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A unexpected visit. ( Yima )

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A unexpected visit. ( Yima ) Empty A unexpected visit. ( Yima )

Post by Celox Caedo on November 15th 2008, 2:36 pm

Such a macabre world, dark, dreary, odd. Yet it was full of life...well in a sense seeing as the main body of citizens were actually dead. Very odd indeed. Celox was hardly unnoticed, a living breathing individual attired in no Halloween wears, merely the usual dark cloak, dark shorts and dark boots. You would have thought such a collection of clothing would have allowed her to blend in well in this environment and it would have had she not been truly alive, even her demonic features, though not on display wouldn't have helped at all. However if the hybrid had wanted to make her presence unknown then she would have done so. It was not exactly difficult, her footsteps were already silent, inhuman in there inability to be unheard but the female had her secrets none to difficult to do in theory but reality was down to pristine, intense training for years until the technique had been perfected to nothing less then an subconscious reflex.

Even if the demoness in her breathing oddity drew attention she did not show it, not even offering the creatures or residents if she wanted to be politically correct got a second glance as she entered guillotine square and set eyes upon the toxic green fountain, some monster of sorts spewing the glowing liquid into a pool which danced briefly in the reflection of her eyes. A glimmer of scientific curiosity flickering across her occuli and lost in the icy gaze before any other person could register it to even have happened. Once she was done here the demoness would take a sample back to investigate it's properties, the bio luminescence made her curious, perhaps another eco friendly power source to be made use of, lanterns used up fuel and solar cells were expensive as silicon had to be specifically doped to be useful.

Celox walked with confidence, a constant gait as she strode through the square amongst a couple of stares, whispers and pointing s yet she moved ever gracefully, fluid movements with an aura of power about her. Only once had she been here, last Halloween to be exact under invitation and a different ruler. Now there was no invite but when had the infamous assassin ever needed one to enter her desired goal's location...however that goal was a little uncertain but easily rectified. In her path was what appeared to be a mayor, long tall hat about the same height as his body...even the 5ft 6 demoness towered over him. There was no introduction, no greeting or manners just a blunt string of four words. Barely a sentence but clearly a demand that shouldn't be questioned.

“Where is Yima's residence?”

The tone was glacial, a sturdy hiss enough to send shivers down the bones of anyone in the vicinity dead or not. Definably a warning tone there, clearly stating the consequence of any attempt to prevent her getting that knowledge, even with a host of witnesses around. That was not an issue. However it was obvious that the desired effect had been gained, the mayor was nearly hysterical quickly blurting out and with a shaking hand pointing in the direction of a building whilst muttering barely coherent rambling about being an elected officially and not being able to handle this kind of stuff. Then again when a female assassin, armed to the teeth was before you, deadly to the boot and demanding information you tended to give her what she wanted. Nodding at the stout man Celox walked through as if the encounter had never happened whereas no sooner had she turned her back on him he had waddled off shouting 'Jack'.

The stout man had pointed in the direction of the graveyard and beyond to the forest of holidays. Not having any choice but to follow his directions the lithe form of the demoness set off towards the wrought iron gates of the cemetery that even from this distance appeared to ripe with the activity of ghouls. Ghostly white blurrs in the distance, slowly getting closer with each silent equally spectral footstep of hers, unheard amongst the activity of the town over the cobbled floor. The masterful fingers of the assassin brushed against the iron gate, lightly pushing it open with an eerie creak as the pale phlanges peaked out from the long sleeves of the mercenary's cloak. The obstacle was only open a little, enough for the slender form of the hybrid to slip through untouched into the grave site. From there she made her way north, her garbs fluttering lightly behind her, raising her long ebony hair along with it, her hood was not up tonight. The ground was soft underfoot, grave dirt and god knows what else providing a soft earthy texture for the almost military boots she wore. The tops of the leather reached to about mid-calf, black laces criss crossing over each other to give a tight but comfortable fit. For extra security and support straps of obsidian leather bound across at angles, buckles of steel resting atop each other, one in particular oval, containing a dark sea blue gem with a metal dragon contained within. It was some kind of oddity that the metals movement made no sound, or did it? Yet the spectres hanging about the graves watched her in mid flight, illuminated by the moon her own skin almost glowing Celox probably could have passed for dead right there amongst the phantoms. Darkly lined eyes watching, kohl encircling. Ebony painted lips poised, not a canine in sight yet set in a seductive fashion but the woman was untouchable to those that cared to live. A fleeting glimpse. Deadly, dark and voluptuous. A siren in her own rights, for she was but the black widow, her eyes as her warning. A mystery walking amongst the headstones of the dead, many of which walked the very streets behind her before the delicate touch froze upon the metal work of the wall, the curled hill beyond silouetted by the yellow moon.

