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(Isla de Muerta) Stranded: Alive or Dead? (Open)

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(Isla de Muerta) Stranded: Alive or Dead? (Open) Empty (Isla de Muerta) Stranded: Alive or Dead? (Open)

Post by Hikari on November 17th 2011, 6:04 pm

Centuries... Such a long time of life... Such the experiences. But alas none could live that long. Expect some... The years seemed to wash away... The gummi ship came down through the waves. Some called it a helicopter. But the real term was now known as drop ship. Crashing through the waves the gummi ship came in a spiral of twists and turns.

Now it was time... The thoughts raced past his head as he jumped out. Tossing his gold sword like keyblade tip first into a tree he dived towards it. The wind went past his face as he reached out for the keyblade. Holding out his hand he reached for it only to miss. He clawed at the tree and grabbed ahold of it. Pulling it down he continued to fall. Squirming as he fell through the air it seemed as if all hope was lost.

He could never survive a height like this. But who exactly was "he?" His name was Cool Star. A 17 year old hero. Although being a hero he meant nothing but trouble and continued to joke around as if the world was just some pun. But not today. Today was the first time it was all serious to him. His mission today... Rescue the stoaways lost in these islands. Un-Dead pirates filled the land.

Hard to believe they were once alive. And that was the one threat he would encounter. Or atleast he thought so. Cool Star had goldish brown smooth hair and crystal blue eyes. He wore a camofluage hoodie and the same for his shorts. Everything was camofluaged now. His face was painted it. His shorts and shirt. Hell if he could of his blood would be camofluaged.

But either way he wouldn't be able to survive a crash like this. Like any other person a crash like this would be a simple quick death. But Cool isn't like any other person... And he was about to find that out.

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(Isla de Muerta) Stranded: Alive or Dead? (Open) Empty Re: (Isla de Muerta) Stranded: Alive or Dead? (Open)

Post by Kasturi on November 27th 2011, 11:10 pm

The sounds of loud waves crashing onto the beach was soothing to his ears. He felt cold and wet. He felt the aching of his body and limbs. He opened his eyes and bright lights flooded in, but quickly it dimmed and darken.

He could just make out the dark skies and rough seas on a stormy beach, as he lied on his side.

Slowly he turned over on all fours, coughing up his sore throat. The wind made him shiver for a second. Shipwreccked.
Pain struck and he cease trying to remember the past. He got up, walking slowly with his wet slouchy clothes. His skin and hair felt raw and sticky of sea water.

The winds and loud sounds was disorienting him, and though exhausted, he had to move on. It just felt important to find someone, anyone, for help. If for just a second, he caught sight a silhouette of a man falling off a tree. How weird that is, he couldn't much care, but walked on to the site, until which he collapse to his knees next to the boy.

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