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Dude Looks Like A Lady [Open]

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Dude Looks Like A Lady [Open] Empty Dude Looks Like A Lady [Open]

Post by Etzolix on September 16th 2012, 9:18 pm

An orb descends from the heavens lubricated in a mixture of what could be described as the aurora borealis. A pulse emits from it but only briefly as it travels the span of the world affecting everything and everyone who enters it. As the pulse returns and the orb seems to implode on itself briefly turning into a blob of energy before reforming into its circular form once it again it leaves in the same manner that it had arrived ascending into ever going above leaving site for anything and anyone who may have entered the area.

-Everyone is gender-swapped in this topic.
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Dude Looks Like A Lady [Open] Empty Re: Dude Looks Like A Lady [Open]

Post by Shirou on September 16th 2012, 9:28 pm

Shirou's gummi ship landed in a clearing in the woods in this odd and underpopulated world. He went here to search for somebody. He stepped out of his ship and stood in the center of the clearing. The ship was cramped, and the trip was long. He stretched...only to find that his chest was heavier. Confused, he looked down to see two breasts. "What," he said, looking at them. His voice was much higher, which freaked him out even more. His then noticed more weight on his head. He felt it. His hair had grown much longer, down to right above his butt. "What," he repeated. He then looked down at his legs. His hips were more curved and feminine. Gulping, he stretched the waistband of his slacks and he paled. "What."

He was a girl. She was a girl. What the hell was going on. Why was she a girl?! Was she a hot girl...? No, wait, she was getting distracted. Whether or not she was hot wasn't important at the moment. What was important was why was she a she. Maybe she would meet somebody else here who knew what was going on. Would she stay like this if she left the world? Last time she was here, she remained male, so it had to be an external force. Her clothes had apparently changed, too. She was wearing a plain green, v-neck t-shirt that matched her eyes, and black pants with grey sneakers. Her Infusco Ara appeared to have disappeared. What was going on?! With a feminine sigh, she started to walk towards the forest, in search for another person.

Dude Looks Like A Lady [Open] Green_Bird__redone__by_Chiyun

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Dude Looks Like A Lady [Open] Empty Re: Dude Looks Like A Lady [Open]

Post by Lilac on September 16th 2012, 9:42 pm

Lilac wasn't sure how he got into this mess. That's right, he.

Lilac was just visiting the Dwarf Woodlands, wanting to explore it's peaceful forests and such. She landed outside the forest, only to feel odd. She looked at herself; she didn't look that different. THen she felt something between her legs. Looking down, she felt herself. She had man parts. Actual man parts. Somethign was definately wrong. "What's going on?" Lilac said in a much deeper voice. She was completely confused now. getting out, she walked into the forest to find out the deets.

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Dude Looks Like A Lady [Open] Empty Re: Dude Looks Like A Lady [Open]

Post by Trent on September 17th 2012, 12:25 am

Trent woke up right in "his" gummi ship after a long nights rest. "He" had been sleeping all night long for once, it was odd behaviour but ''he'' guessed ''he'' needed it. Yawning, the teen looked around, all forestry as ''he'' opened the cockpit and let ''him''self outside. "He'' landed with a thump but for some reason ''his'' balance wasn't right and the teen fell face forward on to the grass, as though on stilts. "The hell?" ''he'' said to no one in particular, only to realize to his horror that ''his'' voice was light and feminine.. Panicking, ''he'' felt ''his'' throat, and dragged ''himself'' into a sitting position. Trent's legs seemed slimmer and more agile, but were trapped in black tights that looked to end in black high heeled boots, which would explain the walking problem, upwards there was a mini skirt that was a violet purple and held a schoolgirl charm to it. God, was it short. "His" left hand went to go touch "his" hair, feeling the black hair locks out and felt that they were longer than normal, to the point where ''he'' could hold them out in front of ''him''. Getting up finally, struggling with walking with the heels, Trent looked at his reflection through the glass to find something shocking and slightly horrifying. A girl was looking back at him, one with a tank top that would have showed off some cleavage but she didn't have a lot.

"Oh God.." She said, trying to think back at what might have caused this. Alcohol? Some drug? She didn't know and it irritated her, dressed in these revealing clothes as she turned away from the gummi ship but not before grabbing her axe and holstering it on her side. She was going to find out what did it and what caused it. As she struggled through the woods in her high heels, still proving rather difficult. At least I'd do me.. She thought to herself reassuringly, Too bad about the boobs though.


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Dude Looks Like A Lady [Open] Empty Re: Dude Looks Like A Lady [Open]

Post by Luxord on September 17th 2012, 11:24 pm

While most came to this world through the use of Gummi Ships a far more efficient mode of transportation was used by the newest person to come onto the scene, the medium of his or now her movement being a black inky portal that came into being as if one just poured a black swirling blob of paint on the canvas that is pace and time. The figure wore a black hooded cloak that covered most of her body and hid her looks from others, yet still one could tell she was a female due to the noticeable protrusion of her chest. Of course said figure wasn't use to suddenly having a few extra pounds added to her chest and stumbled forward a bit while swearing in a feminine voice "Bloody hell what in th-.........Oh no.....what happened to my bloody voice!?"

The woman screeched in confusion at the sudden higher more sultry tone her voice took on, while she didn't have a come hither voice like a seductress her voice still had a charm to it something that survived the gender swap it seemed. Regardless after calming down from the voice issue she then took note of her body, moving a hand up to her chest and poking it once before saying "Well this is new......guess some higher power has an really bloody unorthodox sense of humor. -checks lower before sighing- Flat down there though......just fuckin' great.......I'm a woman through and through right now at least externally but like bloody hell if I'm testing if the internal organs are set up right."

Placing a hand on her head and shaking it a bit she then moved her hood away to reveal her face, already she noticed her hair was different as in longer than it should be. And but of course her beloved goatee was gone as well, though then again no woman looks good with one no matter how well groomed it is. Looking back down at her chest she did smirk at the fact they seemed to be D cups but then again she is British and that is a common cup size for such women. Still she wanted to see if she looked good as a woman or if she better keep her hood up and so quickly went to find a lake in this forested nightmare, moving swiftly through the forest as best she could since thankfully her outfit was mostly the same if only reshaped to fit her new body's curves.

It didn't take long for her to find a lake though and walking up to the calm waters she looked down into the liquid to see her reflection, and to be honest she did look pretty good but that wasn't much consolation. She was pretty attached to being a male and did NOT want men hitting on her though the idea of girls doing the same didn't seem so bad.....wait NO not a time to think like that. Reaching into her sleeves she pulled out five cards and held them in her right hand in a fanned out formation before going on a hunt....a hunt to find the thing or person that did this to her.

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Dude Looks Like A Lady [Open] Empty Re: Dude Looks Like A Lady [Open]

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