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Aplication for Port Royal

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Aplication for Port Royal Empty Aplication for Port Royal

Post by Solomon Black on July 6th 2012, 8:47 pm

Name: Solomon Black

World: Port Royal

Quoted Role-play Sample: https://kingdomhearts.forumotion.net/t4451-a-hunters-treasure-open

Solomon ran a hand through his hair as he stepped out onto the deck of a ship he had purchased. The crew consisted of James and a few men, but it turned out James was a seasoned captain of the sea. He commanded them like he did it everyday and they did exactly as they were told. They were good men, picked by James as he said they were old friends. Which Solomon did not doubt. They both traveled far and wide, but James was always the better people person.

After Solomon heard of the Aztec treasure, he was interested. After he heard of the side affects, well he was less interested. After his own run-in with Death. Solomon knew this power was a curse and wanted nothing of it. James also wanted nothing of it but for different reasons, untold. He sounded as if he had a occurrence with them before. Solomon shrugged it off though, if James wanted to tell him he would. They were on their way there for different reasons. A different treasure. One of personal value to Solomon, or more specifically, to Silver.

They had been at sea for almost half a month, scouring for the Isle. They were close though, he knew it. James had been on a dead straight course for two days, it was in that direction. They were getting close. He walked across the deck and up to James, who was at the front, or the stern, or whatever you called it. Putting a hand on his shoulder he gave him a nice friendly push. " So, how long until we reach the Isle? "

James looked over his shoulder and punched Solomon in the shoulder, " Finally woke up eh? Good for ya. " He laughed and looked out over the ocean and suddenly grew serious. " We will be there by tomorrow night. I know it. " He turned around and leaned against the railing, facing Solomon. He was a large man, and even though he was shorter than Solomon, he dwarfed him. " You sure you want to go in alone? Me and Bloody E could be a great help if you run into trouble. "

Solomon walked up to the railing and leaned against it. Staring out into the ocean. " I am sure. You would be useful, but I want to do this alone. I am just glad you came along. "

James nodded in silent understanding and walked off. Yelling various things that Solomon knew not of. Soon they would arrive and the real adventure would begin.


Solomon flapped his large steel Icarus wings, the enchanted magic of them giving him flight. They had reached the Isle, but thanks to the storm they could not get close enough with the boat. So he decided to fly out, which was difficult and wet, but easier overall. Landing at an entrance his wings folded behind him. He walked inside, out of the rain and into the damp cave. Here was where his true treasure hunt began.

Profile: https://kingdomhearts.forumotion.net/t3017-solomon-black-the-mercenary

Reason: Solomon is a firm believer of money and safety. However, as the world is home to his dearest sister, he would do everything to protect it and more. It would be his duty above all to make sure nothing befalls the place. As for myself, well, I take my positions very seriously.

Preferability: Solomon makes a great choice as a pirate king

Success Chance: Of course

Alliance: No one for sure but The Land of Dragons.

Reason for Alliance: Renzenku (If he is still in charge) Is Solomons best friend.

Population and Entrance: anyone who hasn't proved they do not deserve it.

Military Status: Nothing serious but a capable military that when called upon will fight with vigor.

Peace or War: Peaceful but protective. I would not use my world for war, but screw with it I will make it personal.

Ambitions: Personally, I would be a lax ruler and not ask much of my citizens.

Recommendations: Renzenku maybe.

I am here to reap your soul. Display your neck or face my darkness.

Solomon Max magic: 100
Spells: - Boo  - Death's Reach
- Darkness Will Take Over
- Dark Wight  - Dark Cannon
- Singularity: Class 1 - Paradoxical Action

[00:07:48] Solomon Black : Gimme a sex [00:07:50] Felonix : Omg yes
Renzenku : Solomon, Threat Level: Medium: Reason- Badass.
Solomon Black
Solomon Black

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