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Sitting with his gray trench coat wrapped over his tall barely skinny frame the former king of the pumpkin grove now lord of Radiant Garden drifted in his thoughts amid programs of remembrance unaware of his further self till a tugging made the ground below him give way as if a puddle of tar opened up under him sucking him in. The sound of the falling waters echoing around him gave him no warning all was at peaceful rest even the mirrored selves stood with heads bowed out to the central command pomp of which he had not touched. The cavern had become his land of reprieve amid the world outside these falls calm and nearly asleep under a darkened sky with only the light of the terminal to show the world for what it was the last action Yima could take with body heavy with a need for rest was to stretch his arms and legs to the edges of the now rapidly receding world above him grasping for the edges that only gave way further at his touch.

He tried to call upon his wings but they would not reveal themselves to the world or to him as if the cells in his brain were misfiring; something he could once do he could no longer. "Your memories will fade, you will wither, wane, and die here", a voice preached to the world around him sounding firmly in his distorting thoughts. A worm was using the wrinkles of his central processing unit, the tugging had not disappeared with his place of rest it appeared, and the question of where he was in a mental sense appeared. As that realization came to him his whole body felt numb with exception to dozens of pin point nerves that began firing violently as his body fell into deep darkness. So intense were these synods he could not op-en his eyes or draw breath Yima clenched his back the muscles knotting up did not help in the least; no mental command or spell could escape his wavelength locked up as he was. The empty vacuum he now traveled only had wind when you moved against it, the darkness seemed completely empty save for a single light that came into view from the backside of his eye lid still shut tight. He was not in a fetal position as the intensity of the light increased, his frame was chained to the position he had when he originally began falling, and in just a few more moments the light was blinding never warning the drop of water in a sack of flesh to brace himself not that he could if he wanted to. Upon impact the numbness dissipated in an instant gifting Yima all of the pain owed him falling such a distance, his eyesight slowly started to come back to him while his eardrums rang a pitch squeal, and as his brought himself to his feet he realized that he was bleeding.

He was covered in shards of broken glass, the air in fact had pieces floating just above eye level was as high as they went, pieces of pained glass, and with a blurry vision Yima looked to his bleeding wounds all deep nearly at his vital organs. Shaking unsteadily Yima began removing the shards casting a single spell upon himself as he did so that would keep his life essence flowing without tissue to guide it though it did nothing for the pain he was inviting upon himself and this was not enough to allow the flow of adrenaline in his body it would seem still clenched. Soon he would have to heal himself but first to as where he was his thoughts fully coming forth as to allow complete thoughts this place had an awfully familiar presence and he knew why. This place was indeed his own pained glass cradle once visited before when the keyblade he no longer could hold, the shattered surface told him that he himself was broken, and without a fix the darkness that seeked all hearts would surely find his here even Ansem would be happy to take his far far away. This was truly a good place to leave him for dead, the voice he had heard between the blips of pain something had applied to had damaged some part of him though he did not know what just yet since his spells appeared to be at his disposal once again, "I have taken from you what made you special", no echoed earning a look of distaste from the Lord of Radiant Garden. That was right he reminded himself with a sense of personal knowledge of dire situation reality, he had people he was responsible for irregardless of his person matters, and fighting the urge to clench up he readied himself to handle whatever was ahead of him now standing upon the edge of single metal ring trying hard to balance himself now knowing he lacked boots having taken them off earlier. Sounds of glass cracking, shattering, whirling, and large hands slapping upon metal echoed from below his front at a startling pace.

Below a white shape practically skimmed the edge of of the tower in the dark abyss of which Yima now resided biting his lower lip he had a good idea of the monster that was coming for him and this was no time to try to heal himself. Without time to recover his wounds he called again for his wings but found no response worthy of flight a glimmer was all he could recover it seemed. Averting his star downward he tried to call for his spear but to no avail he was standing upon wall high with no weapon or truly effective armor to this beast at bay. With a great lifting of weight and push of air the overly distorted pale white silhouette fired itself over the edge upward follow by a cloud of twirling shards right before the blonde's vision. Following the creature his curiosity was confirmed this was most definitely the dagger his assassin was intending to plunge into his churning stomach.

