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Kingdom Hearts: Endless Bay. Empty Kingdom Hearts: Endless Bay.

Post by Piano Key Guitar String on March 18th 2012, 7:56 pm

Wide Mahogany eyes scanned the small part of the forest below calmly, tall trees soaked by rain, the water drops falling slowly to the fresh grass creating the once stable earth below slippery mud, all this seemed to pass through her eyes-but apparently, that wasn't what she wanted to view; shaking her head disappointingly, the dog jumped from her spot on the high hill, jumping carefully from one space on the top, to another one near her, about two meters of difference, a short jump-but since the rain had fallen once again, the rock were soaked with water, making them as slippery as the mud in the ground. This simply wouldn't do. How can hounds hunt like this? Her mind wondered, idly jumping without viewing the other rock much, thinking it would be safe ground . . .
But it seemed her luck wasn't with her, paws tried to dug in-or at least stick onto the slippery rock with mud, her claws scratching the surface wildly-but no dice, her grip on the surface was already slipping through-staring at the rock, her paws finally gave and fell from the hill, giving a horrified howl when falling, the dog tried to look below her, there was no rock to catch on, yet-her eyes registers something odd while in the fall. . . All time seemed to slow as she saw below her-puddles of rain between the most slippery mud between the hill and the ground, a black bulb with two antenna on top of its head, claws clearly on view, but fangs the creature did not have, or even a maw to begin with. Beady glowing eyes seemed to view the forest, unaware of her presence.
She did not have the luxury to wonder whom the creature was-or what was it, before the momentum ended-and fell rapidly once again; Not wanting to die because of the fall, the once Golden, Labrador Retriever tried to re-locate herself on air, to fall on the creature's head-but all try was futile, strangely enough, her own body seemed to know better what to do than herself. Paws already applying pressure on the ant-like animal head, the dog impulsed herself with it, jumping to the opposing side of her fall, landing clumsily on the mud, before crashing face-first with a tree.

Giving an annoyed whine-like growl, the Labrador stood carefully up, knowing her fur coat was already dirty; not wanting to make worse- I'll need to scrub myself raw she mused, not pleasantly at all. Shaking herself once up from the mud, the Labrador turned back, paws positioning carefully, trying to evade as much contact with the mud as she could, knowing too much pressure on the wet earth would result on herself crashing with the tree once again. Mahogany brown eyes gazed rather warily at the ant-like creature; maybe, she was right and was an overgrown ant? Or more like an extremely overgrown ant? If her theory was true, she was going to be in deep trouble, those things could lift up a thing at least three times their actual size, and that currently fit her-on that category. Not to mention those claws it had at the moment. . .
Shuddering under the glowing gaze of the creature, the dog unconsciously started growling at it in a low tone, eyes hardening once the thing tilted its head and took a step closer, the Labrador stepped back, fangs showing clearly at the strange black bulb with claws. This thing. . . Who knows what it is, but-that thing stinks! She noticed, from the beginning she had smelt something in the air-but passed it off as the odor of the wet grass & mud of the forest, but now she knew better, the smell wasn't in the air exactly, but the creature was generating that smell. It smelt somewhat putrid, but it wasn't as recognizable since it rained. Now that she focused on it. . . The smell carried a heavy atmosphere around it-not to mention something that made her fur at her nape stand, telling her to be alert.


Blinking, the dog instantly tensed when the smell grew heavier, Mahogany eyes peered behind the ant-like creature. . . Just to find another one just like it behind it! Growling with more volume, the golden retriever glared at both things, which seemed to be ignoring her, in favor to look around the forest helplessly-as if trying to find something, their claws twitching every once in a while, much less often than how much their heads moved from one side to the other. She found this odd, how was it not mad she stepped on it? It seems they're searching for something pretty important . . .
Or at least, that was what she thought. . . That is, until they jumped at her direction. Giving a frightened while-like growl, the dog did the only thing she could do at the moment, escaped from them. Whirling on her paws, the Golden retriever made a turn, before rushing away, running as fast as her paws could carry her, she didn't know what those things were, but she knew that with those claws, they weren't peaceful at all-hell, not a thing on wildlife was harmless, not even the mushrooms, some being poisonous. Her heart was trying to beat out of her chest, fear like she never felt before running through her, she felt her chest tighten along with her throat-it was harder to breath now, her eyes stung-but tears didn't drop, all she wanted to do at the moment was stop in some desolated area and cry all day and wonder-what did she do to get this?
That thought struck in her mind, what am I thinking? Her pace slowed for some seconds, before a sharp pain in her hind legs, resisting the urge to howl in pain, the Golden retriever looked back and found that the creature had slashed her hind legs-the thing looked at her, before leaping onto her face now, the tree gashes on her hind legs were slowly dripping a warm liquid she knew all too well, gritting her fangs, the Labrador experienced a momentum once again-fear showing clearly on her eyes, her throat seemed to close, her breath seemed to fly away-eyes now nearly dropping the tears on her eyes. . . This was the end; she was going to die today. . . After all those lone hunts, fighting fangs and claws with impossible battles she thought were out of her reach. . .
After all this battling with predators from her birth? After her mother and father gave their lives for herself and her brother? After her brother acted as a decoy to protect her? After fighting for survival in this forest? If she was going to die now, why did she survive all those times . . .? In that case, the death of her loved ones for nothing was. . . .