With a light bound, the demon had hurdled the fence into the area beyond. The graves were more sparse here yet pumpkin were more frequent as the woman with no innocence walked steadily forth using only the knowledge that leading up the odd hill was a worn area of ground suggesting it's use. Other then that only the moon held her gaze, reflecting brilliantly in the slitted pupils of the dark attired assassin. Fluid were her steps, almost elegant by their softness amongst such harsh motives, in the presence of weapons that had lain to rest so many lives. Almost innocent, child like as her path ascended to the crest despite Celox's complete lack of purity. A heart so black, as icy as the tone she spoke in, memories serving no true touch of delicacy to such an organ. Atop her ascend the half breed halted turning her head into the path of the large celestial sphere hanging in the sky above the world, illuminating it from above and yet in this land of darkness it was so pure, amongst the horror, filth and decay it was solely contrasting, tonight it was a bone yellow not quite eerie but still very homely. For it was that no matter how far across space you traveled, no matter what world you found yourself upon all were connected in that they shared one feature. Each had a moon, some more beautiful, others more enchanting.It was unknown to the dark female as to why I had the tendency to entrance her but it did little but distract her momentarily, the reflection of the orb shining in her occuli, a cloaked figure bold against the moon before it moved on as the hill shifted underfoot. Uncurling, leading to the forest ahead. Her destination was close now, beyond the bare trees and the circle of painted wood. Scanning the floor she found the markers of use and followed them till she came across the house she was looking for.

Celox squeezed through the gates moving into a jog as she made her way up the stone steps the door building speed and further into a sprint, momentum was key to her power,then with a short laugh the hybrid brought her foot swiftly up, pulling it back with the added momentum of her quickened pace and swung with the power to fracture bone at the lock, the weakest part of the obstacle aiming to kick open the door.

“ Trick or treat?”

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A unexpected visit. ( Yima ) Empty Re: A unexpected visit. ( Yima )

Post by Yima on December 20th 2008, 3:06 pm

Seeing the moon layer its brilliance down upon the town's alabaster opposite lands brought a young man just the hatchling of a smile to his cheeks as he clasped together the second latch allowing him to depart from the finished task piping his head up for a searching scan of his laboratory. The sun's second eye had been gracious as it would any other night allowing wisps of its gentle gleam to parade the room partnered by the lively blaze of his stone fireplace, warm to the touch from the long period the fire had burned before reaching its last length before finally reducing to coals, and take on the mask of a jewel in the sun's light. Until the fire had become priceless ash the older teen decided to stay just something were to happen had he gone that... a kiss of the town's gales could set a coal bracing the long rug extending around fourteen feet to him standing before the chair where his long grey leather trench coat lay resting beaten from use in the ruler's commitments scheduled or not.... The grin on his face had not receded as his sights fell to the large flat window pains rose from his laboratory’s frigid stone floors where long table legs posted up flanks of aged wood, scratched, and laden with texts from the overstocked shelves to the wall at Yima's right hand; open palmed to the fire's heat with a nigh imperceptible glare braising his claws on the end of each digit. The nails themselves were well taken care of extending no more than an inch upon his wrapped digits with a hue of grey born white matching the same that covered the majority of his features, his face was a few shades paler in tone than he was born on the islands a vast darkness away. The pains were separated as the worlds were by walls of obsidian nighttime freckled in stars, on theses pain however there were no stars save those beyond the window face above the clear sky. Had he desired cooler condition he could have moseyed on over to the glass barrier to open them on palate at a time allowing the breezes’ to embrace his place of work, himself, and scatter the pages pinned between the cracks were the finger length nails would hold. The teen let out a sigh sending his charcoal black follicles in a second’s bounce as he brought his eyebrow up curiously focusing on the mirror set on a oak stand to the left of the stone overhang where the fire sat witling away onto dust pile below it’s cast iron crib. The fire seemed to deny an end anytime soon so letting out a sly sigh the young inventor paced toward his work desk for carpentry, he hadn’t had the convenience of a work station of the like since he had been home on the Destiny Islands, time had passed quickly away from his first home, and here in his second he had plenty to keep him busy.. Next Halloween he would attempt something a tad different… the townspeople enjoyed the treats… exploding slime pops, animal surprise jerky, and sour skin powder had all been hits though there was a little draw from those outside the world…. perhaps something more personal… he could use his home after he finished installing all the gadgets he intended, his own design, or those found on the first floor when he took up residence within his moon kissed home on the wind worn ridge.

