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The Paragon and the Blueman

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The Paragon and the Blueman Empty The Paragon and the Blueman

Post by Alexander on July 8th 2012, 7:57 am

He was running. Footfall after footfall, one in front of the other like an out of step marching band. His pace was uneven, his tempo imperfect, and his rhythm shot. No, the uneven drumming of foot against concrete proved to be too difficult for him to conceal, even if he'd made the attempt too. Forward: uncertainty. Perhaps a new nightmare awaited him, or perhaps something out of one of those dreams he'd had. Perhaps that girl he saw in his head, or perhaps the figure that followed close behind him had found its way in front.

It was faceless. Blue, and faceless with a long, black coat. It wore a black sheriff's hat and ripped, black jeans. Its voice was deep and gravely, and its charisma matched up with a man who would commit genocide if he became bored. He hadn't been conscious for very long, but he recognized a threat. He had no memories, but he felt a horrible sort of knowing concerning this entity. Behind him, silence was the herald of its approach.

Suddenly, in front of him, the entity stepped forward from shadows. It barred his path forward, the dark hall beyond it now impossible for him to get to. The Replica stood still as if little movement would save him. Instead, he was approached by the entity, who tipped its head so that its hat came off and caught it as it fell. It swept his arm with the hand that held the hat across his body, crossing one leg in front of the other as it bowed. Its face... or rather, its lack of one was turned up towards the Replica as it gave its name. "Allow me to introduce myself-- I'm Blueman." His words were light, almost floating as he spoke. His deep voice however weighed them down to earth, and not a single syllable was lost on the copy.

Perhaps, the copy tried to speak. Perhaps, it tried to forms words with its mouth, and its tongue tried in vain to form a proper sentence. Perhaps, it tried to make a motion or expression to convey its fear and intent to the being. Perhaps, he failed at doing all of these things. However, he did not have any reason to try-- Blueman already knew his state of mind. "Don't try to speak, newborn. You've already learned to walk, and that's impressive enough. Speaking can come later." It looked over the Replica, studying him with a preset idea already in its head, though it was quite unclear what that was. If it could smile, it very well may have. "You're the only one that woke up out of this group so far," it chimed in an almost ethereal voice.

The Replica was taken aback. His thoughts were so foggy, his head unclear. And now, a new piece of information: he was the only one active. Blueman continued to look over the Replica, noting the similarities and differences. "You look just like him, except... no scars and no symbol. Your skin is flawless, newborn. However, your abilities..." It paused. It tweaked its head a little in one direction, before placing it back in proper position. "You're based off of that battle," t said. "That means you're quite different than your original." Now it was the Replica's turn to tweak his head. His face made an attempt a forming a confused look, but it was distorted by his lack of facial control.

"Remember this name," it stated. It snapped its fingers, and suddenly the Replica was falling down a dark portal. As he was engulfed in darkness, a single word rang out: "Paragon."

The future is not fair to the past because by definition it has already surpassed it.
"There was a sickness."

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