Suddenly, she felt angry about herself-if she had faced many predators, of bigger size than that ant imposer, who said she couldn't get out of this one alive? Glaring at the thing briefly, the Labrador ducked under the creature and the momentum ended, the creature with glowing eyes went right past her head, making it slide through the mud, way past the golden retriever, raising her head once again, the dog looked back-only to speed up once again, the companion of the first creature, trying to swipe it's claws against her already bleeding hind legs once more.

The Labrador tried to ignore the sharp pain on her hind legs, but as she ran, the pain became more and more obvious, she was starting to feel numb from the pain on her legs, but still kept running, knowing the creatures were after her; her throat was open once again, able now to breath, not as normally as normal, but still able to breath, all though, the pain in her chest every time she took a breath didn't fade away, if anything, for each breath, her chest felt every time more light-in a bad way, it felt like each time she took a breath, her chest was getting more crowded of air, more. . . Hoarse, she didn't know how she knew this, but her mind told her she was soon going to need a break, of something bad would happen.
She ignored this, knowing her life was in danger-and tried to listed past the rustle of leaves, her own splashes on the mud, and the sound of her ragged breaths, while trying not to crash with a tree in the process or trip in the already slippery mud, and focus on the sound of the rushed footsteps behind her-eyes still looking ahead, the Labrador made an abrupt stop, ignoring the numb feeling was got worse with the halt, her legs were now starting to feel cold. Shaking her head, the dog instantly whirled onto another direction, having seen another-but much larger than the others- ant-like creature, bigger of size and with surely, sharper claws, having been waiting to her to keep running onto a dead end, surely to strike another, but deeper rash onto her already wounded-and slowly, but surely- bleeding hind legs.

Trying to ignore the cold, helpless feeling on the pit of her stomach, Mahogany eyes darted from one side of the quickly changing scenery to another, trying to find a place where to hide for some time to recover, she knew she was not going to last long if she kept running with her injured leg, worried eyes spotted train rails Why is there a human construction? She didn’t have the enough consciousness at the moment to care. Her instincts told her to go there-she didn’t know why, but trusting her gut, the Labrador changed directions with a jump, not wanting to whirl on the mud once again and possibly trip in it, knowing her life was going to be in deeper danger if she tripped and the creatures caught up with her.
Hearing bodies crash with the trees, she found disconcerting the fact she didn’t find enough relief in the earlier situation to slow-if only a bit, to give her legs a small and perhaps insignificant break. Avoiding the pair of shadows with glowing spots at her sides, the Labrador jumped above them, in an attempt to make them halt, somehow, her gut told her those shadows were as dangerous as the monsters behind her.
Her legs were starting to give up when she was near the train rails- Now what? She looked wildly around, her mind already to bothered to make a plan, instead, she let her instinct take over-she was nearly at the edge when she jumped at the side landing briefly on a rock of another hill were both ends of the train were, before jumping down to another one, until with one final jump, she landed on a small mount besides the hill, there-her legs gave up, she tried to stand up, to a small hole between the ground and the small mountain of collected wood in front of her.

Trying to crawl to the small creak was no use, her legs wouldn’t give more, the tree rashes from her left leg were bleeding, the once warm liquid dripping slowly from her leg to the small puddle of water in the ground, she was now too tired to do anything. Mahogany eyes full on panic stared at the hole, almost pleadingly, as if trying to make the distance closer between her and the hole. . . . And a pair of eyes stared right back, it was hard to distinguish between the darkness, but she was too tired to care at the moment, the only thing in her mind at in that instant was the worry, the monsters could catch up at any minute. . .
The Labrador did the only thing she could do at the moment, and hopefully, the one inside would listen to her plea “Help. . .” Was the only word she could fathom to pronounce, her throat already dry because of the run, only now she registered how ragged and desperate breaths were. It took a few seconds that felt eternity to the Golden retriever, beginning to think the other hadn’t either heard her, or just ignored her-until the black eyes came closer, two paws smaller than hers tried to reach her, but they were too short. Then the one inside came outside.

