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Lee sat in what used to be Otter's favorite chair, reading a small letter for what seemed the 17th time today. as he looked at it, emotions seemed to be going out of control in his heart, Joy for the fact that this meant he could continue searching for what was lost to the wonderlander, Anger that he had never caught this, and Otter only told him when he showed him the letter, and Guilt for scaring the poor wonderlander when all he did was give him rather awful news.

He blinked for the last time, before folding the letter, and stuffing it back into his coat pocket. he felt for his hat, which he knew was no longer there, leaving the wonderlander hatless, brown hair now freely growing, and longer now, his bangs covering his eyes almost completely. it wasn't as if he couldn't get another hat, it was that he wouldn't. he found that letter within it, and it turned out that hat was his sisters as well. he had two different side's to that. one, he was glad it was gone, and his sister should have known better than to give her hat to him, and was trying to force himself to go buy a new hat.

Another part of him was sad he lost the hat, it being irrepairable, the scraps of pieces found in his dresser. that part didn't want to get a new hat, thinking a hat did not mean for anything but a head cover. this, of course, set his otherside off, and the two began arguing before Lee got tired of it, him shooting up and walking into his room angrily. he slammed the door open, and then slammed it closed. he landed onto his bed, huffing. he hadn't felt this angry since he had given up the first time around. but, wonderland knows, he wasn't going to give up for long. he lay on his bed for a while, recounting everything that happened to him so far. it wasn't anything too serious, besides a close encounter he had left.

It was still surprising, nonetheless, especially for one who was only looking for his sister. he had seen a few things that seemed a little too close to war. he had even seen and heard one try and start the fight. though all that, he had chosen to leave the coalition, for fear of war, his neutriality, and his main goal for the future. he felt his pocket again, knowing the paper was in there, tucked away in safety for when he would open it again...
A large dark figure hovered above another, sleeping figure, eerily silent, as if in waiting. the surroundings in the area...could be described as a blur, as if the area was out of focus. It is time to wake up, young one. a unplaceable voice echoed the area, as if it was everywhere, and not just one place. it also sounded like it was being said underwater. the sleeping figure seemed to shift on the ground, before bolting upwards, looking around in alarm. "W-Where am I?" the wonderlander asked, his voice reverberated through the area. the dark figure seemed to cock it's head. How can you not know where you are, young one? the voice whispered, sounding almost in disbelief. The 'young one' tried to focus on the figure, but found it impossible.

"It isn't weird, nobody could know where they are when everything is so out of focus." The 'young one' protested. The figure seemed to look from one side, to the next, as if looking around. Nothing seems out of focus to me, young one. the figure stated. it shifted slightly. In fact, nothing seems wrong to me. Perhaps your not seeing right? The figure offered, in which the 'young one' simply shook its head. "No, Im sure im seeing right. im blinking, and my eyes are open..." It said, in which the figure seemed to laugh. it was a low rumble, but it felt sinster at the same time. It isn't the same thing as 'seeing'. but nevermind that. how can you not 'see' this place? it is very dear to your memory, young lee. the figure stated. the figure, now known as 'Lee' stood up. "That would explain everything. see, i have forgotten anything that is, or was, apart of my previous life." Lee said, brushing himself off.

The figure simply cocked its head. have you forgotten everything, young wonderlander? the mind forgets, but the body and soul remembers. it whispered, the low rumble coming again. Lee looked questioning at the figure. "Who are you, exactly? I remember nothing of a large figure, especially as dark as you." The thing simply laughed, before replying, I thought you didn't remember anything, young one. as for who i am...just call me your Black Rabbit. the thing declared. As for where you simply have forgotten. Don't be afraid of the Darkness, but stay towards the light. it may guide you to a forgotten melody... the figure stated, the disembodied voice getting louder, and distant as well....
Lee shot up from his bed, out of breath and his heart beating. he fumbled around for a second, before stopping when he felt the paper. What did that thing mean? Don't be afraid of the darkness...and who is the Black Rabbit? Could it be?... the wonderlander thought to himself, before touching his gloved hand, and pulling it off, that...thing still there. I`m Never Late it read. Doe's that mean... the wonderlander figured. he blinked, before figuring it out. "I need to go to halloween town!" he said, packing his things to leave this place, finally finding a new clue to the wearabouts of his sister. he was stopped by Otter, which Otter. a grey fur in color, with a nice jacket and a monocle on his left eye. " are finally leaving?" the otter asked lee, who slowed down, and nodded to the animal.

The otter sighed, before digging in his pockets to find a pendant that was shaped like a club of cards. "This will help you on your road, and so will your real families sword and armor, should you choose to take it." the otter said, slipping the pendant into his hand. he guided the male to an odd door, even for wonderland. Lee couldn't accurately describe the door, but could say that it looked between a heart and a rabbit. he opened the odd door, and inside...was completely black. going into it, seemed comforting to him, oddly. he was led to an alter-like object, and noticed a sword resting on a pedestal, as well as armor gleaming in the corner. otter shut the door behind them, before stepping closer to the male.

" aren't from wonderland...or anywhere in the worlds for that a from a different universe. it might of been Like wonderland, but also nothing like it. your family, from what ive seen, and hidden from you..." he said, noting the letter. "Your family was primarily lightning users, only...liked darker color's than most, including red." the old otter chuckled. "They even seemed to like rabbit's as well, but for what reason i still do not understand." he whispered. he then looked up. "'s best you be off!" he said suddenly, dragging around the armor. "I`ll help you carry stuff...good luck on your travel's, and good riddance to you!" he yelled to Lee, before pushing everything out, and onto the Gummi Ship. he rushed with unimagible speed, as he went inside, and the building began to shrink out of sight. Lee, was still stunned, sword in his hand, soaking up the news. he shook his head, before staggering onto the ship, and taking off, looking at wonderland one more time before leaving the planet.

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