Plot]

Post by Artless Artist on July 9th 2013, 9:16 pm

(For those of you who don't know: When Lee enter's Halloween Town, he turn's into a girl.)
Lee had changed into the form he/she somehow adopted the first time she arrived, A female form, only hatless. and began to walk through the monochrome world, walking past the silent graveyard and through the gate to the town, staying quiet as the residents watched the wonderlander with odd curiousity and slight suspision, them moving out of her way.
She kept walking, but stopped when she heard that tune again, a quiet, sad piano tune, one that almost echoed what he felt in her own heart. she followed the tune the best she could, manuvering through the crowd of monsters, into a tomb-like building, a large set of stairs winding downwards into a pitch black darkness, the only shard of light she could see was a dim orange in color, and seemed almost...eerie.
Summoning her keyblade, Heart of Wonderland, she carefully stepped downstair's, counting the stair's as she lightly stepped as to not make a noise. as she reached his final step...she heard crying, and froze. It wasn't as if he had heard crying before, he had heard it plenty. it was a mocking cry, as if someone possessed someone else just to start to lure in prey for a kill. in other words...a cry with no heart. feeling a primal urge to quiet the noise, she rushed into the dim orange light, busting open a door in the process, sending it flying somewhere else into the room. she stumbled into a large, dusty tomb, where she was greeted by a sight of a broken piano, bathed in a dim orange glow, and from the look of it when she went over to investigate, the dust it gathered...it looked as if it hadn't been played for a long time.
She looked around frantically, stepping into the room, before being poked on the back. "Miss...have you come for me?" an eerily innocent voice whispered in her ear, sending shivers up her spine. it felt like she had been caught doing something bad, and she had no way to explain herself doing what she did. he looked behind her, and could see nothing but a black figure, vaguely female in appearance, the only thing visible being a creepy smile dimly lit by an orange glow, shadow's playing on the expression, making it much more sinister than it really was. and for the first time...Lee felt true fear.
"W-Who are you? W-What do you want from me?" Lee's now female voice squeaked, more than she wanted it to. the figure simply cocked her head, the smile never fading. "I dunno, miss. you are the one looking for me." she said in a sing-song voice, a sound Tap enaminating from the sole of the girl's foot. Lee looked at the girl, her eyes narrowing. "How do you know I was looking for you?" she stated, cocking her head slightly. the girl giggled, before letting out a cry that echoed the one that she heard before, and that sent chills up the wonderlander's spine. the girl grinned at the Wonderlander, smiling innocently. "You came in to shut me up didn't you?" the girl sung, before giggling, but it died down, and Lee swore she saw the girl's eyes turn red, and the room got darker. "I'm Sorry...but im going to shut YOU up, Miss." the girl spoke...and then the wonderlander was surrounded by pitch-black copies of the creepy girl, yellow eye's gleeming in the darkness...heartless.
Lee jumped backwards, calling out Heart of Wonderland and Kingdom Key. the creepy girls eyes flashed for a second, before her eyes turning black as night. "You stole my brother's keyblades, you bitch. DIE!" the girl screamed at Lee, sending her into confusion and shock, confusion because she said someone stole her keyblades, which was impossible, and Shock because she called them, 'Her Brother's Keyblades.' shaking herself back to reality, she looked up, and the girl was no longer there to be found, leaving Lee with the group of heartless.
When Lee went for an attack at one of them, it shattered into shards of glass. Not Heartless...Glass! she thought to herself... backing up from the razor sharp shards. she watched with a disbelieving face, as new copies came from the broken shard's and came to grab the girl, razor sharp claw's coming out of what used to be their hands and began to shuffle toward's her, claw's foward. he kicked the closest one back into a close crowd of them, making the whole group fall, the glass cracking in a serenade of noise, and a ear-breaking sound of more copies coming up. not taking any chances, the wonderlander decided to retreat, keeping an eye on the slient figures.
The only noise signalling that they were there, a sound of glass cracking, a noise that bounced of the walls, making the room sound as if there were dozens of them. retreating backward's, the wonderlander stared at the entrance, waiting for more to come, but none did. Lee could still hear the cracking, but there was no sign of them anywhere, much to the girl's dismay. stepping quietly, the wonderlander decided to investigate, sticking close to the wall as the girl peered around the corner, where she saw an empty room.