It was a fox, what was a fox doing in the forest she did not know, but neither did she care about enough to question it, she just hoped the other could help her, the outline was hard to trace within the nightfall, but the face of the fox was clear-it was a male, it looked at her with worried eyes briefly, before looking up at the train rails-a pair of creatures with glowing eyes were above, yet-thankfully, they haven’t seen them, without another glance at her, the fox went behind her, and started to push slowly, trying to drop her on the hollow hole between the ground and the small pile of wood, feeling slightly guilty and helpless at the same time, the dog tried to push herself to the creak, finally after two or three pushes , the Golden Retriever went inside the hole limply, the fox following behind.
Worried eyes focused on her tired Mahogany eyes, she paid no mind to him at the moment, before the Labrador focused on her injury getting enough energy to sit awkwardly, instead of laying spread on the hole, consuming most part of it. Looking at her injury on her left leg, the dog licked her wound slowly; the fox watched her, before questioning in a whisper, apparently aware of the creatures that probably were outside “Hey . . . . What are those things?” he pointed with his paw at the black ant-like things passing outside, unaware of them.
She stopped licking her wound, and looked briefly at the fox, halting-hesitating what to tell the other, since she didn’t know about them, before replying, her breathing now more controlled in hopes the creatures wouldn’t hear them, the sound of her voice hoarse, barely above a whisper, “. . . Those things are dangerous” she told him, pausing, before looking at her wound and licking it once again “And I assure you, their claws are not for show, just like this wound” she answered the fox, licking her wound once again.

“Oh. . .” The fox mumbled, looking at the ground, before glancing at the sides, the creatures feet could be seen passing from the small creak on the floor, none stopping to look bellow the pile of wood. The animal frowned, seemingly to be thinking about something deeply, while looking at the downside from the small mount beside the hill of the train rails they were in, fear, confusion and worry all mixed in his eyes, before turning to the Labrador in front of himself, his tail twitching every once in a while besides him.

“So, who are you?” the fox asked, head cocking to the side lightly to see the Retriever’s face, a small, purely innocent smile on his face, on contrast to the normally unholy grins the Golden retriever had seen on other fox faces, “I’m Tod” he added a few seconds after, nudging her gently at the side of her nape with his paw, Mahogany eyes focused on him, once again stopping herself from licking her found, it had seemed to stop bleeding at this point; the Labrador hesitated once again, before shooing away his paw with hers “I. . . . . Call me what you like” she answered after a pause and a few moments of hesitation, ear down cast while glancing at the sides of the creak, her breathing now less elaborated or rash.
A marred frown on the fox face, before his paw yet again was brought up and poked the other animal nose, closing a small distance between then, his gaze locked on the left creak, seeing the feet of the many monsters besides it, whispers speaking with his voice, trying not to provoke the attention of the strange creatures “Come on, don’t be upset. . . We’ll get out of here somehow” the fox tried to assure her, his voice gentle and soft, as if comforting a child. The Labrador told herself it was because of the monsters, his voice softer not to be heard by them. But both knew better, the Golden retriever had confirmed with said statement, the other animal was older than herself, even though she knew the fox was two or three good inches smaller than the Labrador herself, and the fox knew it too.

The next few seconds were silence, the fox leaning over the Labrador and patting her with his paw, while the crippled small space of the hold which both were in, was too reduced for comfort, the atmosphere was a calm one-with the tense air in it lingering, knowing the monstrous creatures were outside. Seconds and minutes went past, both animals gazing cautiously at each a creak of the hole, both animals thankful no creature had looked on the hole-if they ever knew of its existence. . . Until the ground started to tremble, that is.
The Labrador nearly jumped because of it, but the fox was no better, he actually smacked himself against the hard wood above of the hole they were in, the Golden retriever paid no mind to him, in favor to peek from the small creak she was near off The creatures are gone! She blinked at seeing no feet, blinking at the small gap, the dog wondered if the tremble frightened them and bravely poked her head out to see if her theory was correct, Mahogany eyes scanning the area before her, there seemed to be no strange creatures at the moment.

Looking at both sides warily, the dog went out of the hole carefully, she had a bad feeling right now-even though there wasn't any ant-like creature, her gut told her something was horribly wrong as the temblor began to raise, her paws stuck to the ground, trying not to lose her composure, briefly glancing at her side as the fox went out from the hole to stand besides her, she heard the fox breath hitch, the Labrador hackles raised, but before she could turn and see about the matter, she felt as if she was lifted off the floor, Mahogany eyes widened beyond belief, trying to take a few tentative puddles-as if she was in water to advance forward, only to start being pulled by an unknown force above, head raising, the Labrador saw a giant mass of Darkness absorbing everything, from trees-to animals, a horrified look passed through her face, what was that thing? She wondered, before looking at her side.
The fox seemed to be thinking the same, before his eyes landed on something above, twisting his body as much as he could, the fox tried to go forward, petition which the strange orb granted and started sucking them faster, their paws now far from the ground "No! Copper!" the male exclaimed, trying to go forward, but no dice, the only thing that could move them was the orb. Eyes going were the other was seeing, his gaze landed on a Hunting dog trying desperately to hold his ground, perhaps his friend? Hunting dogs and foxes being friends. . . That's silly-but I guess not impossible now. . . she mused, after all, hunting dogs were prime predators from men to hunt the foxes down, but seeing the desperate look on the fox face, maybe, she was wrong? She heard a distant howl from it, his ears apparently to catching the fox shouts.

