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Post by Azmot on July 4th 2012, 7:04 am

Why the fuck didn't I take an epidural?! The Husk chided, resting inside of the solemn square of Halloween Town. The moon was drowsily hanging overhead as the shadowed man rest against a fountain of acid, the gyro's of the deathtrap recognizing the agonizing pain that he was experiencing. The dark, lavish skin of the Husk was much lighter than it had been before, the night of the area not effecting him as it once did. In truth, he was once able to become much stronger in the limelight of the shadows, but now his power and skill were gone, as well as the shadows that had sworn to protect his frail and meager body. Now, he was truly alone, lest the screaming voice in his head that was constantly wearing him down and causing migraines to fracture inside of his skull.

You fucking pussy! I swear to god, you must be made of something weak! Like Raditz...

God... God dammit. What's-

The Husk's mental conversation was interpreted by a shock to his physical form, a crack of dark-light shattering itself into existence through his chest. Shadows poured out of the wound, the dark energy liquidating and evaporating in the same instant. The Husk's personality was fading away as some other force began to assimilate inside of his mind. Then, another. More cracks started to litter his body, until nothing was left but a silhouette of shadows. His memory clashed to the moment he was rebirth-ed, the point he was derived from the nexus of darkness and through the void. The Husk remembered the Cloaked Ones words as if their poison-laden truths were being spoken as he lay by the fountain, his mind drifting off as his body did as well.


"...whether your enemy be time, your foes, or yourself, these shadows will curse you with life."


Fuck you mutherfucker! Sid bellowed, the shadows dispersing to find Azmot resting among the wreckage. However, his appearance was still different from his original. Now, though, he was still clearly Azmot. A golden ichor stained his eyes, and his hair now stood up slightly. The Darkness that had infected the Husk had stained his mortal body, so now he was cursed with the side effects. Now, even though he hadn't his strings or his armor, he could feel his psychotic ally pulsing inside of his head.

Your weak ass finally hatched from that worthless Husk. And look, your stronger for it! Now let's take over this god damn rock. Sid spoke inside of Azmot's head.

Looking around at the town of Hallow's Eve, the spider-fanatic looked at his hands. He could no longer feel demon blood flowing inside of him, and he felt that the darkness had purged it to replace it. He cracked a smile and looked at the sky, happy to be back in his own body.

"Now were is my favorite reptile?" He said, his first words in quite some time.

(Don't reply to this, or your stupid. Azmot's back, and lovable Sid too. No, this isn't because I wanted a fresh restart, AGAIN, this is because the Husk was not approve-able. So don't go bitching to Etzolix, or more importantly, me.)

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