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Thelennx Application " ATLANTICA"

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Thelennx Application " ATLANTICA" Empty Thelennx Application " ATLANTICA"

Post by Lenneth on June 1st 2013, 2:49 am


Profile: https://kingdomhearts.forumotion.net/t5606-lenneth-hrist-profile

World: Atlantica

Quoted Role-Play Sample:
His attacks were devastating and brutal, tactics strong and unforgiving. This was Thelen’s style and nature one that he brought to all aspects of his life and the thrill of battle that made him feel so alive with energy. Landing those assault and feeling the coursing impact ended with him smiling such a grin as the adrlinaline was starting to pump forward into the rest of his body. That feeling building, an ecstasy that only came second to his master’s touch. At this rate things might end up bloody if either of their limits could be reached today. The nobody knew how this battle had to go, he had his orders but if things ended up any more thrilling well then he couldn’t promise how he might act right then. Holding back tsk just wasn’t his style but he knew what he had to do just to keep this going. The nobody of burning desire quickly whipped back his heavy sphere once its chain failed to really take in affect with that last attack. He got it and changed hands with weapons to better ready himself for the dive about to occur.

Thelen then ready his body as Cool went in for the stab with its back end towards his chest, he quickly tried to used the widen rectangle shape across his body trying to block it. The force of the impact was great as it pushed against his metal and chest with a hefty impact. He grunted a bit as some of the air in his lungs was pushed out and he staggered a little as Cool went for his wrist. This former king was physical stronger then what he first thought but power was also Thelen’s speciality as was pure defence. As the blade came in only slide across his forearm in a deep gash as Thelennx moved his blade to counter pushing what he could away from his flesh but unable to do so entirely as the wound had grown deep causing him intense discomfort. Blooding dripping off well enough before the shoulder attacked landed and slide open his body more as it gushed out some of his life fluid before settling.

As it did and some of the pain reached his nerves Thelen’s grin just widened while looking right at cool with his predatory expression. “ You got strength that’s good, going to need more of it though” he whispered while pulling both of his hands as he got Cool’s sword stuck in deep into his bicep, mildly splitting up his muscle into sheer ribbons before trying to tangle his chain over Cool’s wrist to stop him from moving this attack any further and executed his own. If it worked then he would try and pull both ends of the weapons to tighten the chain attempting to shatter the wrist bones in the foe’s hand and squeeze it so tight in a piece that his hand would literally pop off it he didn’t do something or so he thought, it was difficult to move one arm after its strength was crippled like that. At its current abiltiy at best he could make cool's wrist sore but no longer able to fully follow up with his attack. If the chain coil didn't land then Thelennx would quickly pull back from his injure before more could be delivered by jumping back and licking his bloody to get himself more excited, it’d take a lot more then that to simple win against this Tank.

Reason: Thelen is a strong tank that is willing to place himself in harm’s way to protect what he holds there, which would benefit such a passive world as this. Also his allies ensure that he will keep this world protected and promote more visitors and activity for this world.

Credibility: I’ve been site since its first incarnation with little to no questions marks against me in the rule department or discipliner manners, so my record is clean. I also have a good grasp on the rules, mannerisms and good ties with the rules and most of the users here. Often at times I’ve guided newer members with some advice and answer to their questions. Just by name alone people will want to rpg in this world and make it more active, with the plans I have in store as well the result will only be overwhelming positive.

Alliance: As a passive place this world would hold no other ties to other worlds, staying a safe neutral haven for those wishing to cross its watery borders.

Population and Entrance:I would allow anyone to join this fun loving paradise so long as they don’t cause the world harm or invite danger to this world.

Military Status: I intend to strength the military and use it only to protect this world and its people. Since most of the soldiers will be trained primary to fight under the sea they wouldn’t apt to switching to land legs.

Alignment: This would be a neutral world as well as passive. A place to get away from political tension and just have a good time.

Ambitions: My plans for this world are simple. To spark more activity in its rpgs and for it to be more so a neutral ground for people to have fun and relax where people can feel safe and away from daily tension.

Recommendations: N/A

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