She could not ponder more of this for; the giant vortex-like orb sucked them in completely, letting out a terrified howl, the Labrador blacked out.
Lazy Mahogany eyes opened ever so slowly, not wanting to awake from her peaceful slumber, or the warmth that radiated from the place she slept in, eyes blinking slowly-unconsciously scanning the area she was in at the moment. . . It took a few seconds to actually register what were her eyes seeing, before they widened in massive proportions, her already wide brown eyes had become large saucer plates at seeing the rather small, area before her-how much as she could from her position, laying on the floor.
The thing she was in, it was a rounded floor made of something akin to glass, little thing in different geometric figures, odd angles and mosaics-all those little things being part of something bigger, forming oddly disfigured shapes of different shades and form all together, as if they were drawings of a big picture all around the glass like terrain, darker and lighter shades varied from every mosaic to another, at least from what she could see-the drawings were strangely shaped landscapes in a small, confined spaces formed by many strangely shaped mosaics, all organized in a curve motion. . . Or that was what she could see form her spot lying on the rather warm glass floor.

This was one of those times she wistfully wondered how were the shades truly seen, both bright and deep shades from all varying sizes and shapes, forming into small drawings, taking part of something entirely bigger and breath taking, surely; but sadly, she didn’t have the luxury to view it all so well, monochrome colors were lighter, some darker, some or other small geometric figure didn’t have enough color to call it had one, others just too dark on some parts to even consider it anything else than a solid one.
Mahogany eyes stared onto the void above the strange terrain, as much as her eyes could reach the dark sky. . . Night then she mused thoughtfully, but then, another thought struck her-if it was still nightfall, then-where were the stars above in the dark sky? There was no sign of light what so ever around her, the only thing that kept her eyes from total blindness between the darkness was the strange area she was on at the moment, it seemed to be radiating of light. . . Such a weird place the female appeared in, instead of the; Forest . . . .?

A weak groan escaped from her throat as she tried to remember what had happened the previous day that lead her to this place. . . Wherever the place she was currently in was. Another small grunt went by as memories of the previous day passed by her eyes within a blur of pictures and sounds, much like those strange box artifacts the humans used to view their own kind in a strange sloppy, draw-like version. How she viewed the forest from that hill, the trip onto the slippery mud along with the crash with the tree, the glowing eyes of those strange creatures, how their claws slashed her left leg, the fear-anger, pain, their scent, he exhaustion, how her leg bleed painfully a few steps in front of the hole she hid in, the older fox trapped inside whom was kind enough to share the hiding place with herself, the tense atmosphere, when the monsters disappeared, how was she-and the fox lifted off from the ground, the strange vortex alike orb in the sky, the fox shouting at the hound. . . Finally, how she got sucked into that strange, hole levitating in the middle of the night sky, like a small vortex to suck all of the animals-even the world, inside.

So much to do, so little time. . .

A voice seemed to echo in both, her mind and the emptiness that surrounded her-startling the poor female out of her memories, the voice sounded both neutral and gentle, albeit a voice that could be know with only it’s tone, nothing more, that it help invaluable wisdom. Brown eyes blinked confusedly, before raising her head and looking warily at the space around her, there wasn’t a living being around the area, except her-was she hallucinating? Mahogany orbs blinked in confusion, was she going mad? Last time she checked, after all those near death battles with predators, she was still perfectly sane. . . Perhaps the run of those monsters was the last straw onto insanity?
Suddenly, she noticed her head was a lot lighter than it should have been, now that she thought about it. . . All her body felt different, she didn’t feel he usual thick, grease layers of skin, or her comfortable, rather heavy fur coat, her claws were far more delicate than she would like them to be, she surely didn’t feel the usual fuzziness inside her mouth that made her roll her tongue out, her fangs were too smaller for comfort, her position was all wrong, and even her nose didn’t feel all that wet in the first place. Counting all these things, fear threatened to overwhelm the once female Golden Retriever, tending, the once dog living being willed her tail to twitch tentatively, perhaps, it was still there?

Take your time. . . Don’t be afraid

Instant relief flooded her when there was a response from her oh so vital extra limb, a world without it she surely couldn’t live in, it was one of her few pride and joy that lift up her spirits most of the time, she knew-that like many other dogs, they treasured their tails immensely, with the exception of a strange specie of dog which practically had a small lump for a tail, she felt some sympathy for said breed of dogs. Her own, the Labrador Retrievers, treasured their tails like no other, thanks to their otter-like tails, they had the great luxury to hunt in water, swimming with their tail, said extra limb being very practical on winter, if there were available rivers.

