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Update at Large

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Update at Large Empty Update at Large

Post by Yima on October 7th 2012, 7:00 pm

  • The dual wielding restriction now only applies to Keyblades. You can now dual wield any weapon (excluding keyblades) from your character's outset. This does not effect cannon characters who may use more than one keyblade nor does it re open keyblades to the public.

  • Restricted Elements Illusion and Space are now open to none cannon character use in any elemental slot (primary/secondary/tertiary/learning). Time can only be Tertiary or Learning due to the element's limited nature when applied to site rules. This is not retroactive, meaning that you can't change your current elements. Perhaps at a later date Time may become a element like any other but due to nature of the element allowing it as a primary or secondary may be setting a person's expectations to high for what the element can actually accomplish on site where you cannot auto hit or control another person's character.

  • Learning Elements can be obtained at 300 posts. You must RP with a trainer who shares the element you wish to learn. The RP must have at least 20 posts (10 posts from each), with each post containing at least 400 words each. Alternatively, if you have 1600 posts, you may gain any Learning Element with no prior training.

  • Xion, Kenos, and Mystic have been added as Interns.

  • Unless the form is specified as such, you cannot use forms in either Atlantica or Pridelands; there will be a suggestion topic opened to look for possible alternatives but until one is surmised as a better choice this is the rule that will stand.

  • Perhaps the largest needle to pull in this topic is the conception that everyone starts their character as a Olympic star at their peak, there was a topic awhile back when the former owner Etzolix was still here about maximum speeds, but it wasn't intended to make anyone believe they started as a Olympic star in their prime. When a person starts they are just a bit above an average human the same way Sora was in the games, I have spoken to him on this to ascertain his original intentions with which I agree, which is as stated above.

  • What a person can do when they are at the end of their character's physcial/magical growth is something that has also been a question I have received more than likely due to the bullet above this one but no one will be breaking the sound barrier with a normal attack or running at 70 mph for any length of time without a extraordinary draw back like the muscles in your legs tearing apart, igniting the fat in your body, ect. There was a few questions about destroying boulders with basic attacks which I do not see happening without serious injury to oneself and that is in the case that the character had high strength to begin with.

  • The speed system for Gummi Ships has now been specified.

  • I am not bothered on mph spells though some could have a rate of acceleration not that it is required or intended by some users but there are other ways to describe the speed a spell goes than just mph/numerical measurement so do not feel you are required to live within those guidelines solely. On a side note a pitcher in a baseball team throws a ball at well above 40 mph so with the reflexes a person has her it is possible to dodge a high velocity spell but not likely all that easy art close range which is the point of getting close for one of those spells.

  • If you're a new member, you have seven days before you need to create a character. If not, then your chatbox and posting privileges will be revoked until you get your character approved. This is implemented so members can focus on their characters and won't be distracted.

  • When I have been watching rps in the past month most people I have seen dodge virtually everything their opponents do when fighting especially if their opponents are non-users. None of us like taking hits but that is part of what happens in a fight, you get hurt, you bleed, might get a broken arm or leg once or twice depending on your encounters, wounds don't have to be fatal or crippling depending on depth and location, but these consequences of participating in combat are going to occur from time to time so when your in an rp remember that.

  • Magic regeneration in topic will be allowed as long as all everyone in that topic agree upon the mp regeneration first and it would come after an extended period of rest not out of thin air; if this is abused it will be revoked.

  • World leader positions are currently not open for application.

  • A Site Banner Contest will begin within the next two days; where the banner will be used will be determined by the presence of the banner be it advertising, on site, or in a section of the site.

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Feel free to send me any feedback you have about site and or ideas.  ^_^

If you have a topic that you want to discus at length to improve the site please do so in the suggestion section so we can all be a part and move forward from there together.

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Update at Large Empty Re: Update at Large

Post by Shirou on October 7th 2012, 8:35 pm

Once you have achieved / chosen a learning element, PM a staff member so they can edit it into your character template.

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