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Post by Etzolix on August 28th 2012, 1:45 am

It seems that there has been multiple issues and concerns involving the strength, speed, magical affinity, and etc involving characters. No matter how physically strong a character is they will not be able to make a crater in the ground, punch through a solid boulder or punch through a solid brick wall. However, they will be allowed to break bones more easily. However, they have to keep in mind that even though we're stronger than normal humans it means we can take more by default so unless extremely higher than someone else there will usually be consequences for saying trying to cave someone's skull in with your bare hand.

When it comes to speed someone who maxed out their speed stat and specializes in such would only be able to go 25 miles per hour while running at their top speed. This is why for passive movement enchantments we only allow people to go that high and have it cost MP otherwise. For say someone who is average speed imagine someone around 17-21 MPH being your max depending on where you fall and what you're built for. However, this is at max level so remember that.

When it comes to agility the highest someone would be able to jump at a stand still is 10 feet in the air when max'd out. Yes, they can do flips and whatnot but they have to be careful to not land off or flip too much because if they go overboard then they will hurt themselves landing and whatnot. The average would be around 6 feet when max'd out at a stand still.

For defense and stamina we already give people much more than in real life. I have known someone who had gotten stabbed (granted this wasn't an inherently life threatening situation and began chasing the person who had done it) and his body randomly failed him. So since we're all fighters and can take more don't go overboard and there is no way to truly define how well someone's defense it. However, don't expect to get punched in the nose and not have it broken even by a new member considering how much of a weak spot it is. Yes, you'll just a lot more damage but some weak spots are always evident no matter how powerful you are. For example, it is possible for a weaker player to break your joints if given the opportunity.

Magic is already regulated through the system and need not be expanded upon. If there are any issues you felt that should be brought up here feel free to PM me in case there are any specific issues I need to cover.



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