Paying no mind to the voice that resonated through the void that surrounded her, the dog wagged her tail happily sticking her tongue out in habit-she immediately retracted it with a shiver. . . Okay, now that her tongue was a tenth of what it used to be, and a lot more sensible than she remember it to actually be, she could no longer do such thing now. . . How-When-Why did I change? Surely, that was the question of the year, what am I? she frowned, feeling her skin knit under what she thought was her lip, the once dog instantly stopped doing said action, instead, she did a familiar action, knit her brows, thankful this one felt more natural than the last one. Another question to add in to the pile. . . She shook her body tentatively, noting she couldn’t do it with the same ease as in her own body.
This strange new body was bigger than her own dog one, much, much larger, yet-it fell at the same time, a bit lighter for some reason. What could she possibly be now? She tried sitting up-trying to use her hind legs to support herself for the classic ‘sit dog’ position. . . But it failed, she ended bending her ‘hind legs’ in ways she didn’t know were possible for her to archive without breaking a bone, trying to balance herself before she fell, her ‘front legs’ reacted on command, doing circle motions around the air, for some reason, her ‘front legs’ along with her ‘hind’ ones were more. . . Lithe and longer than she knew they actually were in her dog body.
After finishing that strange, circle-like motion, her ‘front legs’ instantly shot down in between her ‘hind legs’, to maintain her composure, leaning onto her ‘front legs’ to balance herself.

The entrance is still closed. . .
Now step forward,
Can you do it?

And instead to stay put on her Indian style position, she leaned onto her ‘front legs’ too much, making her roll forward, landing face-up to the vast, endless void above her head, eyes blinking, Mahogany eyes stared at her raised ‘paw’, staring at it in wonder-instead of her five, short and stubby small claws, there were long, slender and rather delicate-looking human fingers, thankfully, her claws were still there, except thinner and with a silver shine, instead of her natural, dark-grayish, thick and dull claws, these ones looked more sharp, with that long, spiked end. Sighing at the voice which seemed to prod insider her thoughts, Mahogany eyes stared above with a bored look.
It said before to take my time . . . she remarked inside her mind, but then again-the voice had also said about many things that needed to be done, with short time to amend them, letting her head fall to the side gently, the sudden realization hit her, she was a human. . . A human child to be precise, she had heard her mother tell her every dog year was around seven or so from human life span. . . Such a mixed up system-she was not one for what humans called ‘math’ it had a longer name, yet-she couldn’t bear to remember it. Something seemed to click inside her mind, her mind telling the answer with ease. . . This hadn’t happened before-why it did now? Did humans have this kind of . . . Strange brainpower to do such things? To her, this was something too strange for her to comprehend.

Shaking her head lightly, the fourteen year old teen ran a tan human hand through her now, more delicate and silk ‘fur’, or was it hair now? She didn’t care much at the moment, she just wanted to know how-or much better, why, was she a human with a . . . long tale now? A confused sigh escaped her lips, before rolling over her body, messy blonde locks falling onto her face, some sticking in one direction, others in the opposite ones-many moles here and there, not to mention the antenna-like hair sticking out of the top of her head.
Trying to balance herself on both of her feet, the teen noticed the shoes on them, she wasn’t sure what was their name, but she knew it was a different type of shoes hunters usually carried, Ah right! Sandals she hummed, her mind was helping her a lot lately-perhaps it came with the body? Now instead of only knowing a bit more than the basics for survival in the forest, as any other animal in there, she knew the basic for the human survival? The whole idea seemed rather weird, not to mention complicated-how could she know this, if only at this moment had awoken with said body? Another frown crossed her face as she successfully stood up, arms stretching widely to gain a better balance, straightening, the young teen tried to do as the voice said, gaze locked on the center of the strange. . . Platform she was on.

Taking a few shaky steps, the teen fell flat on her ground, giving a small yelp of pain, the teen glared at the sole spot of the ground which seemed to be reflecting a great source of light, as if a pillar of light was above the empty void, the spot created by various shades and shapes of odd mosaics reflecting said light. Mahogany eyes tried to make out the shapes of the landscapes, they seemed to be organized to look like they were a spiral, brows raised along with the rest of her body, trying to stand up once again, her tail wagging not so pleasantly at her back, being disturbed by the fact the teen fell almost right above the extra limb of the teen.
Brown eyes stared at the design on the glass platform, various shades crossing her eyesight, bright and at the same time deep shades of monochrome colors flooding her vision, oh, how she wished she could view them in their true glory, but somehow-she doubted it could ever be possible. . . Wishing is the only thing for things I know will not happen. . . Right? She wondered briefly, before trying to view better the strange design going all across the platform. Each landscape seemed to be crumpled in a small, oval like space, some larger than others; Mahogany eyes stared, unconsciously stilling herself on the spot, natural balance beginning to clip in.

