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Fright on a Halloween Night! (Open, Party)

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Fright on a Halloween Night! (Open, Party) Empty Fright on a Halloween Night! (Open, Party)

Post by Mystic on October 30th 2011, 10:40 pm

Mystic looked at his calender and noticed it was about Halloween. Mystic wanted to do something special. He then thought one thing; Where in the universe is it always Halloween? Halloween Town, of course! Mystic giggled as he flew post-haste to Halloween Town with Serenity. Serenity was happy about the idea of a Halloween party. But when they arrived, a thought occured to Serenity. "This world has a ruler," Serenity explained, "Are you sure they'd let us have a party?" "Maybe, maybe not," the boy shrugged, "I do what I want anyways. Plus, who'd ruin a Halloween party around Halloween? I wouldn't that's for sure!" Mystic and Serenity walked into the town square, and instantly got the party ready. Serenity ran by, hanging up banners and placing pumpkins she found lying around in place. Mystic got out a variety of snacks for all ages, and some punch for the kids, wine and alcohol for the adults. Mystic then told Serenity to go post an invite in the other worlds for anyone to come. Mystic contiued setting up the party until Serenity came back. The two decided to mess around at Guillontine Gate when the guests started to arrive, then come back later.

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[21:03:42] Cool : Yes, boobs

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Fright on a Halloween Night! (Open, Party) Bounce10

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Fright on a Halloween Night! (Open, Party) Empty Re: Fright on a Halloween Night! (Open, Party)

Post by Balendin8 on October 31st 2011, 6:23 pm

Balendin rose out of the fountain in the middle of the town-square. He had decided to test the new found peace with Shirou by exploring Halloween town. He figured if Shirou was sincere then there would be no issue in the matter. A bold move maybe, but something that had to be done. Balendin had given his guards and the objects of the castle permission to let Shirou inside as long as he did not get into any trouble and they kept an eye on him. Otherwise he was free to explore any part of Balendin's estate unhindered although, besides the town, he would likely find nothing but forest and farmland.

Balendin had turned into his usual Halloween town transformation. It was apparently that of a vampire hunter. Not much different from his usual attire besides everything turning black in color. A couple of belts crossed over his chest making a large X. On these belts were many pouches filled with nothing but vials of what must be holy water and small cloves of garlic. He also had wooden stakes galore on his person and a silver cross on a chain hanging from his neck. His only change in physical appearance besides his outfit were a number of scars on his left cheek that looked like they had been made by long, sharp humanoid fingernails. The whole outfit would not have been so bad if it had not been for the garlic which gave off a rather strong scent.

Balendin had wandered around the world for a while. He had never really gotten a good chance to look around in the past so there were plenty of new things to see. Eventually, he found himself on a bridge. In the small gorge below was a small stream of green water. A cave jutted out of the side of the gorge diverting some of the flow into it. Balendin had walked a ways into that cave and the next thing he knew he was somehow surfacing out of the fountain in the square.

Being rather wet and uncomfortable, Balendin pulled himself out of the fountain and stepped on the ground. Looking around him, he noticed that it looked like everything was decked out for a party. Maybe Shirou was throwing so sort of shindig tonight. Balendin hoped he was not crashing something important.

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