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Raging Storm: The First Forbidden Power

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Raging Storm: The First Forbidden Power Empty Raging Storm: The First Forbidden Power

Post by Hikari on June 19th 2013, 4:27 pm

Dear Light in the Darkness/Darkness in the Light,

The conflict still rages onward. Journey to Agrabah and in the sandy storms you will find the one to teach you the first of the forbidden powers. That is all for now.

A Friend and A Foe

That was the letter Cool had received on the doorstep of Disney Castle on this starry night. The letters had kept being sent by the same person who never revealed his or her true name and rather than call him by his actual name or his title of king they called him the light in the darkness as well as the darkness in the light. These letters kept bringing confusion in those senses and so many more... Why did the letters call him that? Who was sending them? Even more importantly, how could they know what was going on and why didn't they tell him what was happening? It truly did make no sense but the letter he had gotten on one afternoon hadn't brought any misfortune upon him and this one wouldn't require him to abandon what he loved, so he decided he'd do what who or what this person was happened to be telling him to do. With that decision he would toss on the nearest bit of clothing which happened to be his old Organization XIII cloak and would set off towards Agrabah.

Now the cloaked warrior with his face hidden would slowly make his way through the raging storm of sand, another man with a similar cloak in sight. Unlike Cool's however it was the shade of crimson blood and upon closer look it was made of bones, its color being actual blood. A skull was the hood and the rest were various other assortments of those bones. This had to be the man... There was no doubt about it for the king. Slowly making his way even further towards the man he would finally reach him. "I was told to come learn the first forbidden power from you." The warrior would say but no response would follow. He would repeat what he had said but silence was still the only thing that came out of the figure's mouth. Suddenly the warrior felt the rage building up inside of him once more. It swirled around his heart like a forming storm about to rage down lightning upon all in its way. He couldn't stop it though as it soon overtook him... The storm had formed. With pure rage lightning would run down his wrist and an expression of hatred would show on his face, hidden by the cloak he wore. "Tell me! He would shout and send the fist of lightning speeding towards the man with rage still boiling inside of him!

As the fist of lightning came towards him the cloaked man would raise his palm, darkness swirling around it, and catch the fist with ease. This caused a large explosion of lightning and darkness to fill the area, combining with the force of the sand storm to make a devastating blast that could be seen entire worlds away. When it faded the sandstorm was gone and the two shockingly didn't have a single scratch on them. "So it is you. Unleash the forbidden power on me again light in the darkness, let your rage overtake you and let it destroy everything in your way." The cloaked figure would say with a short lived chuckle afterwards. Suddenly Cool would stop... Was this a result of what had happened at the Castle of Dreams? With that thought however the cloaked man would shake his head as to say no, somehow he knew what the warrior was thinking. However he was unable to stop the rage from overtaking him once more as he repeated the attack and the cloaked figure did the same as he had before.

This happened time after time with the same result each time. Not a bit of the landscape had been affected and neither had the two themselves. With the moon shining down upon them their fists clashed once more with the same explosion and the same result from it. "Enough of this!" Cool would shout and attempt to summon his keyblades into his hand. At that moment though the keyblades wouldn't appear and he would try once more with the same failure... It was clear that it wasn't working! Why wasn't this working though?  Suddenly with a snap of his fingers the cloaked man would reveal a barrier of darkness around them and would chuckle once more. "What a foolish child. It's no wonder why your friends hate you and why your father left you. You can't understand anything because you're just an idiot and because of your pathetic existence everything you love will burn to the groun---" Before the man could finish Cool's rage would grow even stronger and the lightning would run down his fist once more! He then slammed it into the figure's chest with a scream of hatred and rage. Suddenly a bright white flash would appear and vanish in only a couple of seconds. When the flash was gone it would reveal the man clutching his chest. The barrier of darkness would disappear and he would chuckle once more before disappearing into thin air.

His rage was calmed and Cool suddenly expressed deep disgust for himself. He knew how to use the forbidden power now but his confusion didn't die down and now most of his hatred was directed towards himself. Did this powerful attack really symbolize the rage within him? Was what the cloaked figure said true?

"Cool, don't let rage consume you."

That was his father's voice. When the warrior would turn around his father wasn't there but... He had to have spoken to him, no one else was nearby and Slash was the only one that had that voice. Regardless of whether he was imagining it or not, the words had wisdom. Even if he did have this much rage he wouldn't let it take him over. At that moment he would vow only to use the first forbidden power when it was needed and let not rage freely flow through him, but rather let happiness and hope do that. Looking up into the starry night sky, he would then walk off into the distance and would soon return home to Disney Town.

~Topic Exit~

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