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Findings in Deep Space (open)

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Findings in Deep Space (open) Empty Findings in Deep Space (open)

Post by Turiel on July 4th 2011, 6:00 pm

Why making these flapping motions with his wings helped him to soar between the worlds, Turiel couldn't be bothered to try and explain, yet he could none the less. He was en route towards the Desert world of Argabah, when he spotted a strange vessel moving through the cosmos. Trailing the red ship which bore some kind of Police markings, he was guided to a vastly larger ship, one that almost looked to be the size of a small moon at first. That's no moon, that's a space ship. The moon, ship, thing, it seemed to just be sitting there in space, it;s engines off line. Breaking his tail on the red ship, he touched down on the ships hull and peered in through a nearby porthole. It looked normal inside, people were milling about, some seemed to be working, others conversing, as they traveled down the corridor beyond the glass, never casting him even a passing glance. Scanning the ships hull, he quickly located what appeared to be an Airlock. Placing his hand against a panel on the ships hull, the airlock opened. Stepping inside, he quickly fell hard against the deck plaiting as the ships artificial gravity took a hold over his body. Shaking his head in a hope to clear the daze, he forced himself up off the ground, resting his hand against a panel as he levered himself on the wall to steady himself. It was this panel that just so happened to close the outer airlock and subsequently open the inner one. Poking his head through the doorway, he glanced around at the room beyond.


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