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Fusion: Valor-Dee

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Fusion: Valor-Dee Empty Fusion: Valor-Dee

Post by Alexander on December 13th 2012, 8:33 am

Name: Valor-Dee

Age: N/A

Gender: Male

Home World: Castle of Dreams

Race/Species: Somebody (Light Dis-sentient/Nobody Hybrid)

Appearance: Standing at Alexander's height this entity is coated in sleek, steal armor that is reminiscent of the Dragoon's body. The hands are covered in gauntlets with Clawed fingers and greaves with clawed toes, while on the back large wings protrude outward. The Helmet is a grayish-bronze, with the symbol of a fully white heart emblazoned on the slender, steel shoulder piece. While this appears to be simply armor, it is actually the new entities skin.

Alignment: Nuetral

Elemental Mastery: Light, Wind, Nothingness

Personality: Cold, Honorable, and Stoic: his entity tends to speak in brief, short bursts if it does so at all, and fights with the ruthlessness of hardened combatant. While it can only exist for a brief time, it seems possible that it remembers everything that Dee and Alexander do and such knows whose 'side' it fights for at a given moment. Currently, it is unknown if it is a mishmash of Alexander and Dee's personality or a new one altogether. Valor-Dee has an issue with striking opponents who have a major disadvantage (unaware, unarmed) and as such waits for them to prepare or otherwise disengages.

Weapons: Sorrow's Edge

Fighting Style: Valor-Dee keeps opponents at bay with its Keyblade and uses a flurry of heavy attacks, thoroughly enjoying the 'Sorrow's Edge' key-chain out of all Alexander's available ones. Because of its immense strength lifting the weapon is child's play for Valor-Dee, who can use it to great efficiency. With the precision one might demonstrate while using a katana Valor-Dee can cut hairs with Sorrow's Edge and is adept at handling it. Its this style that let's him force opponents back from him, keeping them at a distance. If they enter the range of the weapon, he wastes no time in cleaving them in twain.

Affinities: Immense Strength, Extreme Agility, High Physical Defense

Weaknesses: Critically Low Magic Defense

History: A fusion of Alexander and Dee.

What is a Nobody? It lacks a Heart, and exists with a Body and Soul. Its everything Alexander does not possess-- a being of the heart who has lost his body and never had a soul to begin with. Capitalizing on this against a strong opponent, there was a moment when Alexander and Dee involuntarily fused in Valor-Dee. Its great power let them overcome it nearly immediately and turn the tables completely on its head. Since then, however, Alexander and D to duplicate this event. That may be changing soon however...

The future is not fair to the past because by definition it has already surpassed it.
"There was a sickness."

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