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Mystic's Destiny Islands World Leader Application

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Mystic's Destiny Islands World Leader Application Empty Mystic's Destiny Islands World Leader Application

Post by Mystic on June 28th 2011, 9:53 pm

Name: Mystic Haru
World: Destiny Islands

Quoted Role-play Sample: https://kingdomhearts.forumotion.net/t4499-the-journey-of-pride-open-closed
Mystic didn't like being an eagle. He had great vision, yes, but he had trouble flying. He usually veered to one side and bumped into something. Mystic, scanning the ground from above, saw some other animals up ahead. He dove closer and then saw some Heartless. "Not on my watch!" Mystic said, dove, and got knocked down by some Aeriel Knockers. "Gr, bad timing," Mystic hissed, and he started swinging his staff around at the Knockers so they didn't knock him to the ground.

Mystic swung his staff around while pecking at some Yellow Operas. Mystic saw a line of Green Requiems and Aeriel Knockers and thought fast. Mystic aimed (It was hard) and fired a Chaos Pulse (30MP - 5MP = 25MP) and it hit the first Heartless, knocking it into the others like dominoes. "Bulls-eye!" Mystic laughed, but instantly some Neoshadows had joined the fight. Mystic growled, as he despised Neoshadows. Mystic flew at them and swung with full force and battled them.

Mystic, pecking an Air Soldier on the head, noticed a new animal joining the fight. Mystic just decided to fly up high, and throw his staff at the Air Soldier hard enough to kill it. Mystic then noticed that there were not very many left, so he flew down to pick up his staff, played around with the Green Requiems (He found it very fun how they run away), and then decided to fly onto a branch of a near-dead tree, putting his staff on the side of the trunk. His fierce hawk gaze stared at the 3 other animals as he waited to know who they were. If he knew them, it wouldn't be familiar. They were all fuzzy animals (Or something like that).

Profile: Profile of Mystic is found here.

Reason: I think I would make a great leader because I would put my world over anything else, as well as the fact that I would make the right decisions for my world.

Preferability: I am a loving, caring person when I want to be. I'd make good choices and fight to defend my world if I had to.

Success Chance: With me as world ruler, I think our success chance would raise as I would help keep the islands a nice, peaceful place to visit.

Alliance: I would allign with those I am frends with.

Reason for Alliance: I can trust my friends and my people more then most people, so it would be easier for me to allign with my friends.

Population and Entrance:I have no limitations to who enters, and only ban those who threaten my world. I welcome, though, mostly humans, human-like Heartless, and Human-like Nobodies.

Military Status: The military would be organized in a matter that would benefit this world. I would make sure the military was ready for anything, and make sure that it will prosper.

Peace or War: I would keep the Islands peaceful, and only enter war when forced to, if it's for the sake of my world.

Ambitions: I hope to rid the islands of evil, make sure that it makes peace with the other worlds near it (So that way I won't be attacked as fast and hopefully prepare for it), and make sure the island is healthy and clean.

Recommendations: Emerald, Saixor, Cool

[21:03:10] Cool : Saix and I have something in common
[21:03:18] Saix : Boobs?
[21:03:42] Cool : Yes, boobs

Mystic's Theme: It Doesn't Matter ~His World Remix~
Mystic's Elements: Light, Cure, Darkness, Thunder

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