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Destroying Light, Darkness, or Nothingness.

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Destroying Light, Darkness, or Nothingness. Empty Destroying Light, Darkness, or Nothingness.

Post by Arianne Rose on September 10th 2012, 8:30 am


So Shirou and Xion are apparently under the impression that, by creating another Kingdom Hearts in the same fashion as Xemnas did in Kingdom Hearts II, they will be able to purge the worlds of Darkness.

No. You can't. You can't destroy Darkness, in the same manner as you can't destroy Light. One or the other is always going to be sleeping in the very heart of the other--end of story. Light will sleep in Darkness, Darkness will sleep in Light. Your motive is the exact opposite of Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, and it's going to end in generally the same way--death via explosion.

Everything's made of Light and Darkness, save the hearts of Princesses of Heart, and that of Ventus. So basically when you say you are going to fight all Darkness, you are declaring war on LITERALLY every living thing in the universe. Not only that, but you would essentially be TRAPPING everybody in the universe in whatever world they happen to be on when you did destroy the majority of this Darkness.

Darkness is what connects the worlds and allows travel around them: it's how the Heartless and Nobodies get around, it's how people portal, and it's what everybody has to fly through on their Gummi Ships. Gummi Blocks are MADE from Darkness, so you'd have to destroy those too. According to the Ansem Reports, Xehanort made Blocks appear in Radiant Garden with his Darkness experiments, and it is also why there are so many Gummi Formations within the Realm of Darkness, as well as the End of the World.

Not to mention, you'll start the Keyblade Wars for the THIRD time--by creating another Kingdom Hearts and washing away all Darkness, it will just return in the greed of people wanting the Light for themselves, and people will fight over it all over again, initiating a series of events that would just lead to another Xehanort-like figure plotting to try and destroy us all.
Nice work!

Speaking of creating a Kingdom Hearts, your method is not going to work. You are trying to fabricate Kingdom Hearts, in the same manner as Xemnas did in KH II. Xemnas's Kingdom Hearts was made from what Normura described as "the hearts of men" which is why it glows yellow---It's not pure light. It's made from the hearts of living things which, as you remember, both have light and darkness in them.

So by creating another Kingdom Hearts made from the hearts of people who have Darkness in them, to battle the Darkness, you are basically telling me that you are going to try and fight a fire with gasoline.
The only thing fake Kingdom Hearts can do is grant the power from the collected hearts to an individual (as far as we know, since the only known generated KH was blown up; the remains used by Xemnas to initiate the last battle in KH II.)

The TRUE Kingdom Hearts, featured in Birth By Sleep, sleeps in the folds of Darkness, which acts as a security blanket which was formed before the first Keyblade War: Nobody would think to look for so much Light, so far down in the Dark, and those who could and would look for it down there would more than likely be so corrupted by the Darkness that they couldn't so much as survive being near it. (Ansem, as a prime example.)
The TRUE Kingdom Hearts glows blue, and is that color due to its pure nature; being formed from the Light within the hearts of each world. It can't be manifested through manmade means.

Whoever or whatever created Kingdom Hearts, was making sure that nobody could ever get to it in order to abuse its power--and the only means of getting there was by forging the X-blade. Keyblades were formed in the IMAGE of this X-blade, by the greed of those who wanted the Light for themselves, and by those who sought to protect the Light, thus initiating the first Keyblade War.

The TRUE Kingdom Hearts can only be summoned by the X-blade, which can be forged through two methods:

Two hearts of equal power, one of light and one of darkness, as done in Birth By Sleep.
(Which will, by the way, end up either killing them or putting them in a coma, as Ventus/Vanitas was.)


13 souls of Darkness against 7 souls of Light, which would clash and the X-blade would arrive, and with it the true Kingdom Hearts.

The same argument goes for Light and Nothingness. You just won't be able to destroy them. There is a delicate balance. Sure, you can destroy part of it when something gets out of line...but purifying the worlds from one side or another? It's not going to work. It's not possible.

My point is: Xion, Shirou's sending you on a fool's errand. Shirou, I have no idea what you were trying to accomplish, but you know it's never going to actually work. I realize you only formed O.XIII to piss off Xemnas...but the least you could do was give a reason that didn't have all these holes in it. Your motive holds absolutely no water.
There is no logical, possible way for you to create a fabricated Kingdom Hearts in any hope to try and purify Darkness because the Kingdom Hearts you seek to create is made from the hearts of those lost in Darkness to begin with. You would have to do it with the ACTUAL Kingdom Hearts...so good luck trying to make that X-blade.

Now, you could probably forge the X-blade with members from this site. I'm willing to bet one of our three local Heartless would probably do the trick as far as a Heart of Pure Darkness goes.
Light will be trickier. Good luck with that.

The 13 Darknesses and 7 Lights theory probably won't work either, since we honestly don't have many pure hearts to begin with in the first place...most people here just use Darkness as an element.


Destroying Light, Darkness, or Nothingness. Image
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Arianne Rose

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Destroying Light, Darkness, or Nothingness. Empty Re: Destroying Light, Darkness, or Nothingness.

Post by Shirou on September 10th 2012, 9:04 am

Reading this made me realize something...
that is five minutes of my life that I'll never get back.

The point is, mind your own business. Organization XIII has nothing to do with you, nor does Xion or me. So stay out of it.

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Destroying Light, Darkness, or Nothingness. Empty Re: Destroying Light, Darkness, or Nothingness.

Post by Etzolix on September 10th 2012, 1:09 pm

I am locking this thread on the premise that this is you ranting at the fact that someone lied to another character giving them an impossible goal in order to ensure the longevity of a organization made to spite another character within the context of the storyline.

The need for this thread is nonexistent and essentially you complaining for something completely insignificant and irrelevant to any actual issues.

Also, taking note of Shirou's response, even if personally attacked you should refrain from being condescending and remain professional regardless of the situation.



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Destroying Light, Darkness, or Nothingness. Empty Re: Destroying Light, Darkness, or Nothingness.

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