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What Happens Next?

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What Happens Next?  Empty What Happens Next?

Post by Shirou on April 12th 2013, 12:52 pm

So, on a lot of forums, there are OOC topic games, like see how far you can count, or make a story by posting one word each. We don't do that on this site, because we consider it spam due to the pointlessness of it. But I was thinking, why don't we try a writing game? Make a story, but instead of a word at a time, we make it a paragraph at a time.

--You can only post once a day.
--Obviously, you can't double post.
--Each post has to be around 100 words.
--Creatively, you are free to do whatever you want, but try to keep it coherent with the other story, even if it's by a single thread or changing the story completely.
--Basically, this is an experiment. It's meant for fun, so don't be afraid to be silly or random. Anything you think is fun or interesting.

It was a dark and stormy night, so cliche` seeming that Rick almost thought that he was part of a story. He stood on the edge of a cliff, the sea roaring below. His trench coat flapped in the angry wind. It had been four years since that fateful day. And every year, he would visit this spot. But, this year, it would be different. This would be the year he would start searching. He would find the person responsible. He turned around and headed back to his car. He got into his old clunker. Rather than starting it, he just sat there, thinking. Finally, he started his car and grimaced. It would be a long drive, and an even longer night.

"Hey Shi get back here silly!" Etzolix said running naked and ended up in front of people. "...." "Awkward.."

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[02:13:16] Etzolix : YOU WON'T
[02:13:18] Etzolix : I GOT YIMA ON A LEASH

[1:41:03 AM] "Ansem": I only have
[1:41:09 AM] "Ansem": 500 munny
[1:41:20 AM] "Ansem": ....IMA WELFARE PIMP


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What Happens Next?  Empty Re: What Happens Next?

Post by Alexander on April 12th 2013, 12:59 pm

A young girl stood on a street corner, her thighs itching in the dim moonlight as the pantyhose she wore chaffed her chubby thighs. She wore a low cut dress that was clearly too small for her, trying to show off cleavage but instead revealing horrifyingly awful chest acne. Her face was flabby and oval shaped, her teeth could make keys and cut down trees, her ears oddly shaped into points, and she wore a Santa hat. She looked to be a really fat, unattractive, prostitute elf. And she was. A car came towards her-- now was her chance. She outstretched a flabby leg, and adjusted herself. A young transvestite could only make money a few ways, and deception was one of them. She relied on this person in the car being an absolutely disgusting human being to make ends meet.

The future is not fair to the past because by definition it has already surpassed it.
"There was a sickness."

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What Happens Next?  Empty Re: What Happens Next?

Post by Balendin8 on April 12th 2013, 1:43 pm

The kid dusted off his shirt as he walked out of the tall grass. Unbeknownst to him the back of his pants were covered in those annoying sticker plants. He reached to his belt and pulled out a red and white ball. "Good Job, Marowak. That was one tough hoothoot we took down," the boy said apparently talking to the ball. The boy returned the red and white ball back to his belt where there were a number of other red and white balls. As he walked along, he suddenly caught sight of something strange. It was sort of humanoid in shape, but more gruesome with pointed ears. It must have been a new species. If he caught it, he would be famous! He pulled out a red and white ball and threw it towards the thing. "Go, Charmander!" he yelled.

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[22:33:21] Zihark : I didn't know lenny died?
[22:33:29] Zihark : how long did he stay after he died
[22:33:47] Etzolix : Uh idk.
[22:33:55] Etzolix : He let himself die cause he wanted to live.

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What Happens Next?  Empty Re: What Happens Next?

Post by Sponsored content

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