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Hunt for the Heart (Part 1) (Private)

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Hunt for the Heart (Part 1) (Private) Empty Hunt for the Heart (Part 1) (Private)

Post by Solomon Black on July 18th 2012, 1:51 pm

The Job a Grim reaper is to reap the souls of the dead and to send them to their destination in the afterlife. He exists in all verses, and will point your way to the underworld, hell, heaven, valhalla, ect. Death cannot be stopped, but over the course of history people have found ways to cheat Death and Death was none to pleased. However, he employed certain men who proved to have the will to fight him and were given a temporary pardon. These men were called Living Reapers, and as long as they killed certain men who cheated death, they were allowed to live. They were marked, and this mark would tell them who to kill.

Solomon is currently the best. The only Inter-dimensional Living Reaper. Sent to hunt a man that most Living reapers hope not to be sent to kill. The Captain of the Flying Dutchman.

The Mercenary clenched his fist as he watched the tattoo on his arm form into the words, " Captain of the Flying Dutchman Will Turner ". Solomon leaned back in his chair and let out a long and heavy breath. The new Davy Jones. How long has he been in power? Barely a couple years if his sources were correct. Black suddenly stood up and slammed his hands down on the table, his deep green eyes focused intensely on the map on the table in front of him.

He traced a course towards Port Royal, Elizabeth Swan was his target. He mapped the course and stepped outside. The salty sea air flowed into his face, he squinted into the bright sun air and looked to his left. The Great Sword wielding James raised his eyebrow and Solomon told him to have the crew set sail for port royal. It was time for a pillaging.

After a few days of sailing, Port royal was in sight. Three marine ships were at port, and Solomon did not want to take the chance to lose any men at the begging of their attack. So he waited, hidden, until nightfall to see if any would leave. Two of the ships did. Leaving one at port. Solomon would take James on a small boat and check in, see if there were many men aboard. If so, kill them, if not, light the signal and begin the attack. It would be glorious.

Solomon watched the sun fall below the city and the world fall dark, his black ship perfectly hidden against smooth nights water. He order his crew to lower a small ship with him and James inside, and two men to row for them. The water was dead this night, strange considering how close they were to shore. As their boat drifted closer towards the marine vessel, Solomon thought of the one thing that would truly fuck over his plan. Heartless. His men hated the demons, and while James and Solomon had practice dealing with them, it was actually a rarer sight on the open ocean. Strange considering how pirates could be, they were not a feasting ground for Heartless, it was the port cities. Ones like Port Royal.

I am here to reap your soul. Display your neck or face my darkness.

Solomon Max magic: 100
Spells: - Boo  - Death's Reach
- Darkness Will Take Over
- Dark Wight  - Dark Cannon
- Singularity: Class 1 - Paradoxical Action

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Renzenku : Solomon, Threat Level: Medium: Reason- Badass.
Solomon Black
Solomon Black

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