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Application for The Castle of Dreams

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Application for The Castle of Dreams Empty Application for The Castle of Dreams

Post by Alexander on June 22nd 2012, 11:20 pm

Name: Alexander Edamows

World: The Castle of Dreams

Quoted Role-play Sample:
"Why would you hide this from me?"

"Do you think I wanted to?"

"What matters is that you did."

-------------------------------------------Some Hours Prior-----------------------------------------

Alexander and Tarsi touched down just outside of the castle. Both of them were silent, solemn. One knew that the other had secrets. And one had secrets that should never be shared. The conflict of interests arouse around this. Alexander had awoken in Traverse Town with amnesia. Tarsi had sought him out, but the why was unknown. She knew about Alexander's past, but she had kept her lips sealed. She never made any attempt to hide that she knew the events from his past, but she made every attempt to keep them from him.

He'd finally hit his limit. He broke down to her, demanding answers. Questions about what happened, about the symbols, what he was like! He felt that she had no right to keep them from him. This was his life, those were his memories she held in her heart. It wasn't her choice to make.

But Tarsi saw things in a different way. If she told him what had happened, it might mean that everything that they'd sacrificed was for vanity rather than posterity. The threat was too great, the stakes were to high. She had no right to keep those secrets from him, and it ate away at her. But she saw no other option. She knew she should have hid even the hint that she knew anything, that she should have played stranger. But the thought of seeing Alexander again made her sloppy. Her judgement was flawed. And now she was backed into a corner.

"Fine," she sighed sadly. Her head hung low as they exited the gummi ship. "I'll... tell you what I know," she continued. She kept walking, and Alexander followed her, his footsteps echoing throughout the world. Before them lay a grand castle, but at this time of night their should have been at least some lights on. Rather, the light blue of the castle was black and lifeless against the dark backdrop of nightsky, and the moon hung in the sky with a weary aura of foreboding. Almost, it seemed have been that the very night knew what secrets would be released today.

Alexander pushed open the doors of the castle, a loud and prolonged creak acting as the ellipses for the events to come. The castle was flooded with soft, gray moonlight. The glow revealed a thick layer of dust that covered the floor, like a blanket. Strung up along the walls and ceiling were streamers, ornaments, and large chandeliers; decorations befitting a grand celebration of glorious circumstances. Except, they too were dusty and barren of any joy. A truth befitting the position the friends now found themselves in. "So when are you going to tell me?" asked Alex, his voice sounding cold to the imperceptive ear. But Tarsi was not dumb to Alexander's true tone: despair.

"I'm going to need time..." her voice was empty, as always. But Alexander knew better: it wasn't emptiness borne from her innate, extreme neutrality. No, it was crafted from shame. He was upset, and he was angry, but he wouldn't press her like he was a cold, uncaring inquisitor.


She started to walk away, heading up the stairs. "I'm going to go find us a room," she stated. Alexander stood back, walking around the grand ballroom and taking in its emptiness. It felt strange to him, as if it lacked the soul so many places like this needed. "Are you coming up soon?"

"Yeah..." his voice was soft, just above a whisper. "Let me just get my head strait." She nodded, her footsteps fading as she walked up the stairs and left Alexander to his thoughts. He stood now, alone, his footsteps stirring up the dust as he walked around the room.

"Its going to be a long night."

From 'Dis-Sentient: The Conflicted, The Soulless'

Profile: Alexander Edamows

Reason: The Castle of Dreams is a relatively untouched world, only two RPs have actually been made on it. Its status on the Forums seems to be stable, unlike its apparent condemnation to Darkness Evident in BBS. It has no inhabitants, no ruler, no standing army, or really anybody with any apparent interest in it as a World. I feel I could change that. I mean, the Castle of Dreams is a beautiful world, with plenty of raw, untapped potential just aching to be released in the various events and battles that could happen there.
In addition my sister and I always swore by Cinderella like it was the bible and even now, next to me, my sister is playing with a Cinderella movie clip. For character development, Alexander has to grow in ways that don't include soley him and Tarsi venturing around worlds randomly. He has a house in Traverse Town, but its really just that: a house.
A Castle though, with subjects and people to protect and befriend would fit his nature. He doesn't actually HAVE a hatred for anybody. Even if a person was mindbogglingly Evil, as long as they weren't really doing anything dastardly towards his citizens and protected the world when called to, he'd tolerate them, if not able to befriend them.

Preferability: Because I'm extremely creative, and can do a lot with an Empty world like this. Events, parties, plus I'm super active. I'm usually, when I'm not at work, on this site. No matter what I'm doing, my computer is open to this site. When I'm not near my computer, its open on my phone. I'm usually always within reach, and check as often as allowed.

Success Chance: I firmly believe I can make this world bustle. Like I said, I'm active, and I'm creative. I would make events for my world as frequently as I could think of them. Its a castle that, in the movie and in the games, had a ball in it. That's only the beginning of what I could do. Tournaments, contests, and a standing army for my world. I'd merely need to be active and involved with my members role-plays and listen to their ideas. It would take off and hit it big.

Alliance: Characters of Neutral or Good alignment, perhaps evil if a situation demanded it. Would usually remain neutral to all parties and go about its business.

Reason for Alliance: It would need to be something that would either be responsible for imminent harm or could cause severe damage to the world to and its populace. I would maintain my neutrality so that perhaps my world could be a sort of treaty ground between warring worlds. This way, each side could present its demands to the other and they could debate over proper terms of treaty or surernder without threats of immediate physical violence.

Population and Entrance: Mostly good and neutral characters willing to protect the wprld. However, evil would not be denied passage or a chance to live here-- as long as you pledged to protect this world and her residents you would be welcomed with a warm heart and opened arms. You're past actions would be forgiven here, and you could start anew and use that destructive potential in our name, as long as you were careful not to cause any wars.

Military Status: Standing Military at all times. To maintain our presence as a neutral power we would require all residents to enroll within the military and be on call for combat. I would personally notify each standing member of the Army that we need their support. There would be the basic Guards (defensive), followed by Soldiers(retaliatory), Followed by Knights(offensive) and Healers(support), then Paladins(defensive), Black Knights,(offensive) and Spell Swords(support). Above them would be The Light Hearts(Offensive Espionage) and Black Hearts(Preemptive Sabotage).

Peace or War: Our world, even though it has a standing military would be peaceful. We would not wage war or become Hostile towards anybody. Even the worlds that attack us will only experience fighting in the vein of Eye for an Eye, but once marked the Light Hearts will monitor them constantly via plants and the Black Hearts will be prepared to receive Intel from the White Hearts on how to act.

Ambitions: Currently, if allowed to lead, I intend to create several Events within the world I already have a role play planned for inserting myself, and those who participate would automatically be allowed residence should they so choose. Afterwards, I would focus on events that would bring people from other worlds to visit ours. I would appear in (appropriate) role-plays with invitations to Tournaments, Galas, balls, and celebrations of the seasons for all who reside within.

Recommendations: Lady Tirena, Cool, Etzolix

The future is not fair to the past because by definition it has already surpassed it.
"There was a sickness."

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