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Tirenas Application for Atlantica

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Tirenas Application for Atlantica Empty Tirenas Application for Atlantica

Post by Lady Tirena on June 22nd 2012, 3:07 pm

Name: Lady Tirena

World: Atlantica

Quoted Role-play Sample: This is taken from my old account that I lost the password to: To Flick a Flame

Tirena wrote:Massive trees danced in the wind from miles on round. The shadow from there leaves covering the sea of grass in the forgotton area. A towering gate decorated with wild vine and cobweb intimidated every visitor to come into the ghostly section of Twilight town. Past the gate blanketed in a fresh sunshine flowed a radiantly kept yard. The grass was neatly cut and weeds seemed to stay away from the speck of perfection. Following such perfection was a sight that detailed every aspect of a ghostly manor. A old mansion towered over the gate and nearly topled over the foresting trees. It was a old victorian in design; the faded brickwork at the bottom told stories of long hardships the house spent through. Old dusty windows blocked any viewers from seeing the inside of the house. In one window it was rumored to be able to see a girl beside the pink curtains. The house contnued up into a fine pointwith a clock design at the top. As radiant as it was the dust and noticable cobwebs in its corners kept wanderers from it.

Standing infront of the massive gate blinking at the mansion was a simple curious fairy. her skin was the color of the ocean during the midnight with the glow of a full moon shining on it. Her eyes matched only sapphires in there beauty and charm.Her hair a long shimmering blue that cascaded down her back ending just at the bend of her knee. She wore a dark navy colored cap and herears peirced with small cross earrings. Low on her left wrist was a black wristband and her right had a silver watch that she had purchased from one of the stores in the town. She wore a black fish net under shirt and a loose pink halter top that placed itself firmly on her shoulders and ended just above her waist. Showing off a bit of midrif she finished her look with dark blue jeans tied to her waist by a brown belt. Her feet were snug inside a new pair of Twilight town sneakers, which she thought finished off her look nicely.

The young water fairy,Tirena, looke upon the mansion with humble curiousity. No one had been inside for quite sometime or so she overhead while shopping for her look that she presently was showing off. Tilting her head at the old victorian Tirena tried to remember why she was here again. Closing her eyes Tirena began to recall each of the conversations she fell ear to while on her personal tour of the busy town. Opening her eyes Tirena recalled one conversation being about how the mansion held many mysteries that many of the townsfolk preyed upon revealing but all were too nervous or afraid to step foot upon the soil of the very mansion that haunted their curious minds. Tirena decided that she would be one of the few, if not, the only one to uncover the mansions secrets.

Looking up at the sky, Tirena could tell it was about mid day now and the sun was high in the sky cooking whatever was lucky enough to be under it. Usually one would say this was the perfect time to go to the beach. Normally Tirena would be there enjoying the water, as swimming was her favorite pasttime. Yet she found herself here, peaked with interest and curiousity Tirena took a few steps closer placing herhands on the rusty iron bars of the gate.

Was she really going to open the gate? Would she really step onto the flawless lawn and enter the mansion of many mysteries? Tirena wasnt sure of what she would uncover let alone what awaited on the inside, but she did know one thing. Nothing was going to keep her from exploring the mansion now, now that she was so close to it already. Slowlythe fairy pushd the gate open.A long rustic squeal came from the gates entrance as Tirena took one step into the yard, contaminating it of its perfection. The hunt for the answers to the many riddles, rumors, and mysteries... Now were to be revealed.

Profile: Tirena Moonshadow

Reason: If memory serves me I was the first ruler of Atlantica and would like to rule the beautiful underwater oasis once again.

Preferability: Experience. I've been the ruler before for Atlantica and have experience in facing battles inside the world as well as keeping it fairly active with members coming in and out. I'm a known vet, which honestly doesn't speak for much anymore, and I plan on using my knowledge of the site as it was back in the old days and apply that to the site now and into the future.

Success Chance: Yes I do believe I can make the world prosper and grow into a happy healthy home for any member that wishes to live in the underwater kingdom. I plan to hold gatherings and fun activities to encourage posting within the world. Like I said above, I plan to apply or enforce the knowledge of the old into the new and future of the site.

Alliance: Atlantica would be Neutral helping both sides or helping neither.

Reason for Alliance: I chose not to align because being aligned with one side or the other would hinder helping people. From experience I have found that when you are apart of one side, the other side will not visit or be in your world any other way but to target or attack you. Sometimes this was not the case but more so then not it did happen. I want Atlantica to remain the peaceful world it is known to be and so would do everything in my power to make sure it stays that way.

Population and Entrance: This may be very cliche but I would allow any who wished to be in Atlantica to be in Atlantica. I don't think it's right to say yes to some people and no to others no matter the reason.

Military Status: I would keep it as it has always been, in ranks and stages. Each rank would be based off marine life like it is now and instead of having it be hard to obtain higher ranks I would make it post based so that each rank would be able to get achieved. Now, with that said I wouldn't want ranks to get crowded and other ranks be dusting for cobwebs so I would have a limit placed on each rank except the first rank. Depending on the number of members in Atlantica the limit on each rank would increase or decrease but would never go any lower than the starting limit it was placed on.

Example: (based on if starfish wasnt the bottom rank)

Starfish: 5 people max
Number of members in Atlantica: 15

A week later number of Atlanticans increases to 34
Starfish increases to 10

Another week passes and Atlanticans decrease to 18
Starfish would go back to 5 but never any lower.

Peace or War: Peaceful due to the nature of my character that owns Atlantica and because Atlantica has always been a peaceful world and I don't plan to change that.

Ambitions: I plan to have parties, activities, games, roleplays, etc. Pretty much a bunch of post friendly things tht would encourage activity for the world and for the site as a whole.

Recommendations: Smitty wits, Enigma, Jet Enduro, Krykza Phantorm, Axis, Caelestis, Etzolix, Bionicwoodstock

Last edited by Lady Tirena on June 22nd 2012, 10:49 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Adding more Recommendations)

Max Mp: Infinite
Elements: Water, Ice, Cure, and Light
Old Post Count On Old Site + Old Account Was: 2505 (click here for proof)

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Lady Tirena

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