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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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"Sort of... Anywho you may need to walk across it before the acid gets high." Cool said, awaiting Rayna's move or anyone else's. For he was taking a risk just waiting, and waiting too long would probably be suicide on everyone's part.


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Realizing the threat, Reina looked over at the pit of acid slowly rising. Swallowing and slowly standing up, she walked over to the chain first.
I'll go then.... We need to get out now.....
It was uncanny courage for her, but maybe the idea of the floating man being able to save her was a comfort enough to give her the courage to move on. Or perhaps it was the knowledge that no matter what she had to go, so she just wanted to get it over with BEFORE her fears kicked in. Slowly she stepped upon the chain, ready to make the walk, one step at a time. She made it about five steps on, and was already saved one small tip over by her tail, as without it she wouldn't be able to balance at all, she did realize it was also a help to her walking now.
Five, ten more steps came, and THEN the fear overcame her. She stopped in the middle, frozen in fear, unable to move. Slowly she got lower on it, until finally she found herself hugging the chain from above, worming slowly across at about 1/8th the pace she was before.

Gaaaah...... Help!....
She felt so weak, so helpless. She couldn't even walk a simple wire without becoming sorely afraid. Small tears formed in her eyes as she steadily grew to a halt on the chain. Now she was mentally beating herself up for this weakness. Unable to move farther....


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Balendin levitated in the air above the group with the help of his clear, draconic wings. It seemed like the group was running into some trouble. He thought about offering to carry them over the acid. He could easily support the weight of any of the people down there. They seemed to have things under control for the time being so Balendin decided to stay out of it.

At least until Reina attempted to cross the chain. She was acting very nervous the whole time. Apparently griped by fear, she stopped halfway across and clung to the chain. As she called out for help, Balendin swooped down next to her.

"Reina, you are more then capable of getting across this chain on your own. It is fine to be afraid. The ability to do something that causes you fear is what courage is. You can make it, Reina. I believe in you. It is time for you to believe in yourself."

That was the best Balendin could do for a motivational speech. It really was not his forte. It would be better for her growth if she overcame this without physical assistance. Of course, if she fell, he would catch her. He would not let her die in a pool of stomach acid.

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(I've lost interest in this topic. However, I wish to move on to a new topic, which will explain this post.)

Reina appeared to have trouble, and then Balendin popped out and attempted to give her encouragement. Before Shirou could say anything, there was a large rumbling noise in the whale, and the room started to shake again. Suddenly, there was a gust of air that rushed through the chamber, picking up the group and blowing them through another chamber, then a tunnel, and then finally out of the blow hole. The group then split up. Shirou and Rayna were shot at Neverland, while Cool, Balendin, and Reina were shot at Agrabah. The air that carried them seemed to hold magical properties, providing them protection from the dangers of the Sea of Skies.

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