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My Theory on Nemesis's Origin

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My Theory on Nemesis's Origin Empty My Theory on Nemesis's Origin

Post by Hikari on April 3rd 2012, 4:40 pm

:!: WARNING: :!: The following content contains gruesome examples and a lot of cussing, and the videos are highly scary. If you are weak hearted or not old enough to read this kind of crap I post caution is advised.

A topic not very often discussed.


In Resident Evil 3 you'll encounter nemesis who is scary as hell. Than in 6 you'll discover that there's a nemesis there that fights for your side. At first you'll be like, "What da fuck is this? He's on my side?" but if you listen to this it will explain at least something.

You'll encounter many monsters in your journey throughout Resident Evil 3... Just kidding! You'll encounter one scary as shit enemy that you fight throughout the entire game... Did I say fight? I mean sacrifce your partners and run for dear god before he gets ahold of you and uses your blood as barbacue sauce for his zombie cookout! The only thing he'll say though is S.T.A.R.S though!

Before I go any further let me honest about this. I didn't watch anything about nemesis on Resident Evil 3. I'm scared of crap of scary games and back than Resident Evil was shit your pants and use your three year old brother as a human shield scary. And if you don't know I'm scared as crap when it comes to scary games and horror movies. Let's take video games for example. I'm fine with cutting someone's head off or ripping them apart limb by limb unlike most people. However when you add some creepy cutscenes to it and a monster that feels like it's going to tear you apart to that I'd rather pass. Same with horror movies. I won't even watch them now. Call me a pussy if you please but unless you have some answers to the obvious origin of nemesis I suggest you sit down and eat some damn popcorn!

In Resident Evil 6, which I still screw up spelling, you'll get to a point where nemesis is knocked out and ready to be injected with some random needle. You may just think it's a different nemesis. Well wrong. This happened before Resident Evil 3 and in Resident Evil 3 which I saw some of the trailer while getting the video footage you're fighting zombies. After a helicopter that you see in Operation Raccoon City drops down hunters and zombies. Doesn't the place look famillar? And than you'll find nemesis in your house. The same nemesis you injected with the whatever juice in Resident Evil 6. You know why? Because in Resident Evil 6 he says the same thing he does as in Resident Evil 3, S.T.A.R.S. If that's not enough why are there helicopters dropping down zombies and hunters in the first place? They surely aren't saving you by relasing more and leaving you to die are they? It's the ultimate connection. Nemesis was programmed to hunt down evidence from the outbreak and spec ops soldiers. That means he's programmed to destroy you the living evidence left over from the disaster. He destroys you and bam the raccoons or whoever they are get their way.

Now do you see the connection? Good.

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