Sitting on an scratched mahogany stool long given way to the used grey tone of the world’s own trees outside past his thinking grounds where bodies were lain to rest. Yima’s ears stood back to attention in the likeness of half cones on his cranium with the skating of the stool’s legs across the corrugated stone surface underneath the object and it’s user. Sitting down the young man set to work on his project pulling the necessary parts to his front pondering the materials weight as he manufactured the item in question. He had made the majority of his clothing though what he wore now was manufactured by the nature of the world, on a more neutral plane his vestments would appear a clean page of white though here they were a forest green not found anywhere else on the surface. Lifting his hand to the dozens of miniaturized cabinets pressed against the house’s inner skin he pulled three open, each next to one another, retrieving a needle, four bobbles of treated string, and a pair of homemade zippers refracting the fire’s like gracefully on the patient crafter’s moss green eyes till he placed them on the table top. He had finished the soles a day prior while the finishing touches remained… each of the pair would likely take an hour to complete.. They would have to soak in a solution bath he had used once before on another possession that had helped before…

The solemn sound of zippers closing was the sign that the labor had been finished, the objects had only to soak, and then dry. Grabbing both of the works by their collar the ruler of all hallows eve pulled them from his chemically soiled desk for their dip in the ghastly neon bath set on a stand adjacent to his work station. Descending his hand they became enveloped in the liquid with a cacophonic cry similar to one that could be found emitting from a gadget used to keep bats away or near to the warped house. As the cloth simmered in the heatless bath sending tiny bubbles to the surface the teen thought he might use that next year before returning his thoughts to the ongoing construction taking place within the walls of his home under the open sky and with a tinge of excitement decided he would fix something special for the bats… after drawing them in of course… The bats were one of the few living creatures in the world of petrified life, and could tell him where food he might fin consumable would be in he world based on what may be found in their fur. Kicking off past his entry way door a stair case with a steel caste cage at its rims spiraled to the ground floor with openings along the way for the other rooms located in the tower like portion of his home when a violent snapping sound grazed his ear and spilled a chill of alarm through his veins colder than this midnight air trickling in through creaks in the tower’s face. The sound had come from below him, as concern crept into his mind Yima turned rising the stair to grab his coat and grey leather strap bag with foot steps masked in the tick tock of his grandfather clock floors below.

Entering the rounded room once again he snatched the coat in all its patches from were he had let it lay and opened it’s button locks keeping his eyes forward to his vials where two new Grenada had been finished the night before to replace those that had either been used or gone bad with disuse. Grabbing a spare key off a enlarged gothic fishing hook drilled into the stone wall Yima brought the chamber closed behind a steel riveted door, he didn’t want any accidents occurring if his guest was less inclined to keep from roughing up the place or himself. Heartless had only attack his home in packs while no nobody had ever to his knowledge made any effort on his home, there hadn‘t been a reason he could think of them to either. After the attack prior he wasn’t going to take chances however, pressing the key back into its slot he unlocked the laboratory, and continued to rush don the stair dropping the key so it would sit just at the door’s lightless base. Placing his coat over his shoulders he tried hurriedly to get the buttons under its folds to snap into place with his bag in his left hand rumbling down the stairs of his darkened home. As the landing came into view the compact hall about five feet by ten across on way to the kitchen. The landing had been decorated with a rug where a single drawer light stand stood on four looking at the entry way door of steel, an inch separating outside from in on heavy laden hinges.

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