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Demyx's World Leader Application for Castle Oblivion

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Demyx's World Leader Application for Castle Oblivion Empty Demyx's World Leader Application for Castle Oblivion

Post by Demyx IX on July 9th 2011, 5:12 pm

Demyx's World Leader Application for Castle Oblivion Castle_Oblivion_Logo_KHCOM2
Name: Demyx

World: Castle Oblivion

Quoted Role-play Sample: Click HERE
I wrote:A Corridor of Darkness opened in the middle of a fork in two roads. It stayed open for a second, and a hooded figure slowly emerged from the gaping portal of Darkness. The figure had the stature of a male in his upper teens or lower twenties, but had a slumped, lazy posture. He wore a black leather hooded coat with black gloves and boots. The coat was plainly adorned with a silver zipper and silver beaded pull strings for the hood that formed a semi-circle in the middle, and was fitted rater tightly, especially around his arms, which were hanging at the figure's sides. The figure wore the zipper zipped all the way at the top, but it opened up slightly above his knees, revealing that the male was wearing hakama-esque black pants and knee high silver trimmed boots. Pointed shoulder pads were adorned beneath the coat, and the hood of the coat was casting an impenetrable shadow over the figures face.

Never breaking his pace as he emerged from the Corridor, the figure slowly walked forward, taking the right path. The dirt that paved the pathway crunched slightly underneath the figure's boots as he traveled silently. As he walked, the figure tried to find a reason he had came, but came up blank. Finally, a green peak arose over the horizon. Behind the hood, the male smirked. He advanced slowly toward what now appeared to be a castle. The emerald peak had many siblings, all adorned with small yellow markings. They seemed to protrude from the castle in every direction. The castle was brown, with many towers, windows, and doors. There were small landmasses floating to the side in mid-air with similar towers. The gnarled pathway on which the nobody traveled curved around, but ultimately led to the main entrance of the equally gnarled Castle Oblivion.

As he neared the strange castle, a cold breeze swept across the dusky sky, which had been stained by an ever-lasting green fog. The figure made his way to the door, and looked up, examining the castle once more.

”The infamous Castle Oblivion: Resting place of six members of the Organization…” mused the nobody as he slowly pushed open the double doors that led into Oblivion. The nobody slowly stepped inside, leaving the doors open. He found himself in a white room. And what little décor it had was just that: White. The room was bright, but had no windows or artificial lighting. It was a relatively small room. As the figure turned his head first to one side, and then the other, he noticed the room had two sets of stairs, one set leading up, and the other down.

”Decisions, decisions…” thoughtfully said Demyx, speaking for the first time. He heard graceful steps behind him, and turned. Behind him was a dancer nobody, who he chose to let follow him, as it had more exceptional capabilities. The nobody donned pink bell-bottom pants that had a white nobody symbol printed on the side. It wore a pink beanie-like hat that covered most of the Dancer’s face. Pink braid like growths hung from under the hat-like feature. Demyx always associated this hat with a lamp shade. It also wore dark heeled boots with toes that curled upward at perfect right angles, as well as dark bracelets on each wrist; each with a small spike. It donned dark armor resembling the top of the nobody symbol that covered its chest. It seemed to watch Demyx closely, its mouth sewn permanently into an eerie grin. ”Bout time,” muttered No. IX.

The two nobodies stood silently, as the higher rank of the two debated which path he wanted to take. ”Basements are creepy, so. . .” thought Demyx. He then spoke, breaking the silence. ”You take the basement, kay?” said The Melodious Nocturne. The Dancer then slithered gracefully down the descending staircase, leaving Demyx alone once again. He and Dancer had been talking earlier, so the low class nobody knew the plan.

He stood there, hood still on, staring up the staircases. He wanted to locate the Organization, yes, but what if Marluxia and the others decided to attack him for still being loyal to the Organization if he found them? He stood there for a few seconds, before thinking, ”Well… here goes.”

Demyx took his first step toward the top thirteen floors of Castle Oblivion.

Profile: Profile [Link]

Reason: I have been an active RPer on this site for a while now, and while I may need guidance every now and then, I know most of the rules, and how the site functions in general. I learn from my mistakes, and other's (I read old topics and a lot of ones that don't even concern me). Even though I am fairly knowledgeable of the site, I am also not afraid to ask for guidance.

Preferability: As I have said before, I am active, and more knowledgeable on the site than other newer members. I am not lazy, and will keep my world "Active." Further more, I RP as a Nobody and an Organization XIII member, which makes my ownership of the world more realistic.

Success Chance: Being that the world is probably one of the least RPed in worlds on the site, and doesn't have a current ruler, I believe that it will be more successful with my leadership. Even to the point that it would be very successful to normal standards.

Alliance: Any world owned by Zihark or Saixor.

Reason for Alliance: Demyx recognized these individual as strong leaders, who basically, he can hide behind, as Demyx is manipulative and cowardly. Zihark and Saixor can hold their own in battle, and protect Demyx as well; although Demyx doesn’t make it known that those are his reasons. Also, I can trust the leaders of said worlds OOC.

Population and Entrance: There would be moderately strict limitations on who could join Castle Oblivion. You would have to be a fairly powerful humanoid Nobody, a Replica, or a human/heartless. They would have to pass a special test, if Demyx saw fit.

Military Status: Demyx would make the military train to ensure he wouldn't have to fight. They would train so that if the world was attacked, they could defend it, and to help attack worlds that Zihark, and Saixor attack.

Peace or War: Castle Oblivion would remain peaceful due to Demyx's cowardly, passive nature. It would mainly defend itself, and not attack, however, due to alliances, it would be forced to attack worlds attacked by Zihark and Saixor.

Ambitions: Demyx plans to return Castle Oblivion to its former glory, by improving its attacking force, and defences. He would like to locate Namine so that the castle can regain its powers, and would like (If he locates Vexen) for Vexen to create another Replica, to guard the castle, along with its military.

Recommendations: Azumi Cho; Saixor; Emerald; ~Axis~; Trent; Zihark; Mystic; Azmot;

'Is Being Kind Really So Deceiving?'
Demyx's World Leader Application for Castle Oblivion Demyxsiggy01a

Demyx's World Leader Application for Castle Oblivion Roy_Mustang_for_Fuhrer_by_Queen_of_the_Losers
Demyx IX
Demyx IX

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