After a few minutes, she started to finally figure out what kind of figure the mosaics made, as odd as the pattern was, each landscape was a flower petal, the ones bigger being the petals extending to the end of the glass platform, all the petals of the flower ended on a single point: The center, were the small bud was supposed to be, instead-there was the drawing of a heart, at first glance seemed like a normal heart, but then, the teen noticed various marks similar to the moon, perhaps it was a heart shaped moon? Strange she mused, before clumsily walking near the center of the flower, getting closer; she saw the heart-shaped moon being protected by two key-shaped weapons.

Getting a few steps closer, the teen spotted something akin to a shadow behind the heart, taking another step, the teen made beady eyes, trying to look better at the picture-


The glass seemed to shatter that same instant her foot was set on the hear shaped moon drawing, mosaics separating, the sound of the glass breaking and breaking, even as it fell along with her through the dark void around her. The blonde couldn’t even do as much as scream as she felt the fall, the air rushing past her beach-tan skin, blonde locks going along with the gravity, fear blossoming once again on her chest, throat closing along with her eyes in a silent scream she couldn’t let out as she fell.
As soon as she no longer felt the wind rushing through her skin, the teen stilled, muscles tensing to wait whatever was going to come, probably the pain of the fall in the part of her body which was going to take the impending blow with the floor, waiting for the crash, one Mahogany colored eye popped open slowly, still waiting for the pain of the blow that never came; blinking her eyes a few times before opening them fully, her wary gaze scanned the area once again, she was at yet another platform. . . Apparently, this one was made with the same material as the last one had been odd shapes and both light & deep shades of monochromatic colors in the geometric figures made by the mosaics.

Standing up, the teen barely maintained her balance once standing, before stilling herself on the spot in an attempt to not fall over-it thankfully worked for the fourteen year old. Haltingly swiping non-existent dust from her rather simple human attire she was wearing, the teen tried to recall what it was named, if she knew the name at all-even if it was from her newly acquired human knowledge Dress, her mind provided after a few minutes of thought, while staring at the glass floor intently. Smiling faintly at the small success, the teen looked at her attire once again, her hands reaching to the upper part of her chest which was left uncovered by the cloth.
Tracing the lines with her fingers, she found her dress had entangled patterns, an area that appeared to be uncovered was next to nothing, it only was her shoulder blades, along with her neck uncovered, it held no straps to hold it on. . . This made her wonder how the cloth did hold onto herself, dismissing the thought, the teen scanned the lower part of her dress, at the end of it, it had the same entangled pattern-if she didn’t know better, she would categorize it like tree roots Though, it’s less than an inch wide she mused, noticing the dress ended by half than an inch from her knees. For the shade of the cloth, it seemed to be colorless. . White perhaps.

Her eyes once again on the platform before her feet, the teen tried to make out the form of the mosaic platform-but couldn’t get as much time t view it correctly as three blocks appeared before her, raising slowly from the ground until they reached her knees. Eyes still as big as dinner plates, the teen twirled a blonde lock from the end of her hair on her shoulder blades, tilting her head to get a better look at them, Mahogany eyes squeezed to distinguish the strange material them. . . . Pedestals were made from-they surely couldn’t be made out of rock, could they? Shaking her head lightly, the fourteen year old teen raised her head, now looking at the objects floating in the pedestals.

Power sleeps within you. . .
Give it a form and make it grow, choose wisely

The words echoed on the void that surrounded her. The teen shivered as the voice resonated both, through her mind and the place where she was now, before trying to ponder what was said entity talking about. . . one on the first pedestal was a pair of . . . Fingerless gloves of an extremely dark shade of color-possibly black. She understood the sentence fine, just not what it actually meant the voice behind said words; it was true, she had a little ‘power’ if only, because if was needed for solely survival, if she did not have said ‘power’ to fight for herself, the once Labrador breed would have died a long, long time ago-probably since her parents died.

Focus of a fighter, path of a warrior.
Great strength, unique potential
Power and strength to which can provide insatiable thirst for greed.
Is this the focus you seek?

The voice asked her, not knowing what to answer due herself being surprised by the ‘appearance’ of the voice when examining the article, the blonde stared at both gloves with wide eyes, not knowing how to respond-until the words told by the voice finally got through her head, lips made into a tight, thin line-the now human teen shook her head, she didn’t want such a ‘focus’ to her ‘power’ as the voice said, while she indeed, needed strength for survival. It was not the only thing needed to stay alive, enough was the power she had to fight for herself, more could be obtained by training and daily experience, I’m not searching for more strength than the one I need she sighed.
Maybe, it was one of the few perks of caring only about you, as selfish as it did sound; whom else could she be protecting? There was no one to fill that spot, perhaps that older fox would have been if she had known him for more time, and in better circumstances-maybe, he could have been the company she was searching for-maybe not all the time. . . But having a friend between restless nights, searching for food-even if she was not hungry-, to care about. Loneliness was a troublesome thing.

