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I'm Scared Mommy Empty I'm Scared Mommy

Post by Hikari on July 1st 2013, 12:44 am

Drakar wrote:Unrelated but:

My post killing someone on another site:
That boy...ready to kill someone so simply....even with the wound I gave him. Surprises me. Ezekiel watched from the top of a building, dangling his feat as he smiled devilishly. He had watched the two Dante Hiashi and Shen Ruan fight back and forth, the death of the former coming very soon. He slowly unsheathed his blade and held the scabbard over the ledge, peering down from where they were combating. The building wasn't high, but he had made sure the two had not seen them. "I can guide a missile by satellite....by satellite. And I can hit a target through a telescope, through a telescope~" he sang loudly, just so the boy could hear. As he sang, his hollow mask formed around his head, his Hyena-shaped mask manifesting.
He noticed the boy was about to throw a rock, so he let go of the scabbard and let himself drop moments after. He did not use reiryoku to form a platform, but he did touch the slot in the scabbard, building reiryoku within his fingertip. "Sho. using the kido, the scabbard fired like a missile, Ezekiel's Hyena laugh loudly following it. Hehehehe. The scabbard slammed down on the rock, shattering it and crashing into the ground, plunging through the hard surface and causing plates to form and emerge from the ground. As he free-fell, he began to recite a hado, a rather deadly one at that. He released his immense reiatsu, allowing it to overflow and possibly crush the two below in a figurative sense.
"Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! On the wall of blue flame, inscribe a twin lotus. In the abyss of conflagration, wait at the far heavens." Hado #73: Soren Sokatsui~hehehehe~" the blue fire charge within his hand, only to release moments before Ezekiel flipped his body right-side up and angled the blast, propelling himself in the air by firing it and launching the grand blue flames at his target-Dante Hiashi. The fire raged fluently and would melt away at skin and bone if he were to take a direct hit. Due to the entangled state, he had no choice: Die. Ezekiel laughed maniacally as he burned away at Dante's flesh and bone. The flesh simmered away as the bone cells began to dissipate, the intense heat causing what seemed like sublimation from the direct hit. This was a living being, not someone whom had the reinforcement of being a shinigami or visored like Ezekiel. When the continous raging beam of fire ended, Ezekiel landed on his scabbard, peering over his shoulder at Shen Ruan. You've quenched my thirst, that was a hell of a show, I guess I can give you a freebie hehehee. Ezekiel gripped his mask and tore it off, the corner of his eye on Shen.
"Flesh and bone....Burned away to nothing. That his how you kill someone." the systematic use of his hyena laugh was gone now, his hollow allowing him to use the mask without frustration. Although due to it, he was left in a weakened state almost right after he used his boost. Although he ended the use shortly, he couldn't use it again for a while.

His character later screamed in agony.

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