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Tyler's Application "Twilight Town"

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Tyler's Application "Twilight Town" Empty Tyler's Application "Twilight Town"

Post by Takeshi on June 1st 2013, 11:09 am


World:Twilight Town

Quoted Role-Play Sample:As Tyler walked towards the building a gentle wind blew through his hair, he was in Disney Town because of an offer that he couldn't refuse... Cool Star had offered to train him in the ways of the light. This was nice of cool,though he doesn't know how much this means to me... Tyler thought as he saw the place he was told to meet cool, a little resturant called Sweet Tea Within Sweet Light it seemed fairly new, but it had this air about it, like it could bring all of your memories to the surface.... This is the place... he said as he walked into the resturant and started looking for cool. He scanned the whole place, overlooking cool several times before he noticed him, he was toasting nobody... He walked over to where cool was and sat down. Hello my friend he said with a smile full of genuine happiness. He raised his hand and a waitress walked over to them Can I get you something? the waitress asked with a smile Can you get me some green tea please? he asked her, she nodded and walked away, coming back a few minutes later with a cup of green tea and some sugar and milk. Thank you he said as he poured sugar into his tea and then added the milk and drank some of it. It tasted good, which was strange considering that Tyler was never a tea drinker... Thank you for this opportunity cool, it means more to me than you know he said as he put down the cup of tea and looked at him. This is a nice place cool, I like it... he said as he smiled and looked around at all of the people who were reliving thier lives in thier heads. But then he started to remember.... *OOC:Flashback* Mommy mommy look what I can do! Tyler said as he started to make a handful of rocks float in front of his mom That's amazing sweetie she said with a smile as she used her powers to make the rocks sparkle by having light bounce off of them at the right angles Ooh,Pretty Tyler said as he was mesmerized by the shining rocks. Haha his mother laughed as she made them change color as well as sparkle. Your so good at this mommy... *back to the present* as Tyler remembered that day he started to cry, knowing his mom would be disappointed in what he had become. I'm sorry mom... he whispered hoping cool wouldn't hear him.---Quoted from Bitter Tea,Sweet Light

Reason:Because I am an expert on twilight town, I know every area and every secret that the town has ever possessed, and I belive I could bring life back to this world that hasn't had a leader for so long

Credibility:Because I think I have potential for leading a world

Alliance:Anyone who genuinely wishes for peace between the worlds, because I belive in that noble goal.

Population and Entrance:I would allow anyone and everyone to live here because i belive it's not anybody's place to tell someone that they can't live somewhere.

Military Status:I would try to build the military back up and keep it evenly distributed between the different types of soldier/fighters,Because I know that even a peaceful world needs to keep a military on hand in case someone tries to force an attack on it.

Alignment:Twilight Town would be a mostly passive world, though there undoubtedly will end up being a few rare occasions that it is an Agressive world,because people fight,we have egos and pride, and they will sometimes get the better of us,I already know that

Ambitions:I plan on making Twilight Town a "Safe Haven" of sorts, anyone that normally gets persecuted or judged harshly would be free to stay here,provided that they don't cause trouble.

Recommendations:I recommend Tyler for position of Twilight Town ruler. I think he has potential and this would be an amazing learning experiance, not to mention I think he would do the job just fine.--Storm Sky

As an active rpger, dictated member Tyler would be a good leader for twilight town---Lenneth/Hrist

I recommend Tyler for Twilight Town world leader application. He has good activity and rp skills, I wish to see this world do well under his tutelage. -Kasturi

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