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Kingdom hearts: Project Xion/Shion

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Kingdom hearts: Project Xion/Shion Empty Kingdom hearts: Project Xion/Shion

Post by Miyuki on July 16th 2012, 3:14 pm

Bit of Info:

[Note: There's not really a title for this, so I'll just call it project Xion/Shion. This is suppose to take place years into the future, so the worlds are different from what you are used to. Just want to add that fan fiction don't always have to take place in the world of the original media (crossovers) or have all the rules in the original media apply to the fan fiction, I believe that is one of the many reasons people write fan fiction to see what will happen if certain rules are stripped away.

Everything in this script will most likely change, since this is my first time writing a script like this. Some of the format may be different from the original documentation, such as sentences
up like this. Also, some or all character may be out of character. This may or may not be fixed later.

Part 1 Act 1

Shion: I feel like I've been here before.
A long time ago.
Perhaps...in another life.
That life is very different than the life I have now.
I wonder...who I left behind...at the end?

{property of Miyuki from kingdomhearts.forumotion.net}

(Xion's song plays)
lyrics by 1bluerozez
vocals by Belovedstar18
music/composition by Yoko Shimura

*Camera goes black*

[Everything below written on July 14, 2012]

(Shion wakes up in her bed, she gets up, strecthes walks towards the door you can see
her reflecting in the mirror. She then leaves her room.Next shot shows a white door in a
hallway. Next shot is a bathroom sink drain and water going down. Shion then looks at
the mirror. Screen turns black)

(You can hear footsteps against the black screen, then you see in first person perspective
a kitchen with Kairi cooking. There's a close up of Kairi cooking we then see her turn her

Kairi: Good Morning Shion.

(Camera turns to a close up of Shion who is looking left, camera turns left and we
can see a glimpse of the living room and Shion's head turning right,
{property of Miyuki from kingdomhearts.forumotion.net} camera turns
right and we can see another table. We then see Shion looking straight ahead)

Shion: Where's-

Kairi: Roxas? He already left. He had to go to school early, he said he had something
to do.

Shion: I see. (Xion head looks down on her feet, the camera turns to look at her feet.)

Sora: Starting to feel like he's your brother now, huh?

(camera turns to see Sora in the doorway. He walks towards the table, we can see the
back of Shion's head as Sora walks then sits down.)

Sora: (looks left and right at both smiles) Morning you two.

Kairi: (smiles) Good Morning Sora. (Brings over a plate towards him. We again see
the back of Shion's head as she watches the scene.)

Shion: That's right, I now have a brother...
So far it has only been a few months since Sora and Kairi adopted me. Then I became part
of the family. They said it was Riku who found me. Though I'm not too sure. I don't
really remember it.
(Camera turns to a rooftop at night)

Shion *narratating*: Just that it was cold. (A wind blows.) It also...started to rain.
(thunder and lighting could be heard/seen and rain pours down.) I was soaked...
(then goes to the alleyway {property of Miyuki from kingdomhearts.forumotion.net} where we see feet pounding on the ground, into a puddle on the
cobble like road.) Either from the rain or I was already wet before the rain had even

(See a bird's eye view of Shion, she has stopped at an T intersection. (like this
|- ) There is then a close up of Shion, she is indeed soak. Water is dripping down her wet
hair. There is panic in her eyes as she looks down the two ways. She decides to turn
left instead of continuing straight.

She runs down this part of the alley, we catch a glimpse
of a man in a suit standing on a rooftop. The lighting flashes once more and we see the
face of this man is Riku. We see part of the back of his head as he watches Shion run,
she is now looking behind her every 2 seconds or 3. We can then hear multiple footsteps.
Riku turns his head down the other part of the alley and we see a lot of people wearing
black suits that resembles neoshadows, chasing after Shion.

Riku jumps off the rooftop the camera follows him. The focuses on a shot of his feet then
him crouching on the
ground, his head is down then we see it look up. The camera turns to the Neoshadows.
Soon, Riku takes out a blade, we see a shot of the blade reflecting the Neoshadows as
it splits Riku's face in half. {property of Miyuki from kingdomhearts.forumotion.net} The camera then follows the blade as he moves it to his side.
There then is a wide sideways shot of Riku and the Neoshadows, he gets ready to dash
towards them. We then see a shot of Riku's foot lifting off the ground, then a mid close up
shot of him dashing towards the Neoshadows. The camera turns to the Neoshadows
we can see that they have bright red eyes and are just standing there.

Camera turns to
a close up shot of Riku as we see his blade strike down a neoshadow and the blood
coming in front of the camera's view slightly obstructing the view of Riku. We can then
see Riku from behind dashing towards two then bringing out another blade and striking
them. The camera turns to a shot of the wall, we can see blood coming from their
silhouttes then splattering the wall. The camera turns to the rest of the Neoshadows about
to run away while the rest are already starting too. We then see Riku about to strike again,
the camera turns to the ground. We hear a slicing sound, then see blood splatter on the
ground before a pool goes towards it.

There's a mid close up of Riku with bloodied blades and he just shakes it off of them having
the blood splatter the ground even more. There's a close up of him as we see him turn
then we see the camera move showing a quick sideways shot of Riku as it suddenly turns
show us a perspective of Riku we see a quick glimpse of a figure standing ways away
from him in the alley. The camera then rushes towards Shion, we can see that she looks
scared, looking up. She's shivering as a silhouette get closer to her then stops.)

