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Breaking and entering (private)

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Breaking and entering (private) Empty Breaking and entering (private)

Post by Blake Bane on December 15th 2008, 6:00 pm

The dark, harsh moon shined down upon the dark town or Halloween. A hooded figure could be seen silently slipping into an alleyway, and after a moment, fell out, dead, a knife buried firmly in his head. The blood shone in the moon as the killer stepped out over his body and back towards another alleyway, carrying the man's legs upon his shoulders. He grimaced slightly at the weight, and that the blood was getting over his clothes, but he continued on. A small trail of blood was flowing behind them. Still, the murderer continued on, through the gates of the graveyard, and threw him into an already dug up grave. Wasting no time, he covered the whole, and stuck a tombstone upon the op that said "Shouldn't have lied". The dark killer spat on his grave and walked away. "You shoudln't have withheld the information from me, treason or not." The voice was surprisingly that of a young teen, one no younger than seventeen. Blake Bane walked away, and began to rifle through his mind how he would find the gummi ships, so he could keep a rendezvous with a rather important "business" partner. Blake slowly clambered up the ladder that led to his apartment, and the rustiness of it began to make his black gloves start to get orange on them. He rubbed them off on the roof above, and pulled himself up. AFter cleaning off his bloody dagger, he looked down at the town. How he would miss it. But first, he had ot find the king's army hold up. And e began jumping from roof to roof to findd it

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