Walking carefully to the pedestal on the right, thankfully not stumbling on the process, the blonde turned slightly to the side, facing the pedestal in front of her, before gazing over the object floating gently above it, it was a pair of metallic sticks, the handle was of the same shade of the pair of gloves in the pedestal on the left, while the stick itself was of a light monochrome shade, from her point of view it looked like silver, but she may had been wrong. Trying to search one again in her newly granted memory, the teen frowned in thought, closing her eyes and trying to match a name for the strange weapon levitating in front of her.

Waiting patiently after a few minutes, she found two names, both stranger than the earlier weapon, defined as ‘gloves’ previously, one being ‘Billy club’ and the other being ‘Tonfa’, The latter one sounds better she decided, the former sounded as if the weapon was named after another human. Picking both Tonfa from their levitating space, fingers were wrapped hesitantly at the handle of it, grasping them tightly in surprise to the weight they held, the blonde held them up, before carefully trying to make a swipe, not being used to actually hold something for the first time.
As expected, the Tonfa swung out of her hand and fell at the edge of the platform with a loud ‘clang’ on the glass floor, furrowing her brows, retaining a gasp, the teen breath hitched as she felt the weight of the weapon within her grasp once again, looking at her hand, she noticed that indeed, the weapon was once again in her hand and no longer on the edge of the glass floor.

Focus of a Knight, path of a guardian.
Extensive stamina, clever reflexes
Heavy offensive which carries a hard & firm exterior
Is this the focus you seek?

This time shock did not override her features, already expecting the voice to speak; Mahogany eyes surveyed the weapon in her grasp, for some reason, she found she liked the strange metal weapon, even if it felt a bit heavy in her hands, she was sure she could somehow learn to use it better with experience, just like cats get used to their retractable claws, Those annoying felines she resisted the urge to growl at remembering said specie, even though she hadn’t met many- her first encounter with one wasn’t pleasant, not at the very least.
Nodding at the voice, both weapons disappeared with a flash of light, the weight of both weapons leaving her grasp; her didn’t move, expecting for the weapon to be again in her hands, but as the weight didn’t return, her fingers went limp once again.

Your path is being traced.
What will you leave in return?

The blonde blinked at the voice words, she didn’t expect to give up something in exchange for this newfound ‘focus’, I should have expected it she mused, after all, human survival laws may be- were going to be different than the ones she was used to live with, if you needed something, you would have to gain it through using all of your abilities, since no one was going to get said need for you, or satisfy it-therefore, no debt was created and there was no need to give something in exchange for it.

Walking slowly, but more confidently to the pedestal on the other end, the teen tried to keep her balance while walking, stopping in front of the pedestal with a slight turn to face it directly, Mahogany eyes stared at the last object levitating, it was a. . . Searching through her memories, the teen found the answer rather quickly-she was getting better to use her newfound human knowledge consciously, since it seemed to work faster unconsciously than not. The strange weapon in front of her was clearly made of wood, its name was Crossbow, yet, she found it lacking-of what? She did not know, but there was something the object was lacking of. . . A string, it doesn’t have one. She reasoned, finally remembering a few hunters using something similar to it, something akin to the modified version, it was a curved piece of wood with a string, which they pulled to shoot arrows from.

Before the voice could answer, the teen picked the object and held it above her head, hoping to get her message across, she did not want this strange weapon, more because of the fact the hunters used something akin to it than the fact the weapon was lacking of something vital to make it function, silence passed as she waited for the response-if any- of the echoing voice. After a moment of silence, the crossbow disappeared from her grasp, the light weight leaving her hands and she retracted her arms.

You’ve chosen focus of a Knight, refusing the Sorceress focus.
Is this the insight you chose?

With a nod, the floor started shaking once more, before the sound of the glass shattering beneath her feet reached her ears. In no more than a few couple of seconds trying to maintain her balance, before the crystal was there no more and the teen started falling once again.

The fall was short, and thankfully, she managed to stay still on her feet as she landed on the platform gently. . . Only to stumble on her balance and fall flat on her back with a small yelp, carefully getting up, the teen attempted to swipe the non-existent dust from her dress. Tilting her head, the teen noticed she was once again in a different platform, one with darker shades and wider mosaics from the looks of it. She wondered if she was ever going to stop falling from the platforms, only to land in another, moments afterwards. Mahogany eyes widened when the weight of the earlier weapon was trusted into her hands, fingers instinctively curling around the handle, she didn’t need to look at her hands to know the weapon she was holding were the tonfa from earlier. Gripping both weapons tightly, the teen shook as a shiver ran down her spine, something was out of place there’s something off brown eyes gazed through the area.

There are times when you need to fight, keep your light burning strong.

