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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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"Why are we here?"

"I was going stir crazy. Besides, master and sister didn't seem to mind much." He sat on a wall, looking over some of the recently repaired structures. "This place is prime. We could do property damage."


"I know. I was just saying."

"I know you were just saying. And if I don't call you on it, you'll just be wrecking somebody's stuff." He frowned.


"Its not really your fault. You are still an infant."

"Don't call me that." He picked up a little rock that was on the wall next to him, and began to look it over. "I'm not a baby. I'm big."

"A big baby," she snickered. Her toned turned more serious. "But you are young. Just barely over a year old. Its already a wonder you weren't inflicted with PTSD during the Regenesis Surge."

"...What's PTSD?"

"Nothing, forget about it."

"Kay." He jumped down off the wall, and began to walk through the streets aimlessly. He passed alleys and stores and eagerly pressed his face against their cold glass. "I like that hat," he said blankly as he noted one of the hats in a store window. It was a white fedora, with black trim around the base. "I kinda want that hat. How many pans is it?"

"They don't use pans on these worlds. They use munny. We also don't have any." A frown crossed his face.

"Damn." He walked off, dejected at first but quickly forgetting about the hat at all. Instead, his programmed urge began to overtake him. "Miranda, I want to fight something." At least, an interesting development. If Miranda could have smiled, she would have. At least, that's what SU-17b felt from her.

"I'll activate the combat radar, see if anything is up." ( Combat Radar Up! active. -30 mp = 0 mp remaining)

"Yes!" An excited shout and boiling blood. It wasn't particularly his fault; he was designed for war. He loved fighting. It was his version of a game. Combat released the equivalent of the endorphin chemicals into his central nerve center, which is practically the same thing as a brain. It excited him. Made him happy to fight. It was a thrill; he never was afraid to fight people stronger than him, as he felt it only challenged him more. He had never truly been made to fight seriously and a lot of time he instigated fights just so he could have them more frequently. As he searched for an open area to do battle in, he made a remark to Miranda. "Have you seen anybody yet?"

"No, not yet. If they are within 20 feet I'll know."

"Kay." He waled sometime, to a more ruined area of town and eventually winding up at the edge of a cliff. He stopped, standing there and gazing down over a wide open area. "WHOA."

"That's... awesome."

"Miranda, what is this place?"

"Let's see..." she became silent for several moments. "World is Radiant Garden... This is the 'Great Maw'."

"That's a bad-ass name."

"Indeed." He slid down into the large open expanse, and started to run around.

"HOLY SHIT THIS IS AWESOME!" Miranda giggled. For all his power, He was still just a child. A child whose head she lived in. For a moment, she contemplated this, and thusly decided that she was fine with it.

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Mystic decided one day to revisit his home world at Radiant Garden. As he passed by the streets next to the Great Maw, he remembered his misadventures here awhile ago. Though that brought up another strange thing: his inability to remember his parents. He had to have some, he was human like everyone else, and born normally like everyone else. Mystic stood there, before snapping out of his trance and deciding to check out the maw. Maybe his old cave was still intact. The byo hopped over the railing and slid into the canyon carefully. The boy and his talking dagger Steve adventured down the canyon. "Mystic," Steve moaned, "I got another gut feeling." "Your gut feelings usually suck." Mystic casually said back. Steve grumbled at this as Mystic continued his walk.

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