Like a scarf fur tendrils extended themselves downward at the wounded man as the cloud gathered around the thorn encasing it in an armor of shrapnel both deadly and bright. The tendrils where not aimed at Yima directly however targeting the ring around him two a piece each side cutting off escape both to which Yima peered realizing what it intend as it pulled itself down onto him both from his ropes and jumping off a surface made of glass now left behind. He leaped toward one of the painfully thin white straps avoiding the impact only partially as the ring was moved on its side aiming to drop him into eternal bleak. Upon landing the white silhouette brought its hand to where Yima clung bashing him upward to the inside of the metal structure causing his blood to splatter on the roof before his spell bean its effect once more; if that happened to many times he would pass out he knew. Shards zipped through the air tearing into the former pumpkin kings side on the hand they traveled upon as it took a firm grip on him falling to the floor its second hand on the rim both feet braced against the gray metal wall and its face blank with exception to the blurred symbol it wore. New wounds opened in the moment he was grasped not as deep as before but they strained his spell now likely the only thing keeping him alive; Etzolix would have enjoyed this he thought as his eyes twisted in the back of his head. The grip was strong and his logic from before was quickly forgotten, this was not a bout this was fight for survival, and his pondering ended as it should have long ago. He had lost his edge now impacting the far side of the ring his eyes spasmed still trying to see his opponent beyond the hand that now blocked his view completely. Adrenaline began to flow by no means a super power but a final warning to flee or fight his eyes focused still a bit blurry and hearing never quite recovered still ringing Yima now found himself pulled viciously on the wall to his left as if it were sandpaper and he an ant before a storm. His lower half free upon impact he took both his legs with all the strength they could provide directly opposed its own towering mass pressing his feet to the wall bare. The speed the thorn had intended still moved its prey but not at a violent speed slowing even, tilting its head upward looking down on the bleeding man firing its whips now encased with glass at their ends five feet back. Seconds before the tendrils berried themselves into the thorn's hands it let go allowing the already tensed warrior a moment to impact his feet and hop upward only a few feet to twist as the missiles honed in on his former location shattering the glass sending shrapnel out but not at any sort of violent speed that a bomb or grenade might have floating in air where the broke further. None of the tendrils had made direct contact with him when he moved giving him the only chance he had thus far and as gravity gave way to his footing he with all four limbs pressed to the cold metal cylinder pushed himself toward a tendril as it quickly retracted. The beast noticed this and bent the line into a curl flinging Yima despite his momentary grip toward the upper ring before jumping directly toward the young man a feast of memories now in pursuit.

Stopping himself from simply flying away from the casing was difficult making sure he twisted to adverted unwelcome velocity providing the body area he needed while still landing just under the rim to brace himself with legs bent outward in a double V ass pressed to the wall. Incoming the thorn it once again fired off its lines to brace itself for a quickened impact and trap the former pumpkin lord though he did not move away; he pulled himself up one foot on the roof and the other below as a prevention to being kicked off the wall it summarized. The creature it hunted in question was desperate as it delivered a bald kick to the man his hands outstretched, appearing feral that nothing else mattered or followed through the being's mind but survival, and indeed that should be all it should "feel". Yima felt his whole body coursing as he while he positioned himself on the wall he called for his vestigium though it would not come, the strength he desperately need would not manifest from the place in his mind he called for it, and now he let out a kiai learned at he beginning of his journey on the Destiny Islands ringing out into the darkness. He never stopped reaching inside his head for a way to call the power he needed to withstand the impact to himself and when it made contact with his arms outstretched the force then applied though it was not as bad as he had expected, not at all, and the feeling of his magic drained from him having found a well to place itself within him; the feeling pierced his stomach causing him to grimace. Beside him a creature born of light and encased in runes held back the attack as he had attached to him by a line of light to his braced legs he knew that the creature was a extension of himself. The look he gave it was momentary however not even a turn of the head just a flicker of his eyes before the main body followed with a second impact that made Yima feel as though his bones would turn to powder in his skin. The thorn raised itself off of the two throwing both arms deep into the towering structure till a larger shattering was sounded and a light emerged brighter and larger as it was pulled into the dead sky guided by the thorn's grip. Below Yima touched the floating torso on its shoulder looking up having just a short time as the ball erupted from the hole's center drawing as far up as the thorn's arms could reach before plummeting upon its chosen prey. The moment was cut short by a storm of shards late behind their master rushing toward the two standing on the rim's edge he sent on mental command to go for its face as soon as the creature hit rock bottom. Pulling and diving down the ball of crackling energy outward Yima jumped toward the thorn's head trying to avoid as much of the ball as he could rising over all but his feet quickly burning in the mass. Yima and his embodied extension however made it to the other side blotted out by the light they both hammer fist-ed the twilight thorn causing its balance to loosen and as it landed its feet angled away from the ring pushing the structure back to how it was when Yima first fell into this wayward prison. The sounds of its hands grasping for support echoed up the column as the extension continued to dive and swing its fists the way a sparrow might defend their nest from a predator.

