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Gummi Ship Rules, Regulations and Template

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Gummi Ship Rules, Regulations and Template Empty Gummi Ship Rules, Regulations and Template

Post by Mr. Cluck on August 14th 2012, 4:13 pm

Gummi Ship Rules and Regulations

-Gummi parts, ships, and weapons all are approved in the gummi ship section.
-Do not use things on your ship that have yet to be approved by a staff member.
-You may have a Gummi Ship when you get your character approved.
-The Gummi Ship you are allowed automatically after character approval is the default model for everyone. This ship requires no approval.
-Warp Drives aren't allowed, they're ship equivalents of portals.
-Gummi Ships may not be used as weapons within topics; they must power down within atmosphere or burn/break up due to high speeds and at their reduced state of power may not use their weapons systems etc.
-If you fail to sufficiently fill out each and every section of the template, a moderator and administrator may instantly unapprove the ship.  
-You may only have one ship of each class.
-The speed depends on the design of the ship and what you put your efforts into.
-Gummi Ships cannot be used against players in the world and can only be used for dog fights in space.  
-Gummi ships can in fact be smaller than the size stated. You also get access to those processors so a smaller ship can have a larger processor.
-Gummi ships will move at a speed between 0 and 400mph as a standard.

Gummi Ship Progression
Note: The units of measurement refer to the diameter of the amount of material accessible. Use this as a rough estimate.

0 posts -- [Default Size] -- Kingdom Class Ship -- 10 Units.
250 posts -- 0.125 kilometers -- Navé Class Ship -- 25 Units.
500 posts -- 0.25 kilometers -- Ethalion Class Ship -- 50 Units.
1500 posts -- 0.5 kilometers -- Corsair Class Ship -- 75 Units.
3000 posts -- 1 kilometer -- Faust Class Ship -- 100 Units.
4000 posts -- 2 kilometers -- Bismarck Class Ship -- 150 Units.
5000 posts -- 3 kilometers -- Dreadnought Class Ship -- 300 Units.

As an additional requirement: You must own a world in order to create a Dreadnought.


Gummi Ship Template

Name: (What is the title of your ship? What is its name?)

Size: (What is the size of your ship?)

Type: (What is the class of your ship?)

Appearance: (What does your ship look like? Extreme detail. You can post a picture.)

Speed: (How fast can your ship move?)

Weapons: (What weapons does your ship have? Use the appropriate template kept in spoilers for this section.)

Commander: (Who is the head of the crew? Who directs most of the functions on the ship? Not Necessary.)

Crew: (Who works on the ship? Not Necessary.)

Passengers: (How many people can fit into the ship at once?)


Weapon Rules

-Each weapon will be given a processing unit that counts towards the ships total processing unit.
-No weapon can have infinite or unlimited ammo
-Laser-based weapons must have a set energy cell of how many shots they can do before being recharged, basically the same thing as ammo, except with a different name for the ammunition
-Rapid fire will be allowed.


Gummi Weapon Template

Name: (What is the weapon called?)

Processing Units: (How many units does it take to use?)

Weight: (What weight class is the weapon? Light, moderate, heavy?)

Effect: (What does the weapon do? Does the weapon have any special effects?)

Fire Rate: (How many of its ammo can it fire at a time? Does it fire like a handgun or more like a shotgun?)

Ammo: (How much ammunition of the weapon can you hold at once?)

Appearance: (What does the weapon look like? *May use a picture*)


Gummi Shield Rules

-Each shield will be given a processing unit that counts towards the ships total processing units.
-Gummi shields fall under the special gummis section.


Special Gummi Rules

-Special gummis are parts of the ship that are not necessary to make it run but are nice to have. They can range from having a radar to having a bathroom within the ship.
-The processing units of a special gummi will be decided by a moderator or administrator approving said gummi.
-Ships do not have to have special gummis
-Special gummis should be made at the same time as the ship they are being attached to.
-Some special gummis will be required to have limited uses
-Special gummis can be destroyed if a ships shields go down, or if a ship does not have shields to protect them


Special Gummi Template

Name: (What is the special gummi called?)

Processing Units: (How many units does it take to use?)

Effect: (What does the special gummi do? What are its capabilities?)

Durability: (How many hits from enemy weapons can it take?)

Downside: (What are the downsides of activating this special gummi? Ex: Unable to fire while active)

If You Have Any Further Questions, Please Feel Free To Send Any Inquiries To A Staff Member Via PM.
Mr. Cluck

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