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Demon Owned You: An Apocalyptic Demon RPG

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Demon Owned You: An Apocalyptic Demon RPG Empty Demon Owned You: An Apocalyptic Demon RPG

Post by Alexander on September 26th 2012, 5:15 pm

When they arrived, everything changed.

Demons. That's what we called them. Creatures from another plane of existence, hidden from our focus, until now. Some think that perhaps their arrival on our planet was what the prophetic Mayans had predicted, but it’s more widely accepted that it was more of a chance occurrence than some conspiratorial takeover. Either way, maybe those clinging to these theories are doing it, simply so they have something to believe. Something beyond the pessimist’s view that these creatures have come simply to kill us all.

There were 14,548 reported suicides the week after the Demon incursion. Or at least, that was the official number. Many of us believe that the true number was much higher, and many more believe that these were not ordinary suicides at all. Many were religious, considering the arrival of these creatures as a sort of apocalypse. But there have been reports, whisperings, that some of these things were able to get inside people’s heads. Implant directly into their brains that to end their own lives would save them from the hell that was about to emerge.

Maybe these voices were right.

Antarctica was their first entrance point. No one knew at first, satellites hadn’t picked anything up. But it didn’t take long for them to make themselves known. A wave passed over the entire planet, a blue blanket falling over all of us as we slept. It disrupted everything. Weapons were the worst effected, still, after almost an entire year, we still haven’t been able to get them back to a functional capacity. Communications had a little more luck, within a month we were able to send and retrieve messages from across the globe. But by then, it was too late to stop the worst of it.

Africa. Australia. South America. These were the places targeted first. Each of them fell to the might of the demon horde, and without communications or weapons? They were easy targets. But they didn’t stop there. Advancing their march, the demons have begun to encroach further upon our lands. From Australia, they have trickled their way into South-East Asia, many of the islands of Indonesia being almost entirely demon controlled. The south island of New Zealand, with the advance quickly pushing north. Parts of Europe, too. The demons have made their presence felt in Serbia, Greece, Spain and Germany. But still they push further. Russia, many imagine, will be the next major nation to fall.

The United Nations was not ready for such an invasion, but their reaction had been swift and by many accounts they have been doing as well as anyone could’ve hoped. The UN headquarters has been moved to London, England, one of the few nations yet to be touched by the horde. It had been a scramble, but our forces are slowly being united under one banner. If there’s any hope, for any of us, it’s to pull together.

Apparently, though, not everyone got the message. Slowly, sporadically, but none the less consistently, groups have begun to emerge supporting the demon horde. These people have admitted defeat, welcoming the demons as overlords of the ‘weak’ and ‘pathetic’ humans. But by all accounts these people have been killed just as brutally as the rest of us. The demons are not open to reasoning, they are, from what we can tell, indiscriminate.

In the last week, there’s been a new advancement. They’ve been here almost a year now, and reports are coming in from scientists in the northern-most parts of Russia that they have been able to harness the power from the pulsating red crystals left behind after demon attacks. What does that mean? Magic. If these reports are accurate, then maybe, just maybe, we could find a way to use their own weapons against them. Maybe there’s still a chance for us…


April White, Military Commander of The Winter Legion

>>>Join the Fight<<<

The future is not fair to the past because by definition it has already surpassed it.
"There was a sickness."

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