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June 2013: Clarity in Progression

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June 2013: Clarity in Progression Empty June 2013: Clarity in Progression

Post by Yima on June 12th 2013, 3:00 am

~A.I characters due to use of their current incarnation are being revoked. If you would like to keep your partner character speak to an administrator about this issue.

~Instant counter and magic drain spells are being revoked in favor of allowing more creative combat situations. If you have any issues concerning slots please speak to an administrator.

~The Slot and MP system have been compressed in order to coincide with character growth.

~The learning curve has been elaborated on in order to help members understand their own growth and experience.

~World Leadership applications are now closed.

World Leadership Application Review
Kasturi -- Dwarf Woodlands
Tyler -- Twilight Town
Thelenex -- Atlantica
Lenneth/Hrist -- End of the World
Storm Sky -- Wonderland
Zeferoth -- The citizen body has rejected your leadership and can only be quelled with a Hostile Takeover.

Count= 1062 + Current Account

"There is a fine line between genius and insanity; I use it as a jumping rope"

Feel free to send me any feedback you have about site and or ideas.  ^_^

If you have a topic that you want to discus at length to improve the site please do so in the suggestion section so we can all be a part and move forward from there together.

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June 2013: Clarity in Progression Empty Re: June 2013: Clarity in Progression

Post by Shirou on June 29th 2013, 8:39 pm

Ansemthegreat has been welcomed back to the staff, resuming his position as a moderator. Welcome back, Ansem!

A second extra character has been added, and the post requirements for attaining your first extra has been altered. To get an extra, you must have 1000 posts. To get a second extra character, you must have 1000 posts on your extra account. If you already have an extra character approved yet do not meet these new requirements, you will be able to keep him or her with no penalty.

In addition, the partner system has been removed. If you wish to keep your partner, you may transfer him or her to an extra character. If you have a partner character you want to transfer and an extra character, and you have enough posts to get a third partner character, you may choose to put one of the two on reserve. This also applies if you don't have enough posts for your first extra as well.

As for transferring posts along with your partner character, the amount of posts you can transfer the post requirement for the current MP of your partner character. This means if you have 40MP, you get 100 posts. 100MP, 1000 posts. However, if you know how many posts your partner character should get, provide a list of links and the amount of posts.

In light of this addition, the restrictions on an extra character interacting with a main character are lifted, and they can be directly related. However, use of Extras as slaves will result in immediate revocation.

If you want to keep your partner, but either don't have the posts or don't wish to use them combat wise, they can be used as NPCs, which require no application or transferring.

Transferring Partner Characters means you have to also repost all of your approvals again.

PM me (Shirou) if you want to transfer your partner character, or if you have any questions.

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