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Mirror, mirror.

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Mirror, mirror. Empty Mirror, mirror.

Post by Yukina Tarka on August 10th 2012, 7:38 am

Mirror, mirror. 160px-Spirit_of_the_Magic_Mirror_KHBBS

The hushed whisper of the forest animals as they trudged through their domain. The whistle of a bird. The scratching of another. There was a noticeable lack across the woodlands that day, as if the very soul of the place knew of the presence of the Heartless as she entered. It wasn't as if the creature were concerned with any of these idle creatures, she couldn't care less. But they were afraid. If she were here, how far behind could the rest of the Heartless be? That was the question on every woodsman's lips, the fear in every animal's heart, as she disappeared in the shadowed confine of the castle. A darkness fell upon the small world, and would remain as long as that tormented creature remained there. How long could she stay? Obsessed with the secrets of that one chamber, obsessed with a knowledge that she would perhaps not like.

Yukina was dressed the way she liked, as an elegant royal, her splendour breathtaking. The decadent opulence of her outfit was apparent, the high necked black dress she wore ran down to the floor, but a long split in the side revealed the pale tone of her leg, all the way up to her thigh. On her feet were similarly dark heels, clicking as she walked through the long corridors that constituted the castle. She could of course have flown to the top, to the room in which she would find her prize, but she would not allow herself that luxury. It was something of a pilgrimage, a spiritual experience that would dictate her further action. Would the truth sting, or would it nurture? Would her shadowed, stolen heart be resolved, or tortured.

It would be a pain worse than death, but a pain worse still would be not knowing. She was determined, dedicated. The creature would not rest until she knew the truth. She was sure, more and more with every step, that she could not be wrong. How could she? There was no other, it was only she.

She pressed on, eventually finding the door to the room which housed the object of her desire. But she paused, hesitation. A stern look passed across her delicate features, her eyes ablaze with wondering. Could she do it? After all this, after all her determination, she faltered. What if the answer was not the one she sought, what if instead of fuelling her, the answer halted her advance. But she had come this far, there was no use in stopping. Her curiosity, her demand for perfection, would not allow her to cease. She pushed the door open, amber eyes scanning the room as she entered.

It was empty, save for a thin white sheet covering something on the far wall. She had expected more, for the thing to be surrounded by some ritualistic scene that it so deserved. She wondered, for a moment, how a thing so powerful, a tome of all knowledge, could be left in a world such as this. Leaderless, without direction. Left to rot beneath a cloth, never able to fulfil it's purpose that she knew it so yearned to fulfil. She approached the thing, pulling the sheet from atop it with one swift movement.

She did not expect what she found.

She saw herself, of course. But she was much more beautiful than she remembered. The contours of her face, so lovely, as if sculpted by some divine creature. She almost laughed, perhaps she had been. She gazed at herself for some time, lost in the image of the Queen staring back at her. For a moment, just for a second, she was herself once more. The Empress, the Queen so desired and so hated. How she longed for that power, for that grand sense of wholeness once more. And then, in the distance, a pale white face began to form. It approached her through the reflective surface, it's maw a constant smile. She returned one in kind, it had come to her, like she knew it would.

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall," her voice was hushed, a sincere reverence for the omnipotent power before her. "Who is fairest, of them all?"

A pause, the spirit before her feigned a look of pondering. She knew it was a farce, that the thing had unlimited knowledge of these worlds. But she accepted it. Perhaps, like so many others, it longed to have human emotion. She would have scoffed, if she were not so respectful, for how could anything long to be like one of those things?

"You are the fairest. But cherish your beauty, young Queen, for like life, it is fleeting."

What? What did that mean? She wanted to shout out, to scream at the thing to answer her more, but the face had already vanished. It must have been a trick, to try and unravel her resolve. But it had told her what she wanted to know, what she had already known. She gazed at herself in the mirror once more, running a hand smoothly across the skin of her opposite arm.

How beautiful she was.

((anyone can join this if they like, but it is for my personal character development and i would appreciate no one ruining it. i don't really expect anyone to join but if you want to, go right ahead.))
Yukina Tarka
Yukina Tarka

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Mirror, mirror. Empty Re: Mirror, mirror.

Post by Lenneth on September 17th 2012, 3:08 am

Appearing in the simple flash of black magic and shifting atmosphere the Adonis of shadows simple allowed himself to retrain his appearance as it formed and became real to this world. His beloved physique clearly accentuated by his leading attire still bore less then most would considered modestly appropriate. His Greek god tone and size adored the black silk of his heartless kin ranging just above his shoulders and side but leaving the largest poration of his chest and abs exposed to the woodland air, his thighs clearly seen as well before he dark legging rode mid-way to his inner thigh. The sliver lines include runes that he only knew from magics long forgotten by most. Even in these dim shaded lights his golden mane shined with brilliance glow over top his stunning facial features. And of course his monstrous features flowed with the heartless theme, four blue/purple tentacles rose from his shoulders down towards his feet and the two sets of demon wings placed elegantly on his hips and temples, flapping with live. Looking around now with that bombshell face and soft features it was only a wonder just what this world was like while it had more then just the life it had now. He quickly moved on from the scenery lush of this forest abode.

Taking quick steps there wasn’t time to really explore such a cute world, course he didn’t really want to anyways it was just too much adorable air to handle. His purpose here wasn’t one that was a odd task to seek, it was a matter of treasure hunting, one of a magical essence that was known only as whispers of old books and the memories of old witness and elders that lived in that era. It wasn’t much to go by but this was one of the smaller worlds that he could traverse in so likely some kind of clue would be discovered.

The item before him now arose as a castle, looking old and ruined from years of abandonment. Looking as though it had been left behind some years ago and no one alive appeared to be living here. Through the towers and halls and the winding paths did the Heartless prince explore to find remains of living supplies the bodies of long since pass solders and tenets, each fresh with dust and the cobwebs of generations past. And yet there was something else here, the heartless that wondered freely seemed…frighten. Once passing the shadows the few that appeared before the La Vaeas did not speak only shake in fear of something clearly not normal here. He tried to question but only could watch them stand and stare.

Mirror, mirror. 4adc872d-7859-4686-911a-d2ebdb7e9ee8_zps6f3b92dd
The La Vaeas of Darkness

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