Riku: They are gone now. (Camera turns to Riku looking down at Shion, due to height
differences. It then shows a sideways shot of them.) You're safe now.

(Camera turns to a close up sideways shot of Shion, looking up. Her hand close to her

Shion: Who-who are you?

(Camera turns to Riku in Shin's perspective.)

Riku: I'm Riku. (Camera turns to another wideshot as Riku takes a step forward. Though
Shion quickly steps back.)

(close up of Shion)

Shion: *yells* Stay away from me!

(camera goes back to Riku)

Riku: I won't hurt you.

(another wideshot Riku takes another step forward, Shion takes a step back.)
(Camera turns to Shion)

Shion: I don't believe you! Why should I? (shows a sideways view of her face.) How
do I now you won't hurt me?!

(camera shows a sideways view of Riku.)

{property of Miyuki from kingdomhearts.forumotion.net}

Riku: You don't...

(Camera goes to another sideways wideshot, we see lighting strike and hear thunder.
There is then silence, minus Shion's now heavy breathing.)

(See a mid-close up sideways shot of Shion swaying. She reaches up to touch her head.
Then she begins to fall back. We see a close up of Riku and him goign towards her.
Then we see a close up of a collapsed Shion and Riku's hand on her back. Camera
shows Riku's face, water falling off and his overgrown bangs just clinging to his face.
There's a wide sideways shot of them and it begins to slowly zoom out then stop as
Riku starts to hold her bridal style. We then see a shadow of Riku on the wall as he
walks while holding her like this.

Camera goes up then zooms in {property of Miyuki from kingdomhearts.forumotion.net}
into the clouds, we soon then go through the clouds
where we see a ship. Inside, we can see Riku and Shion from a birds-eye view on the
ship's screen. Then we see a pair of glowing red eyes, the camera zooms into them,
then zooms into one. Red eye blinks. Zoom continues then the screen fades to black.)

[Note, setting is Princess and the Frog, New Orleans]

(Camera fades back to the present, screen is black and we hear Sora's voice saying
Shion faintly, gradually getting louder.)
Sora: Shion..Shion..Shion..Shion!

(Camera shows Shion's eyes, which is filled with surprise. Then quickly zooms out to
show Shion's face to shoulder. Shion shakes her head.)

(Camera turns to a close up of a concerned Kairi)

Kairi: Are you okay?

(Camera turns to Shion and she is nodding her head yes.)

Shion: Yes. I was just thinking about that time when Riku found me.

(Kairi and Sora look at each other. There's a beeping a noise. Shion looks down at her

Shion: Bye! I'm going to be late! (Rushes out of the Kitchen)

Kairi: Wait! What about- (door slams) Breakfast?

Sora: Things...seemed to have gotten quiter after that.

(Kairi turns her head towards Sora.)

Sora: The SNS haven't done anything since that day.

(Kairi nods. She then turns to a clock.)

{property of Miyuki from kingdomhearts.forumotion.net}

Kairi: You're going to be late to work Sora.

Sora: (looks at the clock) Looks like it. (gets up and kisses Kairi.) See you later Kairi.
(then leaves.)

Kairi: That day..

(camera fades into black)

(Camera fades into a living room with Sora, Kairi and Roxas talking to each other on the
couch can't hear what they are saying. It's a wideshot that zooms in slowly. Soon a close
up and pan of the trio we can now see they are laughing. The door then slams opens,
everyone turns. And we see Riku holding Shion still. Lighting strikes. Camera turns to the
shocked trio. Then it turns to a close up of Kairi as she stands up and goes towards Riku.)

Kairi: Riku!

(Riku walks through the door, tracking in dirt and making water puddles. [Foo! You wipe
your feet before you come in the house.] The door closes behind him. Kairi looks down
at the sleeping girl.)

Kairi: (Her face is bit shocked at first, but fades away quickly.) Roxas! (camera turns
towards Roxas) go get blankets! (Roxas then walks out of the room, via door)

(see a wideshot of the room once again. We hear footsteps and see Riku walking towards
Sora. There's a close up of Sora moving to the side.)

Riku: (sets Shion down on the couch) I found her, being chased by The SNS.

(camera turns to Sora)

Sora: What?! (Sora stands up from the couch) Are you saying that group is growing?

Kairi: Ssshh. (Sora looks at Kairi, and the camera does too.) She's still sleeping.

(Sora calms down.) Sora: Sorry

{property of Miyuki from kingdomhearts.forumotion.net}

Riku: I'm not sure. They could just be chasing that girl... (Riku looks at Shion, camera
shows a close up of her. The camera turns to a close up of Sora, who also turns his head.
We see surprise on his face.)

Sora: She-she looks like Kairi.

(camera turns to Riku.)

Riku: I noticed that too. I think...they may be planning something. I'm feeling a huge sense
of deja vu. Has anyone noticed this is almost like how it was years ago...except with

(Close ups of a shocked Sora and Kairi.see a wide sideways shot of the room.)

(close up of Sora)
Sora: But-

(mid close up of Riku, we can see almost all of his legs~)
Riku: That was different...I know...

(can hear noises in the background. Wideshot sideways of room Everyone turns their
heads. There's a close up of Shion speaking softly-the noise. Her voice getting a bit louder
and clearer)

Shion: Shion...Shion.

{property of Miyuki from kingdomhearts.forumotion.net}

Sora: Shion?

Kairi: Perhaps...that's her name?

(lighting strikes, camera then turns to a window with rain on it, then out and toward the
white moon. Camera than fades black)

-End of Act 1-

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