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A Suggestion.

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A Suggestion. Empty A Suggestion.

Post by Azmot on January 4th 2013, 4:09 am

This has been egging on me for a while now, and someone just brought this up to me again. All of the worlds reside in the Realm of Light, a Realm. This excludes the Realm of Darkness and Sea of the Skies' topics. Now, if the Realm of Light contains different worlds, then that makes the Realm of Darkness have the capacity to contain worlds and therefore, it should not be a World. Like Kingdom Hearts and the Realm of Light, it should not be a own-able as a world. All I'm saying is that it should be moved to the Sea of Skies.

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A Suggestion. Empty Re: A Suggestion.

Post by Etzolix on January 4th 2013, 4:15 am

I, for the most part, agree.

This was suggested to me by Shirou while I was owner of the site and while I'm not sure whether or not he still agrees with this view point I jokingly shrugged it off out of selfishness of not wanting to lost the world.

We only RP in The World That Never Was because it is a world in the Realm of Nothingness and are not allowed to RP in the rest of the Realm--not to mention the rest of the Realm cannot be owned exclusively by an individual member. This same logic should be applied to all Realms until further worlds in said Realms are established in game.

Now whether or not the Realm of Darkness is removed from the "Leader Applicable World" list makes no difference to me. I'll probably hostile takeover it if it remains and if not I might just hostile takeover another one for kicks and giggles. It's all just my two cents.



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A Suggestion. Empty Re: A Suggestion.

Post by Shirou on January 4th 2013, 11:56 am

This is true. To be honest, I had forgotten about it since Etzolix shrugged it off. Now that I'm reminded, the staff will discuss this.

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A Suggestion. Empty Re: A Suggestion.

Post by Yima on January 4th 2013, 9:00 pm

This has been something in the back of my mind a year after I joined, those that have ruled it have more or less taken control through force of arms of sections of the realm, but have never controlled its expanse in the way a society leader would more akin to being the predator with the biggest territory.

Suggestion Put into motion; thank you for your efforts.

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A Suggestion. Empty Re: A Suggestion.

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