She was dumbstruck by this, but only slightly. Odd...where did they all go? the wonderlander thought, before hearing another ear-breaking sound of a screech, something that sounded like 'DIE', and being pushed into the room, where the door slammed shut with a bang, leaving her in pitch black darkness. So...back again, Wonderlander? a voice called, a dark and disturbing deep voice, disembodied and warped, making the wonderlander's hair stand on end. No need to feel cautious in your own heart, Wonderlander. Tread with fearlessness and Pride, lest the darkness swallow you.
It whispered in her ear, somehow reading her mind. she looked around, seeing nothing but the lonely, impenetrable void of darkness. "How am i to know where im going if i don't know where i am?" the wonderlander asked, before hearing it laugh, before a voice being twisted to mimic his own. "Simple enough question. so much so, it barely needs a answer.." The Mimic called out. "Simply stray somewhere `till you find where you are." it finished. Lee blinked, scolding himself that he couldn't figure that out earlier. extending his arms out, he began to feel for some sort of solid, any clues he could find that could tell him where he was.
Feeling nothing, the wonderlander took a step forward, falling through, as if there wasn't any floor. as she was falling, Lee felt a feeling. it was an odd feeling, Lee mused, falling in the darkness. one couldn't see where they were falling, but they could feel and hear the air flowing by them, yet, somehow, still couldn't accurately describe that they were feeling a falling sensation. she shifted, but again, through the darkness, couldn't regester that movement as if she hadn't even done the action. after a good many minutes of 'falling', Lee thought to herself.
How long have i been falling? Have i even been falling in the first place? what if im just confusing myself? the wonderlander questioned, before extending her arm again, this time feeling an odd, very...soft... feeling. Lee noticed this feeling, knowing it well. Is this...Velvet? she questioned, gripping it, feeling it rip under her weight. it wasn't as if he was scared, somehow, she felt strangely calm as she 'fell'.
Soon, the softness enveloped her, as if coaxing her downwards, giving way as soon as others had caught her. A few minutes of the new feeling, she was carefully let down onto a solid floor. although it was still void black, she relished the feeling, as if he hadn't felt the feeling of a solid for a long time. she lay there for seconds longer, before deciding to continue, not thinking once of why there was velvet, nor the feelingless fall the wonderlander fell from. continuing onwards, lights of many colors lit her way, revealing a path of sorts, and, looking around, it seemed that the colored lights also adorned the blackness, and although not enamating any light, stayed lit nevertheless.
following the path, not once thinking how she was going to get back, or even if she wanted to, she continued onto the path, before stepping on another solid. only, this one was different, because, as soon as she stepped onto the platform, it began to glow in a green light, illuminating the platform, leading to a staircase glowing of multiple colors. looking around, taking in the sights of the area, she stepped to the first step. she started to feel lighter, and somewhat...warmer.
Second Step. she began to feel joy for an odd reason. Third step. The feeling took a turn for the worst, him feeling an odd feeling of dispair. Fourth Step. she began to feel an unnatural rage, a feeling, since she wasn't used to this feeling, quickly overcame the wonderlander. Fifth Step, his emotion suddenly dropped, and he felt an overbearing heaviness. he felt as if she wanted to die, as if he was a mistake. he almost quit the next step, if not only for her curiousity. Sixth Step, and the last one.
She felt an odd feeling, as if he was at peace with himself, as if it was going to be okay. falling to her knees from the onslaught of unexpected emotions, she clutched his heart. All those emotions...am i even capable of them? some of those i wish to feel more. but there are a few i never wish to feel again. the wonderlander questioned, huffing, out of breath. Containing herself, she forced herself up.
Looking around, the wonderlander only saw a pedestal, and a single item on top of it. going to step, to find that she couldn't, much to her dismay. she looked to the pedestal, which was somehow further away than when she last saw it. she bit her lip, thinking of a way out of this. after a while of plans, she gave up, slumping down onto the ground. What am i supposed to do? I already tried moving twice as fast, but i won't budge. The wonderlander complained. she'd had enough. she was tired of chasing something that might not exist anyway, all for the meaning of family, which she had Otter for, as he was Lee's Guardian.

Sulking for a good many minutes, Lee decided to stop the nonsense...
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