Just as the voice ended saying those words, the teen contained her gasp as the strange, beady, glowing-eyed creatures from the forest appeared in front of her, growling at the monsters, the teen took a step back, only to notice the round edge of the platform-looking behind, the teen confirmed her suspicion, the edge of the glass platform was just behind her. Another shiver went down her spine, hearing her instincts, the teen ducked, and the weird creature that had lounged after her fell off from the platform. Glaring at the other creatures, the teen growled at them, fangs-yes, fangs, no human teeth-bared at them, she wished she could fight by fang and claws, but she knew it would do not good at the weird creatures before her, instead, she decided to trust her gut and fight with the weapons in her grasp.
Swinging her right tonfa at the beady eyed creature, giving a nod and something akin to a smile as the creature flew and crashed with another, but the small victory was short lived as yet another attempted to slash her with its sharp claws. Wincing at the memory of her slash, the teen swung once again her tonfa, before ducking, her peripheral gaze catching a dark blur coming her way, attempting to hit the creature while it was above her, the attack failed, the weapon flying out of her grasp, watching as it fell, the teen resisted the urge to laugh as it bonked a monster, which disappeared in a small poof of smoke.

Changing her left tonfa to her right hand, the teen stood up and jumped as another one came her way, managing to maintain her balance by doing a full turn once touching the floor, consequently hitting another creature in the process. Stilling once ending her twirl, the blonde swung once again her tonfa, the scene from earlier replaying once again as the creature hit its companion, this time one disappearing with a poof of smoke. Jumping out of the way, the teen tripped once landing, picking her other tonfa up, before she fell onto her knees.
Twisting the weapon to hold the tonfa backwards, the teen swung it vertically, clobbering the glowing eyed creature, disappearing with another poof of smoke, standing up, the teen tried to hit another one, yet, the creature melted with the ground, leaping back, the blonde saw it emerging behind the spot she was on moments ago, glaring at the creature, the teen rushed forward before slashing the last creature on the plat form, it stumbling back, before lounging at her. Ducking, the teen tried to hit it in the air, but failed again, the tonfa being still on her grasp, thankfully. Looking at both sides, the teen cried out as she felt the thing slash her back.
Jumping in surprise, the blonde twirled back and hit the creature with her tonfa, making it disappear with another cloud of smoke. Straightening up, the teen stayed still, before touching her back, even if she was still holding her tonfa, she could feel the rather rouge part of the material where the thing had clawed her, but strangely, it was no more than a scratch. Retracting her hand back, the teen blinked, why was there no blood? Or even a hole in the fabric of the dress? Frowning, the blonde brown eyes widened at the realization, the strange creatures she had fought were smaller than what she remembered, but then again, she also grown . . .

The purest hearts have the greatest shadows.

Shaking her head, the blonde eyes widened even more when she felt the floor tremble once again, sighing and hanging her head low, the teen waited for the floor to shatter once again, which strangely, it didn’t. After a few seconds of silence, a shiver shook all of her body, something was definitely wrong. Opening her eyes, the teen saw a gigantic creature with glowing eyes, in the center of its body was a hole in form of a heart. Fear started flooding her once again, making her hands tremble, along with all of her body as a fist of the gigantic creature was approaching her.
Swallowing the lump of her throat, the teen dived out of the way, throwing herself at the floor, successfully avoiding the punch, the teen eyes widened as many small creatures emerged from the spot where the fist had landed, resisting the urge to run away, knowing she would fall of the platform at some point if she tried it, the teen rushed forward, swatting her tonfa at a creature that tried to attack in the air. Soon enough, the battle fell into a pattern: dodge fist, swing tonfa, crash a creature with another, duck, get clawed, slash, get clawed, swat away, slash tonfa at the gigantic thing hands, block dark energy balls going her way, slash, get hit, slash, block, dodge fist. And the process started repeating itself.

By half hour, the blonde thought the battle was never going to end, seeing as the thing hadn’t slowed down at all. By the time it disappeared, the teen was barely standing, her breathing heavy, various holes adorned her dress, scratches here and there all long her legs, scratches and scorch marks in her arms, some bleeding, but not deep. Finally, once the thing disappeared, the teen fell on the floor, darkness consuming the glass mosaics, she tried to struggle, but all failed as the darkness sucked her, the only words of the voice she heard were:

- But do not fret, remember.
You hold the mightiest weapon of all
- And don’t forget. . . .

Words: 8,547

World: "Train-rail forest" The fox & the hound.

Notes: Two years Post KHII. Longest thing I've ever written. Thank you all that didn't die while reading this wall of text xD Seriously, I don't think I'll write something as long as this, E.v.e.r.!

"Thinking of you, wherever you are.
We pray for our sorrows to end, and hope that our hearts will blend.
Now I will step forward to realize this wish. And who knows:

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or maybe it has already begun.
There are many worlds, but they share the same sky
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