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(Shipwreck Cove) A Lost Memory Reunited (open)

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(Shipwreck Cove) A Lost Memory Reunited (open) Empty (Shipwreck Cove) A Lost Memory Reunited (open)

Post by Altair on July 28th 2012, 4:37 pm

It was a cloudless night in the cove. The moon loomed overhead, full of majesty and grace. It provided just enough light so that one might walk trough the hidden pathways of naught.

Upon the eve of this night, the dark half angel journeyed through this forsaken kingdom. He knew not what he was searching for yet he was ever more searching. His soul had been called to this world, he was still unsure of the reason but his curiosity pushed him on.

The half angel was shrouded in a white shirt, sleeves rolled up a few inches above his wrist...his pants were black, torn in some places yet he paid them no mind. His brown hair hung over his face, covering his copper eyes as thu were directed upon the ground.

"What is it about this world?..." his mind continued to ponder the different possibilities as his feet carried him forward.

(Shipwreck Cove) A Lost Memory Reunited (open) Altairsig

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(Shipwreck Cove) A Lost Memory Reunited (open) Empty Re: (Shipwreck Cove) A Lost Memory Reunited (open)

Post by Terra on July 28th 2012, 5:32 pm

The water trickled along the moon light as something large was moving across their vast waves and rippling reflection of the sliver sun, sounds of breath hurdling towards the surface before being bubbled out in the waters. Terra swam forth towards any pieces of land he could find, drenching in sweat even in the cool depths of the salty sea.

Only moments ago on a ship that was supposed to carry him back to the mainland after a little adventuring, which did not happen due to the arrival of a pirate ship that blow up the vessel fast before even making itself known. Managing well enough to leave the blooming smoke the keybearer found himself high need of something to stand on.

Looking fast to the cove just a few kilometres away the strong man rushed fast before the chance of underwater life could ask to take him as a meal. Arrival an hour or so of no work Terra walked and dragged himself on the sand of he cove, falling to his back and his breaths were hard and deep with exhaustion. His hair dripping down his face while his clothing became heavy with the extra weight sticking closer then before upon his muscular frame.

(Shipwreck Cove) A Lost Memory Reunited (open) A06ba89a
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(Shipwreck Cove) A Lost Memory Reunited (open) Empty Re: (Shipwreck Cove) A Lost Memory Reunited (open)

Post by Altair on August 3rd 2012, 8:36 pm

Altair rounded the next corner and came upOn a peculiar woman. Her skin was dark and her hair was hanging low, shrouding her face from identification. She was playing quite an odd instrument, very similar to a sitar.

The melody she played was quite dark...almost to the point of being evil. Altair gazed in awe as he passed by.

"Lone one..." the woman spoke, her accent was heavy.

Altair stopped in his tracks...he wanted to keep walking, but his curiosity wouldn't let him.

"What is it you need musician?" his tone was raspy, his look stern.

A smile grew on her thin lips as her fingers slid down the strings one last time.

"Altair Leon Ryin...this world has been calling for you...longing for your spirit...Before you become deaf to my words perhaps you should lend an ear to me..."

Her fingers began to dance upon the strings of her devilish instrument whilst she smirk continued. At this point all Altair could ponder was how this creepy woman knew his name...he had never seen her before, if he had he would have definitely remembered her menacing presence.

"There once was a being that resided here...half man, half beast. His heart was black as the midnight sea and his eyes as emerald as the lush rain forest...your spirit is his...your heart, his heart. You might be half angel, half man, Altair, but if you continue on the path you are on, you will find that you have a little beast in you..."

As he finished speaking a laugh erupted from her core. Altair stepped back as a mist surrounded him. He felt as though his feet even came off of the ground. He grit his teeth as he felt a sharp pain in both of his wrist. As he looked down he saw the slightest amount of blood trickling down both of his hands...as the mist continued to swirl around him all he could hear was the malicious laugh of the mysterious musician.

His mind drifted away from the pain as memories of darkness flooded his entire being...memories of strange beings in blackened cloaks with dark brotherhood written across the back...memories of a tournament...memories of a small group and a crest that read Guardians of Restoration...and alas memories of the brig that the woman spoke of, the piratic beast of lore...Altair couldn't comprehend the meaning of all of this, his mind couldn't quite grasp the concept.

Altair was then filled with a shock as he felt his soul swirling around inside of him. It was almost too painful to bare. After moments Altair was tossed back, his body landed upon the hard ground below with a thud.

When he could actually open his eyes again, he gazed at his feet to see a necklace with the crest of the guardians upon it...the same crest that his mind had just pictured.

As soon as Altair touched the crest and put it around his neck, a cool feeling went over his entire body...his mind was filled with what could only be described as another being...a second soul...it was strange. He felt completely different, he no longer felt as himself...

(Shipwreck Cove) A Lost Memory Reunited (open) Altairsig

Original join date: 2007
Original Character: Leo

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(Shipwreck Cove) A Lost Memory Reunited (open) Empty Re: (Shipwreck Cove) A Lost Memory Reunited (open)

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