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Now Entering: Muki-Muki (open, needs Yima)

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Now Entering: Muki-Muki (open, needs Yima) Empty Now Entering: Muki-Muki (open, needs Yima)

Post by Muki-Muki on January 7th 2009, 7:01 pm

The world revolves around intelligence. Intelligence is sorted out by evolution. Knowledge is power.

Muki-Muki stood in front of the gates to Halloween Town.

Education is key. Education requires teachers.

"Where the hell is he...?" He muttered to himself. He squatted, then sat on the pillar connecting the gates to the wall.

Strength revolves around the elements. Some of the strongest elements are forgotten.

Muki-Muki was relatively new to this world. At least, his body was. His mind was 20 years old, but his body had only spent months on the land. He looked down the abominations he was supposed to call his legs. They were an intricate, but rather haphazardly assembled compilation of assorted metals and plastics. His entire body was fashioned this way, since his epidermis and most of his muscles were entirely destroyed in a conflagration he himself created for an experiment. Hollow Bastion agents picked him up later and did a few experiments of their own. Now he was only pieces of rusting alloy and recycled plastic.

The forgotten elements are rare, but there are some who still know them. Seek them out, and both knowledge and power you will posses.

He had learned those wisdoms from his mentor, many years ago. That man is long dead, for the same reasons he should be: curiosity. Muki-Muki had been born with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. It evidentially lead to his near death experience as well as many other troubles and now, here, to Halloween Town. He sought the Pumpkin King, Yima Qwin, and his infamous comprehension of the elements.

Muki-Muki was most interested in space, one of the fabled ancient elements that Yima had control over. He needed a teacher, so he would grow more powerful, and more importantly, stay alive. Muki-Muki knew the dangers of his curiosity, and he had someone to protect him from it for most of his life until now.

Thus, he stood at the gate and called the name of the Pumpkin King, watching and waiting impatiently for his presence.

((Hello world, and Yima! Sorry this is less detailed than I want, but I have to get off the computer soon.. I digress. ~~can't wait to roleplay with all of you guys!~~)) :lol!:

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