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The DARMA Initiative

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The DARMA Initiative Empty The DARMA Initiative

Post by Azmot on April 9th 2013, 5:09 am


Darkblade Alliance, the Restoration Mandate-Archae.

Darkblades are the alternative to keyblades, their negative component and their dark counterpart, along with the negative element of the Darkbladers. Their hearts are not consumed by darkness, but rather darkness is consumed by their hearts.

Recruitment ---  Plausible recruits must be brought to the one of the 1st or 2nd generation. Azmot, Jack Hallcome, and Neo-Storm are the sole converters to these dark arts. Tread carefully, for those of you that fail conversion, will be dealt with by Zihark, of the 3rd generation.

Restoring Archae --- The Darkblades are both a means to an end, and the end itself. These blades will grant access to the Final Resting Place. In tandem with the Keyblades of Darkness, bringing about the Ultimate End.

Destruction --- A secondary task as a member of DARMA is to do away with the Keyblades serving the Realm of Light. There are members who have managed to pro-long their fate. Previous alliances to the members of this order have been granted access to their lives for an extended period of time. It is urged that they remain in good graces, lest they value a meeting with the deity of their choice.

Conversion --- Servers of the Realm of Light can not be converted, as with Keybladers. Rare instances occur in which Keybladers may wield a Keyblade and serve the  Darkness.  Zihark is a testament to this. Conversion requires sacrifice of body and mind. The mind will succumb to Spirit's domain to interact as he sees fit. The body will provide sustenance for power.

Darkblader Corps:
Azmot [Leader]



[However, not all Keybladers of the Realm are to be destroyed. The essence of balance is urged to be maintained, between light and darkness, and the group value's reflect that. To this reason, Keybladers serving the Realm of Light are not allowed to join the group, or anyone else within the Realm.]

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The DARMA Initiative Empty Re: The DARMA Initiative

Post by Zihark on April 9th 2013, 8:27 pm

As a way to keep the original post professional, this is an addendum.


This is a purely IC organization. If your character doesn't know about it, you can not join it unless approached by a member.

Destroy all that is good, so that all that is evil may flourish.

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The DARMA Initiative Empty Re: The DARMA Initiative

Post by Azmot on June 7th 2013, 5:53 am


Recently, select members have been chosen to leave or not participate in Darma plot topics. It is understandable if a member does not have time to post, but blatant disbandment or leaving an important topic is insubordination. Insubordination is not tolerated. Actions will be taken accordingly In Character.

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The DARMA Initiative Empty Re: The DARMA Initiative

Post by Azmot on August 5th 2013, 7:32 pm


Recently, characters have taken to knowing the name of the Darma initiative without encountering Darma itself. This group is not the a World: It is not a widely known thing or given information like the Coalition, who openly look for members, apparently. Use of Darma's name will be breaking the rules against Metagaming and action will be taken accordingly Out of Character.

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The DARMA Initiative Empty Re: The DARMA Initiative

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