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Maplestory: An Epic MMO

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Maplestory: An Epic MMO Empty Maplestory: An Epic MMO

Post by Hikari on March 24th 2012, 11:21 am

Ok before you think something stupid that obviosuly has nothing to do with me...

I DO NOT OWN THIS GAME! It's just a fun game I've returned to you and perhaps really addicting at the start or when you get to a high level. This is not a forum either and even in the forums they don't have advertisments... Now before you quote this master piece right here--

The Cloaked One wrote:To highlight the change, there is no longer any restriction on who may advertise on the site. New or inactive members are free to post advertisements, but must be willing to offer us the same luxury on their sites.

Let me explain. This is a MMO, not a forum. If it says the word forum there's only one reason to go there other than all the other pointless reasons, tech support and reporting bugs and glitches. Now let's get to the link and the real explaining that's not meant to keep away haters.


Maplestory is a game where you choose a class and try to level that character up. In the meantime you can have certain goals like, getting married, joining a guild, becoming a part of a family, or the hardest one which takes more patience, reaching the max level for most classes, Level 200! Your main goal is to either follow the storyline or get to a high enough level to train your character up to full strength so you can take down bosses like Balrog, Pink Bean, Cyngus, or Von Leon the Lion King, maybe even Zakum. As you level up you'll assign points to your skills or spells to make them stronger, get new and stronger equipment, and assign skill points to your skills. Your skills are balanced into five main attributes. The first is STR, this is good for warriors like Aran, Cyngus Knights who chose Dawn Warriors, Demon Slayers, and just basic Warriors. The second is... Well I forgot. lol!

The third is INT, for mages like, Evan, Cyngus Knights who chose Blaze Wizards, Battle Mages, and of course the basic Mages too. The fourth is the amazing DEX which involves in avoiding monsters and bosses. It's meant for thieves like, Night Walkers, or Dual Blades, or again your basic thief. The last is LUK. Hell if I know what this involves around. All I know is that if you're a mage and your close to level 90 and just got an oriental fury hat it's good to raise your LUK to what the hood requires unless you have a better equip item for level 90 or above.

I'll go over my main character's storyline, the evan, but since there are a lot of characters now I'm just going over that one. Unless you're really to lazy to read the text they give you in story classes you shouldn't have a problem with finding out this one or the other classes by yourself.

Evan is one of the new legendary heroes to stop the Black Mage. So far he's just a farm boy not ready for adventure. He has a dream at night that he's talking to a dragon. The dragon tells him soon he will have a dragon of his own and that in time it will grow to be a powerful one as big as herself. With that he is woken up by his mom and given a quick tutorial about fighting monsters and healing. Soon enough Evan gets an egg of his own on the farm and it hatches in time turning into a stuborn baby dragon. In time people get suspisous and Evan begins telling them that he's a lizard knowing they'll destroy him if they know he's keeping a dragon. In time the dragon will grow to be strong and than they'll face the ultimate threat... The Black Mage who destroyed all the Onyx Dragons and froze the legendary heroes with a curse!

Now if you're looking to find me on Maplestory you should create a character on Scaina. Whisper to me. If you get to my level while I'm busy with the site and can't be on Maplestory than once you've found me maybe you can join in on some monster hunting or party quests. If you are hoping for a random encounter though than your best chance is on channel 11. I also play on my Night Walker, Strike09, my Resistance, Theft28, my Cannoner, Trigg3rH2ppy, and my Demon Slayer, ColexReturns. Now have a great time traveling around the Maple World!

Bai. tongue

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