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Animal Crossing 3DS: ~Cool's Corner~

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Animal Crossing 3DS: ~Cool's Corner~ Empty Animal Crossing 3DS: ~Cool's Corner~

Post by Hikari on August 1st 2012, 12:40 pm

Alright before we get to the actual discussion I'm going to answer a few questions you may have with my psychic powers. You may be asking yourself this question right about now... Cool why are you doing a topic on Animal Crossing? Wouldn't you rather do it on something a bit more mature? Well what did you think I was going to make this topic about, Call of Max Payne Modern Metal Gear Solid? Please explain to me what's so wrong about talking about a more simple game rather than one where every five seconds you have to uppercut someone's head off and fight a mutant zombie T-Rex that shoots lasers out of its eyes. Any who moving on the next question you have and the last I'll be answering for now is probably the most pointless... Cool did you put "Cool's Corner" in the title again? Does this mean topics with that in its name are special? Yes it does, Cool's Corner will be the title for most of my topics involving video game discussion. Alright onto the video game!

Animal Crossing is a very unique franchise to say the least that allows you to enjoy the simple pleasures of life for once without having to go outside and die of a heart attack because the light burns... With the price of everyone in your town being animals except you and those monsters friends over Wi-Fi who murder your trees making it impossible to get the golden watering can which makes things look pretty. Relax I'm just joking around, Animal Crossing is pretty cool... Except for that last part about your friends killing your trees all the time, that part I'm not joking about. In the previous ones you were just another citizen, forced to be bankrupt by Tom Crook and his overpriced houses. However now you're the mayor of your town, now you can get revenge on those demon animals for making you search everywhere for those stupid items they wanted so they could decorate their house! Errr I mean, you can make the town be the best town ever! Also from the looks of it you live in a tent now... Don't know why but perhaps this means you don't have to be broke for the next seven hundred years like normally. From the looks of it you can now swim as well, so now we're one step closer to being able to ride on dolphins like real men! To be honest with you I don't really have anything to say about this game other than shown. But I know that this will be awesome just like the other Animal Crossing games! But what do you think? Do you think this will be awesome, or will it be a disgrace to gamers everywhere?

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