Yima looked behind him hearing the low wisping sound of wind through a window cracked open; the glass was setting itself flat collectively forming a picture they no longer followed the thorn it seemed. His thoughts would not proceed long however rather suddenly becoming the target of a guardian projectile the thorn sent his way while he had his head turned away. The impact sent him backward to the center of the forming picture his guardian atop his battered body the silvery white being with fresh impact points on its face jumped upward from the wall's side and landed on its feet before Yima and company. Braids of nothing of white, sharp, and sprouting descended on the light mage slicing the back of both his legs before he could get to his feet. Falling back the monster leaned its head in closer crafting a ball of churning energies this would be the endgame, their cat, and mouse was at an end the thorn mused releasing the torrent of membrane severing braids burst into every conceivable path the man could take. In that moment a keyblade obvious enough appeared in his extension's hand floating over Yima but a few inches held upward. No time for words r mysteries untried Yima darted his hand toward the blade through his summoned ally, as he did his form did blend with the body of light, and in his raw form grasp did blade abide as the braids did render their reply. The damage did come though it was less then he expected guarded by runes of magic did well for him now with it head extended out perhaps soon surprised Yima did throw himself feral keyblades ignited into the beast's own face tearing through with teeth as long as foot width. Backing away the thorn did seem to scream before lashing out with tendrils streaming toward its foe aiming to strike true at the glowing runed warrior below.

Next it sent one leg flying toward his lower guard to which Yima threw himself back into the air just a three feet behind and up as soon as he made the beginning to this change of place the twilight thorn sent unraveling a fist meant to encase the former lord of hollows' eve between a rock and a hard place. Seeing this from behind Yima landed his latter half upon the legs as it began to pull in jumping forward as best a half body can with wisp of light streaming behind he streaked toward the creature's maw slashing furiously making each blow count without care for his personal defense upon arrival. In seconds time the beast sent its left hand crashing down on Yima to release itself from the experience prior. Pressing his hands on its own he pushed himself from beneath the pale hand holding him down and returned to his attack traveling up the thorn's arm it jumped up loosing Yima to the pain glass ground. In his hand resided old friends Levitas and Seeker ready for blood as was their master. As he left the hand it sent its arms stretching wiping the space he had occupied, jumping above the limp the creature's fist was sent darting, and with great force Yima let his foot down on the edge of its knuckle launching himself toward it thorn’s face to be pierced at his sides letting beads of light spill out by its largest braids before closing the distance between the two. As soon as he came within range with both weapons overhead he dug deep into the thorn's forward head tearing at the fabric that held it together slamming tail of light; his bloody burned feet to were it might have had eyes. Forcing his own body back he further torn at the creature's face bending his legs into a V pose as before he jumped from the chin of the beast as a frog might dragging the blades through its skin. Both keyblades had rather deep set teeth clearly intended for ripping and cutting at those that might oppose the individual that wielded them but for them to have chosen Yima again could mean he was no long the anchor he believed himself to be; his path had change with his former purpose slain. Now twisting its body in an unrealistic way the creature churned itself toward the side letting braids of nothingness sprout and dive at Yima below. Yima dodged the majority but took a few of these blow glancing over his runed arms lightly the being stood where it was solemnly as if waiting.

Yima made no time for waiting of his own there would be no chance for a villain’s exposition here as he jump as hard and fast as he could toward the pale beast just as he was to reach it chains fastened him by his three limbs and pulled him a few people high over the center of the pain glass design. Still in front of him it reached its arm back for a hay maker punch to which Yima smiled though the punch was delivered the chains kept him there till the creature realized it face had to come with its fist into seeker held fast at a slight angle sending the beast back over the pain glass edge. The chains gave way as did the direction of the ground below him now shifted to allow him a bath in the same orb of brazen white fire and without and counter magic he would fall into the mixture save for his flight now invoked. The orb however would graze him searing his arm leaving him with a numb sickly feeling to remember for years to come as he dove up and past the villain in question he got enough air to fall like a comet at its head. The thorn on the other hand having missed its target landed on the structure sending it right so to let the former king onward int the ball now thrown toward his approaching form fast and quick at the speed both probables where moving there would be n dodging. This would be the last attack Yima could take before he'd be done he thought to himself diving into the orb and emerging on the other side both hands on seeker tearing into the thorn's flesh sending it to the ground. Helpless on the pain glass platform Yima drew both blades and silence the thorn’s presence stabbing both blades into its head, leaving them there as it began to draw itself in a twist impounding both blades with hard pressed fist the creatures form vanished falling to pieces. A clod splash of water woke the lord of Radiant Garden, his guardian now summoned to him was bringing him water from the falls around to cool his unscathed body, and with a smile Yima replied, “I have never felt so alive; thank you”, to the mysterious voice he heard first not the one that came to him this time.

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