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Chapter: Jericho

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Chapter: Jericho  Empty Chapter: Jericho

Post by Alexander on July 9th 2012, 3:01 pm




Those were the thoughts of what was once a boy called Jericho. He was a boy no more. He was not a man. He had grown beyond monsters, demons, devils, demigods-- Jericho was, for all intents and purposes, a fallen God. He remembered a time when all he knew was anguish and fear, hatred and rage; but now, he only knew a constant, steady pain. It throbbed and pulsed and tore and ripped at him, gnashing teeth and sharpening claws as he was rendered immobile in this place... this... Minus World. It kept him bound. Its accursed nature restrained him, while he thirsted for genocide. He was forced completely still, unable to breathe but not suffocating, thirsting but not dehydrating, hungering but not starving. Hell. If Hell was truly a place, then Jericho was there. Unable to destroy, to inflict his vile curse upon the innocent. Only pain existed for him, in his torment.

Had he been kind once? He had a lot of time to think now. But there was the problem: the men who think to much go mad. Jericho was already mad; what lies beyond madness then? Enlightenment, maybe? Or something far more fulfilling? Unlimited Knowledge? No, this would not satiate Jericho's craving. A lust for power, for intellect or wealth? Pointless pursuits from weaker beings who did not have the ability to see the worlds for what they were. Toys, meek and pitiful to be plunged into Chaos. He had vague memories of his child hood, but one stood out to him: he had two ant farms, and both he kept in excellent care. One of Red ants, and one of Black. So then, he decided he would release all of the ants together in a special ball he had made out of papier-mâché. There were two holes; one on each side. In the very center of the ball he stored a sugar cube, and he'd dropped a single droplet of water upon it. Then, he poured the ants in either side, plugged up the holes, and waited a few days.

To his surprise, the ants inside had died. They could have easily chewed out of the ball as it was weak in construction. However, they stayed in and suffocated while they fought over a cube of sugar. One thing they required to survive outweighed another. Beyond their ball nothing else existed. That was all the air they had, and all they food they had. And they could only see one problem, and one way out of it, when actually as they fought among each other they were dying of suffocation and thirst. He began to ponder what it must feel like to die. Jericho had transcended Death. The idea bored him, and he was much to powerful. No, he had seen the reaper and beaten him back from sheer force of will at the start of his ascension. You don't just typically thurst a Keyblade into the Heart of a World and survive. But Jericho did, and as a result his true power began to stir. For a few months he perfected it. Then he returned to show his friends how powerful he had grown, and to share it with them.

(End Part One)

The future is not fair to the past because by definition it has already surpassed it.
"There was a sickness."

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