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Simplifying Magic

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Simplifying Magic Empty Simplifying Magic

Post by Lynette Elise on March 6th 2013, 7:55 pm

I realize that a lot of us are used to using Elements for anything and everything... but I feel that it would be a disservice if I didn't make this suggestion.

The Element list is long and complicated and I thought that I'd raise an alternative option.

Schools of Magic.

Schools of magic look at what the spell actually *does* as opposed to what energy type is used to accomplish that goal. So if you're slinging fire at your opponents or shooting spears of ice, you're still Conjuring Energy. In KH/FF terms, you're still using Black Magic. No matter how you choose to reverse damage and restore the body, it's still White Magic, as is some forms of Defense spells.

Also, by limiting casting by School of Magic, it allows greater definition of HOW a character uses magic as opposed to what energies they're using, which currently allows everyone to pretty much do anything they want to do if they're clever about how they explain the spell.

And believe me, I'm plenty creative enough to justify just about any effect using just about any Element under the current system.

The current Schools of Magic as per the Final Fantasy foundations for Kingdom Hearts include: Black Magic (familiar Elementalists), White Magic (Restoration and some Light-based defensive spells, like Clerics in DnD), Red Magic (some Buffs and Debuffs), Green Magic (some Buffs and Debuffs), and Arcane Magic (which is the uber nasty stuff like Drain and Osmose and Warp and such).

Given that there's variation possible in which effects go where... I'd likely say that Buffs are Green and Debuffs are Red for simplicity sake instead of pulling out some of them for a separate "Time" School. To be honest, even the games contradict each other, so it's a matter of choosing distinct areas for each School and then keeping them consistent.

But yeah, it's an idea and it'd make things easier. Just offering the concept to the whole for discussion.

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Lynette Elise

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Simplifying Magic Empty Re: Simplifying Magic

Post by Lenneth on March 6th 2013, 8:29 pm

To be honest myself I'm opposed itself to adding another sub class of things to make it more complicated and limit further what can we do. I do understand that it would define a lot more of how a character can do what and easy to keep track of but I also see that people already decide that without needed to add an official rule about it. For example my guy is good at your version of Black magic, How can I tell? its cause of the number of damage spells I've already have, barely any defence and no heals with few de-buffs splashed in. So in a way we can already kinda chosen what kind of path we take just from progression as we pick since. I'm pretty sure no one from the get go will know just what kinda class of abilities they want all the way to their end game.

Also we do have already classes of ability types in three words, Offensive for the damage or debuffs, defensive for blocking or redirecting effects and supplementary for buffs and heals. And if someone can explain how abilities work that way and the one approving it also agrees it works how are we any higher power to say " NO THAT DOESN'T"T WORK LIKE THE VERSION OF MAGIC ITS SUPPOSED TO BE" . Its magic the power of creativity and widening one's view, why narrow the view?

And again I simply can't agree with opinions that limit what branch of style users can as they progress and maybe choose to change it up without having to start over from the very start over and over. FF 10 was a great explain of how even given roles don't really matter if the player doesn't want it to be and by changing say Yuna into the black mage instead being just a white mage that it was different from any set rules and was more fun for the player if they choose it to be.

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Simplifying Magic Empty Re: Simplifying Magic

Post by Mystic on March 6th 2013, 9:36 pm

I think the magic list is simple enough as it is. The way you put it makes it sound more complicated. Our system of Offensive, Defensive, and Supplementary seems good enough to me. I'm not sure how to explain it, but I prefer the old system. All I can say is that everyone else will have to see if they like your system more, but I side against it.

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Simplifying Magic Empty Re: Simplifying Magic

Post by Kenos on March 6th 2013, 10:39 pm

I think that the Schools of Magic would limit the members' creativity in creating spells. I also don't like that characters would only be able to use defensive or offensive, etc, types of spells. My character relies on multiple "schools" too much already. I also agree with what Mystic has said.

Simplifying Magic Kenoss11

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Simplifying Magic Empty Re: Simplifying Magic

Post by Sponsored content

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