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Vanity's embrace (open)

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Vanity's embrace (open)  Empty Vanity's embrace (open)

Post by Lenneth on February 4th 2013, 11:16 pm

Only a few weeks had passed, just a few short specks of time a stone’s throw away of time from the plans that a certain prince of heartless had been laying down for weeks at a time now. He had spent a good amount of patience and personal assets to keep this certain agenda going and now things were coming into fruition now. In his initial visit Lenneth had just witness the power of the magic mirror himself, see its power corrupted a fellow follower of darkness. Praying off her darkness desires and lust for self-pleasure its power grew stronger and nearly freed itself from its captive state but thanks to their efforts he managed to server such a bond between her and it before things got out of hand. As a result he required time and research in order to better combat such a powerfully artifact. Upon his results of his study Lenneth had learned from the history that this world was indeed enchanted with special magic as one of the home worlds of a princess of heart it was not something to be surprised at but what really caught his special eye was that of that mirror. From what he could tell it was an artifact from a wicked witch that like his heartless kin was addicted to the physical aspect of beauty, obsession turned into cravings which lead to both losing their sense of self. The charm lord himself was known for such vanity as well but has long since understood that power to withstand trails and hardships was just as important for weak beauty was not different from chipping paint, nice to look at once its fresh but as time passes whats left.

Though it was a parasite in its own right that magic mirror was indeed something worthy to claim for one he tested the very limits of magic itself and one that could easily be displayed within a public domain for better viewings for others of the worlds. His set off soon enough with a new goal in mind to seize this reflective blissing for himself however it was never that easy. As he landed within the world from the shadows a lot more time had passed since he looked himself with his books, a new reigning powering had taken roast in the city and already spread a new evil towards the lands with terror and fear, no doubt that magic spirit of the mirror praying on the darkness of another hapless soul to feed itself. From what he saw undoubted the change as the power grew sick in illness and the rich fouled the very earth with their greed. The duke in power rose to power quickly amongst the people and that fueled enough darkness in their hearts for Lenneth to use. While his second attempted to sneak enough time into the castle with Xion hadn’t worked due to interference he did managed to spread the seeds of anarchy further. His ally left him to perform her own duties but that didn’t detour the LaVaeas.

Weeks now had become fading memoires as Lenneth lived amongst the poor here in the guise of a bagger, his powers and appearance hidden from many eyes that walked passed him, it wasn’t too hard after all this world was all but left behind by the many traverse that cross the paths of the worlds. Aside from himself and his two allies at the time no one else from the outside had stepped into the soil here so his time spent was well kept to himself. A few days ago he even managed to sneak his way into rebellion lead by another blood tie to the thrown of this kingdom, seeing himself now in the lowest ranks as a foot solider. Desire turned into blood as that group marched on the castle with weapons and shields in hand, Lenneth hiding himself in the midst of battle with sword clenched tight through the nameless people he had no remorse in killing. Tears and families wiped deeply as this war torn invasion broke off into countless fights in the court yard and in the royal areas of the western keep.

Lenneth however took it to himself to lead a different charge, towards the east abandon wings where the old queen rested, smaller battles raged but ones that didn't touch the high reaching towers and no human that could stand the might of the LaVaeas. Keeping his guise well his required none of his power and beauty to pass by them and create a well corpses at the doors of the room he required.

Finally with in view of his prize Lenneth proceed towards sealing the room with enough effort to buy time to extract it. However it had its own ideas of what he wanted Lenny for, the spirit appeared before the heartless prince ready to reach out for the darkness in his heart but before it could even open its mouth he had already been silenced by Len. He already witnesses its persuasive power twice and spelled the air to silent any darkness. Maintaining focus now to only himself and his ritual Lenneth starting the removal of the evil taint of darkness that has polluted the spirit into being such a spineless feeding insect that didn’t truly live it up to its potently under his rule. It wouldn’t be too difficult now to keep himself and his mission well in line for time, outside the battle still raged on between two blood lines and the people such influence would claim and better yet the darkness grew more and more within their lust for money, land and power…darkness that would call the heartless from the hidden corridors and proceed into their feeding cycle ready to hunt for the weakness of either side. It was almost too perfect now the stage had been set brilliant to feed his kin and for himself to claim a treasure he has rightfully earned with hard effort.

It was not only a matter of time now once he binding spell was complete the mirror would only obey and sever the LaVaeas and then he would take his leave of this world to his special island to mount a lovely new mirror. It was only a matter of time now, if he wasn’t interrupted he’d take his prize and leave soon…

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The La Vaeas of Darkness

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