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Restricted Elements

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Restricted Elements Empty Restricted Elements

Post by Abel XIV on September 21st 2012, 2:30 pm

I just have to say this... What's up with Time, Space and Illusion?!, They should not be restricted!

I agree that they are elements that are easy to abuse, but it is the responsibility of the moderators that that does not happen. Restricting them to cannons is not an acceptable solution AT ALL. If years ago, when other staff line was in charge of the site, moderators where not able to moderate correctly that did not mean that certain elements must be restricted, it means that they should have done their work better!

I say that we allow then again. This site is now very old and the moderators are not only experienced staffs, but also experts on this site and how it works. I believe that we are ready to try and surpass such stupid limitations, since we do have such an excellent staffline that will without a doubt be able to regulate Space, Time and Illusion for an usage of them of all without any abuses.

PD: And if they are abused, the answer is not forbidding them, but putting those abilities that have been abused to revaluation to prevent further abuse of an ability incorrectly evaluated.

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Abel XIV
Abel XIV

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Restricted Elements Empty Re: Restricted Elements

Post by Etzolix on September 21st 2012, 2:36 pm


That topic there is where it is discussed lol. Feel free to post this info there but for the most part it does seem like they will be allowed but only under learning elements unless canon as to make it fair to those that it was restricted to previously who would have chosen differently.

Anyway, Imma lock it since we have a recent thread for it. Also, those points have been brought up as well so feel free to show the support you have in the appropriate thread. lol.



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