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Certain topics that need to be set up:

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Certain topics that need to be set up: Empty Certain topics that need to be set up:

Post by Shirou on July 5th 2013, 11:49 pm

Feel free to make edits of whatever you see fit. This is a barebones template, basically, so expansion is suggested! Each of these are separate topics, and need to be made as stickies, as well as posted from the News Moogle account.

Suggestions |
Is there are particular game you've heard about and want it to garner more attention? Reply to this topic suggesting that game!

Submissions |
Do you want to write a story about a recent game of yours? Do you have a colorful review, or is there big news in the development and you want to cover it? If so, type it up and PM the News Moogle with it. If it's deemed accepted, it'll post it up and give you credit!

News Moogle: Who Is It and Why Is It There? |
The News Moogle is more like a mascot or a figurehead. It posts all of the stories and other updates, but the account is actually run by the real staff members of the Moogle Newsstand. If you want to find out who in particular, they usually sign their usernames in the post, to differentiate.

Joining the Moogle Newsstand Staff |
Becoming a staff member of the Moogle Newsstand is something that you can't volunteer to do. If you build your reputation through constructive and constant submissions, you'll be recognized and potentially be asked to join the staff. Please refrain from asking the News Moogle, or any of the Moogle Newsstand Staff.

General Rules and Information |
The Moogle Newsstand will regularly post articles and stories about media. While it isn't strictly limited to video games, it's the primary focus, with Kingdom Hearts related news in particular. Movies, TV shows, and other such things may also be featured. For now, there will be at least one news entry every week. This may vary as the Moogle Newsstand takes off.

Members may respond to new entries and articles. You can post your opinions on the article or the article's featured content, new updates, or corrections, in the case the article contained misinformation. However, remember to be polite and respectful.

"Hey Shi get back here silly!" Etzolix said running naked and ended up in front of people. "...." "Awkward.."

[23:25:24] Zihark joined the chat on 10/17/2011, 11:25 pm

[02:13:16] Etzolix : YOU WON'T
[02:13:18] Etzolix : I GOT YIMA ON A LEASH

[1:41:03 AM] "Ansem": I only have
[1:41:09 AM] "Ansem": 500 munny
[1:41:20 AM] "Ansem": ....IMA WELFARE PIMP


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