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Saixor's application for Agrabah

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Saixor's application for Agrabah Empty Saixor's application for Agrabah

Post by Saixor on July 2nd 2011, 1:16 am

Name: Saixor

World: Agrabah

Quoted Role-play Sample: 
Saixor grunted, pulling the scarves on his head and neck up over his mouth and nose. It helped keep the sand out of his open orifaces. He wore a loose, long-sleeved open brown shirt and loose-fitting long white pants. A bright scarlet satin belt held the pants up. His spear hung from a holster on the back of his pants, hanging at his mid-thigh. He grimaced under his scarves, as he was only wearing sandals. He'd forgotten how hot the sand was. That damnable, burning sand. He'd missed it. Missed the grains between his toes. Missed the overbearing sun on his back. Missed the almost unbreatheably dry air. Missed the maddening feeling of insignificance, when in the vast, expansive deserts. Saixor knew no love. But he knew familliarity. And he had grown attatched to his world. It was his, damn it. It had been, anyways. He'd been gone, for far too long. Saixor sighed, stopping for a moment. The world had no doubt changed. Trickster, gone. Rizz, gone. Saixor... Saixor had been gone. Had been. He never had the intent to stay gone. He needed a break. Needed to get better. Make himself stronger. Well. He was stronger. And he was ready. Ready to destroy, rebuild, conquer, overthrow. Just barely, he could make out Agrabah herself. He sped up, a grin replacing the unhappy expression that had been on his face.

Saixor entered his city, and immediately noticed that it was... damaged. The walls were cracked. Homes were under repair. Areas blockaded. Sai felt no anger, he couldn't. But he knew to be upset. His city was in shambles? His hands clenched into tight fists, white-knuckled, nails digging into his palms. "Alms for the poor?" a beggar approached Saixor, hands extended. "Who rules this city? Who is her sultan?" Saixor asked, an edge of hostility in his voice. "No one, sire," the beggar offered. "We've been with no sultan for ages. The city is torn. Half of the citizens demand that a new sultan be elected, the other half are taking advantage of the state of the city." The Nobody's nails punctured the skin on his hands. "So you mean that the city has been unorganized, for this long? Un. Acceptable." Saixor's fist flew to the beggar's cheek, knocking him to the ground, the imprint of the Tourmaline of Paradox bloody and clear on his cheek. The beggar choked for a moment on the teeth that had been dislodged by the punch, but managed to swallow them. "S-sir, wh-why did-?" Saixor walked forward, stomping on the beggar's chest as he pulled the sword from its holster. He pressed the tip of the head against the beggar's chin. "I'll be sultan, soon enough. Tell me, you insignificant little fuck, do you, by chance, remember the reign of Saixor, the Maestro of Darkness? He and Rizz shared a rule, and rose to power after the Trickster died. He and Rizz were tyrants of the highest order. Great story, right? Tell me, how did it end?"

"W-well, Rizz dissapeared, and Saixor went off to find someone, or something, all we know is he went on some sort of quest! No one has seen anything of them for ages, sire! I'm, I'm sure that someone as mighty as you could murder both of them, they were, they-they were weaklings, and cowards!" He offered, praying for mercy. Saixor pushed the spear through the beggar's throat, pinning him to the ground. "You know, it's a good idea not to call the man who has you at spearpoint a coward and a weakling," Saixor breathed, pulling the scarves from his face. "It is I, Saixor, Maestro of Darkness. I've come to reclaim my world."
Beginnings and Reprisals

Profile: Saixor's Profile

Reason: Saixor feels familiarity with the world of Agrabah, as he was temporarily the sultan of it, not to mention had a bit of experience with the world when he was still Trickster's lackey. On top of that, it's a somewhat under-appreciated world, and the vast deserts make for great hiding places, should anyone ever need to not be found.

Preferability: Semi-vet user. Temporary Mod. Former world leader. Also, if I don't get the world, I'll probably just Hostile Takeover it anyways.

Success Chance: 114%.

Alliance: Zihark, who owns Traverse Town, Abel XIII on the assumption he ever gets active again, Demyx IX, and potentially more.

Reason for Alliance: In-character, Saixor is a power-hungry monster. Zihark, Abel, and Demyx, are all valuable assets, though he doesn't personally care for any of them as anything more than personal amusement. Out of character, they're my OoC pals or whatever.

Population and Entrance: Applications for citizenships are accepted, but new arrivals must go through personal training by Saixor before allowing to join the Agrabah Military.

Military Status: Very, very, very militant. Sai plans on using the world as a base of operations, so that he can wreak havoc on all the other worlds.

Peace or War: Very, very, very aggressive. Very, very, very bloodthirsty. War. Definitely war.

Ambitions: Saixor is going to make the world strong and self-reliant, then he'll build an evil alliance and attack everyone.

Recommendations: Emerald, Demyx, Zihark, Etzolix, Leo, and Mystic.

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